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Why new forum, where is the FAQ, and a rules question

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#1 Smeelbo



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Posted 19 December 2008 - 05:36 PM

So this is at least the third FFG forum I've seen, but why?  I went looking for some answers I had gotten earlier, and the forum had moved, and all the previous posts lost.  Later, I went back to the "new" forum, only to find there was a new new forum.  What is the deal?  I can't find any of the information from the earlier forum with more content, there seems to be almost no content in this new forum.  Why throw away content that served the players of the game?

I can't even find the FAQ anymore.  Where is it?

Here is a rules question/observation:

Re-reading the rules, I found an apparent anomaly. On page 14, under Battles, while it states that only attacking armies lead by an unexhausted noble may participate, under Declare Commanders below, both attacker and defender may choose any noble in the area to attack. While I understand the defender has to be able to choose an exhausted noble to command, otherwise they would often be commanderless, it seems odd that the attacker may also chose an exhausted noble to command.

Is this really the case?

Can I really move troops into an area with an unexhausted noble, but use an exhausted noble that is already there to command my troops?

This seems counter-intuitive, and unnecessary.

P.S. WHITE letters on BLACK background?  Is the intent of this new new forum to discourage its use?  Seems like it.  NO ONE does white letters on black background, and for a very good reason.  It just makes the web designer appear amateurish.

#2 Smeelbo



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Posted 21 December 2008 - 12:52 PM

A poster at BoardGameGeek pointed out that you do the following to find the FAQ for Warrior Knights:

FGG Website -> Catalog -> Board Games -> Warrior Knights -> Support

Which yields: http://new.fantasyfl...?eidm=48&esem=4

However, using the nearly invisible search function (the text box is invisible and pre-filled), yields no useful results for "Warrior Knights FAQ" or even "FAQ."

I vastly prefered the website at least two redesigns ago, which I point out, had a far more active community.  Indeed, I vastly prefer Board Game Geek, where there is an active community that answers questions in a timely fashion, and which is rationally designed.



#3 ozjesting



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Posted 21 December 2008 - 05:02 PM

While I was snitty over there...time to be helpful here ;)

There is no anomoly as far as I can read it  Under "declare commanders" it only says that if a Baron has more than one noble in the area he must choose one to lead. As the rule explaining that ONLY unexhausted nobles (and the armies they lead) may participate in a battle, it is not neccesary to state that again in the declare commander area.

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