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First Play - 3 players (Have played original as well...)

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Posted 25 August 2010 - 05:28 PM

So tonight was the first go at the game. We were very pleased with many aspects of the game - LOVE LOVE LOVE that so much of the game is printed on the cards now... so happy that the referencing of the book will be SO much less with this version. Otherwise - it plays so very nice when compared to the original version... with the obvious exception of the combat system. But - with no futher delay.


First victim of Dragonfire Dungeon was myself. Very boldly I went forth exploring the dungeon. Tatianna with great agility made it through a collapsed room... only to find a Ferrox awaiting her as she lept though...

Unfortunately for our lovely Tatianna - her strength is only a 4... So yes, even with the Rune of Luck (automatically pass a check) she was still unable to overcome the 5 lives of the Ferrox. Tatianna made it 7 tiles in.


Second Victim - Hugo the Glorious very narrowly missed a Swinging Blade in his VERY FIRST tile. (Rolled his exact check.) But things were going well for him until he had to make a leap of luck over a bottomless pit. Next time don't be a 3 for luck if you want to make that jump. :)


Finally, that brings us to Lindel. Lindel made it all the way to the dragon's lair. (He did get a Shade following him on the 3rd or 4th tile - but never rolled them snake eyes!) BUT - on the very first try in the dragon's lair - he felt the rage of the Dragon and lost all the treasure. (Yes - that's right - woke the dragon on the FIRST TRY.) He decided at this point to make his way back to the first tile and simply "search the room for some treasure" - we were all dead at this point - so all he needed to do was make it out with SOMETHING. Somewhere along the way Lindel found the Bottle Imp - this lets the hero, upon exiting the dungeon, to roll 1 die. On a 1-3 discard one loot and on a 4-6 to draw a treasure card.

So, as I mentioned before - Lindel decided to forget the dragon, and simply make it back to the first tile and search the room to get SOMETHING of a treasure. ALL Lindel was able to pick up was the 10 Gold Coins card. Getting extremely close to sunset and needing to leave the dungeon - he thought he might as well exit and use the Bottle Imp... but, managed to roll a 2. So while Lindel was able to leave the dungeon - he did so with absolutely no treasure to his name whatsoever.


So yes - we very much enjoyed the game - we all essentially failed - which was nice to see when you think of the original (with only a 15% chance of leaving alive and with treasure.)

I like SOME of the changes to combat - once we get in and play more we will understand the strategy behind combat much more clearly. So that will add an element of fun - but - I feel I will look to at some point make a version of the original paper-rock-scissors style. Just to add that much more casual version of combat where no one needs to think about it and what card to play next... simply pick 1 of 3 options and look at the results and repeat until one of the two is dead. :)


Like I said - I was very glad to see so much misfortune - the new version did not lose that flavor. Plus the 6 characters for Descent are great - and the quality of printing is SO MUCH better than the original... but what do you expect - it's been like 30 years. :)

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