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#1 High Elves 77

High Elves 77


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Posted 13 August 2010 - 03:27 AM

Just want to throw this out there for everyone to think about and comment on:

According to the history of the Warhammer world, the Old Ones reshaped the world and brought the races we all know and love to the Warhammer world (some purposefully, other by "accident" like the Greenskins).  Then Chaos comes, destroys the Warp Gates and the Old Ones either are destroyed, vanish, or just leave (no one's really sure).  So we have the idea that the Old Ones created the races of the Warhammer World and each race pretty much knew of their existence.

Now many of the races of the Warhammer World have thier own gods (High Elves-Asyuran, Isha; Dark Elves-Khaine, etc.).  Some of these gods are attributed by each race to have created the world, and some of them obviously play a role in many of the events of the Warhammer world (for instance, Maelkith being juged by Asyuran in his fire).  So my question is, where did the gods come from? After all, the gods could not have created the world or the races of the world since the Old Ones did so.  My theories are: 1.) The Old Ones are the gods themselves taking on the guises of various names (except for the Chaos gods) or 2.) The Old Ones created the gods as guides for the races of the Warhammer world just like the created the races themselves.  Now I believe there are some exceptions to this, Chaos obviously being one, Orcs and Skaven being another.  However this mystery is never really explained.

What do you think?




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Posted 27 August 2010 - 12:35 AM

 Probably your theory is true for the "order" races...

The "distuction" gods were still present in another places and they came in the Warhammer World through the portal that was opened by the Old Ones.

I know that this is true for the Chaos Gods because is write in the lizardmen codex. I don't know anything about Orcs and Skaven gods but i Think the story is the same.

I serach the answer on the Skaven codex. If I find something tomorrow I'll write it. 

#3 InsideReticle



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Posted 11 October 2010 - 03:01 PM

 I was always under the impression that even the "order" gods were chaos gods.  

All gods (except gork and mork) in the warhammer universes (both of them) are creations of the experiences and emotions of mortal races (The four ruinous powers (Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh, Tzeentch) are the most powerful of all of the chaos gods because they represent the most common and visceral experiences (physical and emotional) any mortal can have.  So Asuryan is a chaos god who is brought into existence via the cultural projection of all elves onto the chaos dimension (warp or what have you), Grugni is dwarves cultural identity personified, Isha / Kurnous rise from elven love of nature, etc.

I think they come out and say this in 40k fluff, but they are technically separate mythos and the Old Ones theory is just as plausible.

EDIT: Important to point out that chaos is not evil in and of itself.  Chaos is evil because in the warhammer world, even the good guys do bad things (killing other races and starting wars empowers khorne, seeking power empowers tzeentch, seeking pleasure empowers slaanesh, and not wanting to die due to the plague empowers Nurgle).  Because there's more bad than good, the warp's most numerous and powerful creatures are tainted with evil.


#4 Doc9



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Posted 12 October 2010 - 04:25 PM

The gods were actually aliens. Probably the races from the 40K universe.

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