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Tales of Doomed, Drunken Gnomes

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#1 Stealth Pacifist

Stealth Pacifist


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Posted 18 June 2010 - 05:10 PM

If there hasn't been one already, there NEEDS to be a compendium of awesome stories emerging from this game; maybe made into a sticky thread so we can both tell tales and advertise to others to buy this game. :)

So anyway, our last game was wonderfully disastrous. The Kraken managed to show up TWICE in a game of four players. (Not sure if that's supposed to happen, but...) We played the game so that every person draws an event card when going over a tile, no matter if it's already been passed over by another player. I had shuffled the Kraken to the bottom half of the pile, so we dealt with it when it showed up, but then horrors of horrors, the fire spreads to both the equipment AND the captain's room. No more items or grog to use! On top of that, our purple player managed to drunkenly pass out in the missile control room, which proceeded to be set on fire.

So now we're down to three players, the cabin, equipment room and front interior hatch are blocked off AND on fire, and we're using our bare hands to try and fix everything on ship. We have to reshuffle the cards near the end game, and somehow, all the disaster markers end up near the top of the deck. After thwarting a missile launch and an engine failure, we're close to the end, but sitting on top of the 0 time marker is death by kraken, asphyxiation death, and missile launch. Oh boy. And did I mention the heat disaster counter is at 8?

So we're all pretty much going to die. That is obvious, but we continue anyway, and the oxygen pumps get working. Great, so we don't choke to death! So now it's time for me to stop the missiles being launched. It's my last turn, but I figure I wouldn't be able to take longer than it takes to get to the end of the board. I choose six minutes to fix the problem; unfortunately, I roll higher. And then I have to move the time counter down to 0, getting events on the way... and oh wonder of wonders, the last card raises the heat disaster counter to ten!

So in other words, the remaining gnomes all die of heat death, the missiles launch (presumably on the Gnomish capital city), and then the submarine gets crushed and eaten up by a wounded Kraken out for revenge. We decided that we all met our friend in Gnome heaven, where there are peaceful lawns to sit on and nothing ever breaks down. :)

#2 Keggy



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Posted 09 July 2010 - 08:45 AM

I'd really like to hear other stories.  One of my friends loves the silver line games, and this is one of the few he doesn't own.  I'm hoping to convince him to pick it up some time.

#3 Tyrichter



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Posted 19 December 2010 - 06:42 PM

 Another one about Kraken:

We had about 16 minutes to go, half of our submarine flooded, the other half on fire. And almost 3/4 of the doors blocked! The generator is on 8, oxygen pumps around 7, and suddenly Kraken appears. Oh god, we are so f***ing dead, I thought. I was the only one who could stop the monster, but will there be enough time for that? My friend managed to open the blocked door, but there was still a lot of water everywhere, slowing me down. I even "borrowed" 2 harpoons from others and lost even more precious time. Finally, I opened the door to the ocean, facing the mighty Kraken. But I had 0 time left! Anyway, my two harpoons gave me +8 bonus, so I rolled the die and blasted the bastard away! (I´m not sure, if it is possible in normal game, I think not) Just imagine the red gnome jumping out of the sub both harpoons blazing! But the submarine was still falling apart! And so I had to make a really tough decision: stay and help OR leave my dying comrades? In other words - stay and die or leave and face the gnomish firing squad, if they would survive and tell about it? I decided to leave. Last minutes were passing, 3 events to go and I hoped for some disasters. First event - RESPITE! Second event MISSILE (well, no effect)! And the third... OH YES! Generator overheating +2! Boom she goes and I win! Great game!

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