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My Heroes Pack - Vol.2

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#1 Wanderer999



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Posted 29 June 2010 - 06:14 AM

And so the second compilation arrives, along with one surprise character at the end:


The Dragon Knight - Rusha

Few remember the Age of the Dragons, when the great serpents ruled the skies and the earth, and even the water down under. During that forgotten period, there was a group of early humans who had found a way to become one with the dragons, and even ride them as mounts. The Dragon Knights were the conquerors of the world, and nothing could rival their greatness. The dragons eventually died from fighting and killing one another, until they dwindled to the mere few today. Naturally, the Dragon Knights also dwindled in numbers, until the art of the Dragon Knights faded into nothingness. One of them however, was a victim of a rare glitch in Time when he used a Glyph of transport, and he found himself brought forward to the current age - he had traveled through Time itself! Rusha slowly struggled his way to fit into the new world, and finally found his calling in the form of a modern day adventurer, his Dragon Knight arts an invaluable asset.

Recommended Figurine: Eliam


The Vampire - Valerie

An unholy spawn of two vampires from a High Society vampiric clan known as Darkblood, Valerie was never human. However, unlike her food, Valerie is more human inside than them, and her cold skin hides a warm heart yearning for something she cannot quite yet understand. One day, she will be fated to meet the one person who will share her life, and she will be complete. For now, she prowls the darkness of dungeons, using her vampiric powers to do good.

 Recommended Figurine: Tahlia


The Persian Prince - Dastan

A great warrior whose agility precedes himself, Dastan was not born a prince. He had learnt to survive on the deadly streets of Persia until Destiny finally called out to him and made him a Prince. He possesses the Dagger of Time, and though limited in its powers, he can on occasion control the flow of Time and reverse it in short bursts to turn things in his favour.

Recommended Figurine: Aurim


And lastly...


The God Warrior - Kellos

There was a time when Kellos was mortal, and his presence was felt throughout the lands. His countless adventures and journeys reaped treasures worthy of even the gods. His sheer strength was so great that when he eventually disappeared, people suspected that he entered into godhood since someone like him could not have died. Today, though Kellos is no longer around, an entire religion has emerged to worship him, and on occasion, a very rare treasure of his will turn up somewhere to save another adventurer's life.

Recommended Figurine: Lord Hawthorne/ Laughing Buldar

#2 Tadask Nezerull

Tadask Nezerull


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Posted 30 June 2010 - 06:11 AM

I like the idea behind Kellos myself. I have to ask, did my character Snakes give you the idea to make a very powerful character with a high Conquest value?

At any rate, he's surely a prime target for any Trap OL (Or a Spawn OL that likes Skeletons).

#3 Wanderer999



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Posted 30 June 2010 - 07:21 AM

Nope... All your characters were too 'un-descentish' to inspire me, though I believe you will improve over time. Your major flaw is that you are playing the game wrongly. So your characters will of course be difficult to use in an actual Descent game. You should learn the secret of Fatigue as well as realizing that this game is actually a race, not an RPG. Only then will you begin to start creating characters who are more playable and fair to both heroes and OLs alike.


And Kellos is the ultimate figure of Descent. He has to be extremely powerful, but not invincible, because you still want the OL to have a winning chance. Using Kellos in a party requires teamwork because of his high conquest. And for the skeletons... They probably won't hurt him at all, even the red ones (the basic shop already has +2 armors and shields for sale). An OL should use traps instead, or slowly wear him down using beastmen (for ur info, beastmen are far more powerful than skeletons though they don't have pierce)

#4 XmenDynasty



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Posted 01 July 2010 - 09:54 AM

Some  thoughts on your characters from one who is familiar with Descent:


Dragonknight Rusha - Nice idea, but you would be better off to create a specific Weapon to add to the game that had the Breath ability.  There would be much less confusion.  For instance, how does his ability make use of a rune that has Blast? or another effect?  you just ADD Breath to it?  No way!  This guy is broken.  Also, if Magic is his forte, why only 1 trait die when he gets 2 skills?  What about the first part of his ability?  His magic attacks deal 2 extra damage but count as Range 1?  So this guy never does any Damage at all, he just had a bunch of Range?  I'm sorry, but this wording is too unclear.  I'd need several houserules just to make him work in the game.


