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Production in space docks when??

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#1 Ludo Ergo Sum

Ludo Ergo Sum


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Posted 23 December 2008 - 06:42 AM



I have searched quite a bit for a answer to this and have found squat. The question is: When can someone produce at a newly built space dock?

Do they have to wait until the strategy cards are dealt out again? OR can they use for example warfare (I) and remove the activation and then as the next action activate and build?


Can one build with the IMPERIAL (I) startegy second ability in a newly produced dock?


Thsi problem (i think) occours becouse iI dont see the use of the terminology(s) "round"and/or "turn" used with rigidity. A Game round is what?


I ask becouse I think the action cards that destroys spacedocks is to good if its a wait, and the placement of new units by warfare is to good if its not a (long) wait!

Havent used forums a lot so I apologize if I have broken some rules. and pardon my english :)


Thx for answers :)





#2 Shadow



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Posted 23 December 2008 - 07:24 AM

A round is everything from the time you pick a strategy card till you pick a strategy card again.

A turn is when it becomes your turn to do something again, like flip your strategy card, play an action card or activate a system to move or build.


As far as Space Docks.

1st round capture a planet

2nd round you may build a Space Dock.    (Or if you happen to capture a Space Dock with an Agent or Shock Troop)

3rd round you may FINALLY BUILD  at a Space Dock. (Activate a Space Dock with a command counter, Production or Imperial secondary)


So if a Player loses a Space Dock to an Action Card, he must

1st round build the Space Dock

2nd round may Build at the Space Dock, by activating it or doing Production or Imperial secondaries.


The only thing you get for the round for building or capturing a Space Dock is fighter capacity from the Space Dock

Space Docks have fighter capicity 3, so a newly built Space Dock can support 3 fighters.

Sarween Tools and Production or Imperial Secondaries does not apply during the round you first built the Space Dock.

Some GM's play with a house rule called memoryless Space Docks that ignore all this waiting time, but that is not done alot.

So yes, blowing up someones's Space Dock really, really evil thing to do. 

It takes FOREVER, to be able to produce again.

So guard your Space docks well !!!  

You must save 1 Sabotage card just prevent such Disasters from happening.

#3 Stefan



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Posted 24 December 2008 - 02:38 AM

Yes. Really nasty to blow up double system mass production capabilities.

#4 haslo



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Posted 24 December 2008 - 11:44 AM

The rules for this are in rather obscure places by the way - they're both in the unit description of the space dock:

The rule about not being able to build a space dock unless you have a planet since the beginning of the round is on page 26, Building a new Space Dock, section 2).

The rule about not being able to produce units at a space dock in the same round you built it is on page 26 as well, in the paragraph after section 4) of the same chapter, saying "Next round the space dock may begin producing units for its owner."

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