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Amongst the Swarms

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Posted 07 June 2010 - 04:02 AM

The Sin of Damnation has been infiltrated by an alien menace, swarming through its ruined interior. These horrid creatures crawl through vents, lurk in shadows, and silently stalk their prey. Any visitors would do well to watch their backs, and the backs of their companions...

In our last preview of Death Angel, we looked at Action cards and how they interact with Space Marines. Today we’ll take a look further into the darkened recesses of the Space Hulk and explore the viciousness of the Genestealers.

Given the cooperative nature of Death Angel, Genestealers are not controlled by opposing players. Instead, they act unpredictably in accordance to a central event deck. In addition to spawning Genestealers, Event cards designate which swarms (groups of Genestealers) will move and in what manner they move. While you can be sure that the enemy will attack each turn, you cannot be sure which Space Marine will be on the receiving end, creating a cramped and chaotic battlefield for your Space Marines.

Event cards that trigger swarms to move will have a small icon on them. This icon might match one or more Genestealers in play. Each swarm that has at least one Genestealer matching the Event card’s symbol moves in the direction indicated.

Sometimes, moving Genestealers will result in that swarm flanking the Space Marine, moving them to the other side of the formation. Unless that unfortunate Space Marine can reposition himself soon by playing a Move + Activate Action card, he will be defenseless against an attack.

If Space Marines happen to be in range of (and facing) a swarm of Genestealers, they might might be able to thin out the swarms during your turn. However, don’t forget to prepare for oncoming waves, as they are sure to come.

Possibly with Brood Lords...

Check back next time when we brief you on the mechanics of combat in Death Angel!

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