Valerie Darkblood - The more moderate Hero of the bunch.  She would probably be balanced in Vanilla, but be sorely under-powered in RTL.  Her appeal is  low enough with the distribution of her trait dice and skills that I cannot see her being chosen intentionally unless the person playing her has an affinity for the vampire theme.


Prince Dastan - I'm a bit biased towards this guy, because I love the Prince of Persia stuff and this picture would be right at home on Warrior Within.  That being said, I have to look at him as someone who would have to play as or against him.  He's a wuss.  He gets a free Dodge order every third turn?  Except it's NOT a free Dodge order because it's only good for a single attack.  The wording also needs work.  Why/How in heaven's name would anyone use this ability EXCEPT after the dice roll?  You can't very well reroll an attack any earlier.


Kellos - Cute.  Not hitting my table as a Hero or as the Overlord, but cute.  Descent has enough heavy hitters.  There's a reason they have the Conquest values and Armor that they do.  With shop Armor alone, you're looking at having to deal 6 Damage to him to deal 1 wound.  And the funny thing is, with a Speed and Fatigue of 4, he can still be the RUNNER of the group!  The OL will never kill this guy.  Even if he takes a mighty 4 Wounds from a trap, he drinks a potion and he's fine.  Knockback is also something better applied to Weapons than Heroes.  What if Kellos uses a powerful Blast Weapon?  Everyone is also getting Knockback?  His Conquest value could be 100, I'm still not killing him.  That's NOT balance!


To sum up: You have a prospect in Valerie Darkblood.  Playtest her and tweak as necessary.  These are only suggestions from my perspective and I hope they aren't taken personally.  Your work shows promise and creativity.  All of these guys are very lore and theme heavy, so that's a plus.  Keep up the good work!

#5 Wanderer999



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Posted 01 July 2010 - 07:37 PM

Thanks for your valuable feedback Dynasty!


First of all, I must say that I have always thought that Breath and Blast can never be used together. If you have a weapon with Blast, you either use the Blast, or you do 'battle' and spend fatigue to turn it into Breath instead. You do not get Blast+Breath.


I have no idea how to make the words clearer than they already are for the case of Rusha. Basically he's a fighter, but he also has the extra option of using dragon magic, which is reflected in his ability to add 2 damage to his magic attacks. However, all his magic attacks will forever be Range 1, which means they are 'melee' styled. (unless u have Reach feat cards etc which would make the range 2 instead of 1) I don't understand why u said too many range... You probably read wrongly or you misunderstood. Did you mean too much damage and too little range?


Like what Anti-Stone previously mentioned, u are right that my characters were not created with Advanced Campaigns in mind. They are all meant for vanilla quests. And yes, the characters I make are meant to be for the fun factor and theme. Less on being powerful characters to abuse.


You are right about Prince Dastan's ability having additional and unnecessary words. And yes, I tend to prefer starting characters off weak and slowly tweak them stronger based on feedbacks. I have considered your words and I think I will make his tokens down to 2 per use. Also, I will give him an extra ability: Spend 2 Fatigue to gain Stealth until the start of your next turn.


Kellos is by far the most powerful character in Descent universe. He had to be strong somewhat. Afterall, he is someone who made it into God-hood. He's definitely meant to be overpowering, but still limited to a certain boundary. As stressed earlier, I would say this character is created as a GUEST character. He is someone u use in ur games for fun and more importantly, as a balance for certain quests. I will say that he should only be used in quests where the odds are piled overwhelmingly towards the OL's favour. Quests like JitD Quest 7, WoD Quest 4 and especially Quest 6. These quests that I mentioned can easily still wipe the players out even if a hero was Kellos.

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