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Custom Created Race: Wood Elves

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#1 Legomon



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Posted 24 May 2010 - 12:06 AM

Dear all,

As I find it a real pity Wood Elves are not there in Warhammer Invasion, I tried to design my very own set of cards (to use in friendly games :))

They are my favourite race so it is rather difficult to prevent myself from creating some OP cards for them. So when people have time to have a review of my list, it would be greatly appreciated ;) Also, are there some templates of empty WH:I to be found on the net? I would like to really design an own look for my race and print them out to be used as (almost) a real official deck.

I made a list of possible units, tactics, support... Here it is...

Eternal Guard: C2 P1 H1 L1 (Toughness 1. Counterstrike 1)
Glade Guard: C1 P1 H1 L1
Glade Rider: C2 P1 H1 L2 (Counterstrike 1. May move to other zone as response to attack)
Wild Rider: Battlefield C2 P1 H2 L2 (+1P when attacking)
Waywatcher: C3 P2 H1 L2 (Pay 1 resource, 1 damage to a unit (once per turn))
Warhawk Rider: C3 P2 H3 L2 (May attack from any zone)
Wardancer: Battlefield C3 P1 H1 L2 (Pay 1 resource & choose: +1P / +1 damage after assign / Counterstrike 1)
Dryad: C2 P2 H1 L2 (Battlefield only)
Treeman: C5 P3 H4 L3 (Pay 3 resources for 4 indirect damage)
Spellsinger: C1 P1 H2 L2 (Quest zone only)
Treekin: Battlefield C3 P2 H4 L2
Orion (*): C7 P5 H5 L5 (Damage cannot be cancelled when attacking)
Drycha (*): C4 P2 H3 L2 (Makes other Dryads C1 L1)
Naestra (*): C3 P2 H2 L3 (When in play, +1H for Arahan. May move target unit to another zone)
Arahan (*): C3 P2 H2 L3 (When in play, +1H for Naestra. Pay 2 resources for 2 indirect damage)
Spellweaver (*): Quest C4 P2 H3 L3 (Look at opponents 3 top cards, choose 1 unit and deal its hit points as indirect damage, put card to bottom)
Treeman Ancient (*): C6 P4 H5 L4 (Idem + choose one unit that cannot attack this turn)
Highborn (*): C4 P3 H3 L3 (Choose 1 kindred, see later)
Noble (*): C3 P2 H2 L2 (Choose 1 kindred, see later)
Great Eagle (*): C4 P2 H5 L3 (Counterstrike 3)

Alter: Pay 2 resource to swap stats + gametext with another friendly unit
Wardancer: Pay 2 resources & choose: +1P / +1 damage after assign / Counterstrike 1)
Eternal: Pay 2 resources for Toughness 1, counterstrike 1)
Scout: Pay 2 resources to attack from current zone
Wild Rider: Pay 2 resources for +1P when attacking)
Waywatcher: Pay 2 resources for 1 damage to a unit (once per turn))
Glamourweave: Pay 2 resources to look at opponents hand and put 1 card to bottom of deck

Treesinging: C2 (Move 1 unit to another zone)
Fury Of The Forest: C2 (Assign 2 damage from capital to opponent as direct damage)
Hidden Path: C4 (Target unit cannot take damage unit next turn)
Twilight Host: C4 (Destroy all but 1 card in all zones)
Ariels Blessing: C1 (Heal 1 unit)
Call Of The Hunt: C2 (May move one target unit to attlefield if needed and gives +1P)

Waystones: Kingdom C3 P1 L1 (Return 1 attacking unit to hand)
Tree Of Woe: Kingdom C2 P2 L2 (Transfer 1 damage to another zone of your capital)

Ambush: C2 L1 (Unit may defend in each zone. When doing so, +1 resource. Remove 2 resources for 1 direct damage)
Haunted Forest: C0 L1 (Add 1 resource at beginning of turn. Remove 3 resources to move unit to other zone. Quest stays in play)

Blight Of Terrors: C2 P1 L1 (Pay 1 resource to choose unit not to attack (once per turn))
Befuddlement Of Mischiefs: Battlefield C1 P0 L1 (Remove to do X indirect damage where X = number of developments in battlefield)
Murder Of Spites: C4 P2 L2 (Pay 1 resource for +1P on a unit)
Muster Of Malevolents: C2 P0 L1 (Remove to do 1 damage to target unit)
Annoyance Of Netlings: C3 P1 L2 (Put X cards back to deck, opponent must choose X cards randomly and put them also back to deck)
Resplendence Of Luminescents: C2 P1 L2 (Pay 2 resources for +1H for one target unit)
Lamentation Of Despairs: C1 P1 L3 (Pay 2 resources for one target unit not to defend)
Cluster Of Radiants: C2 P1 L2 (Make Riders deploy for -1C)
Pageant Of Shrikes: C2 P1 L2 (Make Waywatchers and scounts deploy for -1C)

Talismanic Tattoos: C0 (+2H)
Bow Of Loren: C2 (Pay X resource for X indirect damage (maximum of 2))
Spirit Sword: C2 (+XP where X is difference between own hit points & hit points of enemy target unit)
Blades Of Loec: C2 (+2P and may choose same Wardancer dance is subsequent phases)
Briarsheath: C2 (cannot take damage outside combat)
Hail Of Doom Arrow: C3 (Pay X resource for X indirect damage, afterwards, remove attachment)
Wand Of Wych Elm: C3 (Pay 2 resources to cancel a tactic)

#2 Legomon



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Posted 24 May 2010 - 07:44 AM

2 extra cards:

Building: Ancient Oak: C2 P3 L2 (When 1 zone is burning, deal 2 indirect damage to your own at the beginning of each turn)

Tactic: Frostbite: C1 L2 (Sacrifice a Forest Spirit to deal its P as indirect damage)

#3 ffgfan



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Posted 01 June 2010 - 03:40 AM

Interesting idea, maybe FFG will do some new armies for Invasion then Wood Elves coold be for Order section and Skaven could be a new armie (not neutral cards) for Destruction.

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