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A Black templar astartes

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Posted 30 June 2010 - 12:31 AM

From France,


I will be the GM for at least three deathwatch games (Final sanction,oblivion's edge, and a home-made scenario with lots of orks goodiness, where they have to enter in and destroy a gargant who used a new and improve shield, they also need to kill the Big mek after that).

I have 7 players, so i need another character, i'm actually trying to create a Black templar, but i need some help. If you want, i will publish it when it's done. I will make a French and an english version. (I will really need help for the english version! I make a lot of spelling mistakes).

So far, i have created :

* Brother Heinrich, a deathwatch assault marine.

* History : Brother Heinrich was fighting with his brothers in the Jericho crusade, during one of the most epic battle of the Acheros Sallient, he fight alone an heretic champion and his minions to protect an important primaris psyker. When the Deathwatch needs reinforcement, it was clear that such a hero, who can forget his hatred of psykers and fight alongside such an unclean Emperor's servant, was the only one who could serve in a Kill-team.

* Chapter Demeanour (Their is only hatred) and a personal demeanour (I'm not sure if zealous is better than fearless for a black Templar).

* Gear : bolt pistol, power axe, combat shield, combat knife, mark 7 power armour, 3 frag and 3 krak grenades; [power axe : 1D10+6, Pen 6, power field]

* Special rules : Combat shield - When using the combat shield in Hand to hand, Brother Heinrich can make one all-out attack and one parry reaction. When using it during a firefight, he cannot run, but he gain 4 armour point.

* Emperor's finest sword : The Black Templars are fighting the mankind's enemies in a crusade that last for 10.000 years to prove the loyalty of their chapter. A black Templar will accept any challenge, no matter the odds. In Hand to Hand with more than one enemy, he can make One standard attack (no bonus) to each ennemy in contact (max of 3 attacks). Versus a horde, he can make three standard attack (no bonus). But he never have any parry or dodge reaction.

* Their is only hatred : The Black templars are Zealous and loyal to the Emperor, so they cannot suffer the unclean or the Xenos to live. It's a hard task for a Black templar to tolerate even the presence of a librarian Space Marine without long fasts and week-long vigils. For a holy warrior, the tainted souls of the psykers are a sign of corruption, a root that need to be tear off.

* Wounds : 20

* Fate point : 3

All help are much appreciated. If you think i'm gone the wrong way, please feel free to explain me my mistake. Do you find him to good?

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