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Bonus Toys in Final Sanction

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#1 Drop Bear

Drop Bear


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Posted 23 June 2010 - 03:19 AM

Ok, I may be running the Quick start some time soon, and I may have more than 4 players, now it sais just add more Tac Marines, do changing out the Chapter ability is a start, But I want to customize them more, so I was thinking Bonus Equipment taken from DH & RT, clearly some of it will be normal gear but I'd like to add some Custom Combos, for those who have played the Adventure and in more practice with 40K RPG's than myself what would work and what won't?


I'm thinking Blood Angel with a Cbt.  Accessory (treat as Mono Axe in HtH), Ultramarine with a Shot Gun and Collection of  specialist shells and so on.


suggestions appreciated.

#2 Sithlet



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Posted 23 June 2010 - 04:46 AM

There are 2 additional pre-made tactical marines on the DW support page. If you need more than that, I would suggest just copying one of them and allowing them to choose their Chapter/Personal Demeanor abilities from the other characters.

#3 Drop Bear

Drop Bear


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Posted 23 June 2010 - 05:40 PM

What I was going to do and may have to, I just wanted to include some extra gear to make the characters fell more like Tac Marine A, Tac Marine B and Tac Marine C, because even with their Chapter abilities they feel somewhat bland, even for Quickstart Pre-Gens.

#4 talsine



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Posted 24 June 2010 - 02:57 AM

You could give them something like that if you wanted to, but most of the DH/RT gear is underpowered compared to the gear that the Kill-Teams are using. If you look @ Tac Marines in 40k TT, most of them are equiped the same, and i would expect something similar for a starting group of Deathwatch marines. If anything, maybe give one a flamer and the other a plasma rifle, those would be more fitting for tac marines than anything else.

#5 H.B.M.C.


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Posted 24 June 2010 - 02:59 AM

Well they've talked a bit about how Missions will involve 'equipping' yourself for the mission, so we might be in a situation where players have more freedom of choice when it comes to bringing the right gear for their objectives (ie. more than whatever they can afford/scavenge). So while a Tac Marine may be good with a Bolter, I doubt he's doing to be stuck with it in every mission just because there are other more specialised troops in the Kill-Team.


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#6 Drop Bear

Drop Bear


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Posted 24 June 2010 - 05:44 PM

OK a short list of stuff I want to give to each Marine


The Space Wolf I plan to give him a Hand & Half Mono Axe

the Ultra Tac a choice of a Flamer Cartage, a Shotgun and a selection of  Specialist Shells (Flame Shot, Man-stopper ect.), under mount GL or Combat Accessory

Upgrade the Storm Wardens Claymore

let the Assualt Marine trade his Power Fist for a Power Sword


Don't know for the others though?

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