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Deadliest Great Old One

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#1 Carrion Prince

Carrion Prince


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Posted 18 December 2008 - 05:15 PM


Sorry if this thread has already been made but I can’t find any matches in the search option. What is the deadliest Great Old One in the game (including expansions)?

#2 Carrion Prince

Carrion Prince


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Posted 18 December 2008 - 05:16 PM


Cthulhu himself seems to be the toughest boss to beat in our gaming group.

#3 mageith



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Posted 18 December 2008 - 05:44 PM

We It's been discussed a lot. There was even a vote on the former forum. We should probably do it again. Anyway, I've had two campaigns to determine just that.  The two toughest to seal or close for us were Shub and Glaaki.  Shub was the biggest single devourer. 

Cthulhu is really difficult to beat head to head as are several others but he's not difficult to seal.  

#4 allstar64



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Posted 18 December 2008 - 07:52 PM

Here's what I believe .

Azathoth, I mean geez look at that combat modifier.

Nah I'm just yanking your chain.


I believe it depends on your group size.

If you have a large group(5-8) then y'gorack is the hardest. He directly affects shoping and getting items in a very negative way so if you don't start with a decent bounty of items (weapons) in a large groups getting equiped can be hard. Not only that but his attack will kill nearly all investigators by turn 4 if not sooner. Only investigators with special skills or items can live beyond this. in a large group I'd expect only 2-3 at most to survive for a 5th attack if you have a large group unless you get very lucky with your draws. Also elder sign digging isn't really a viable strategy against him since you'll prolly add like 3 doom tokens per each one you dig out

In small groups(1-4) Yibsill is the hardest. Less people means less spaces for clues to be collected. Also the clue limits wipes out all sequritly blankets while in outer worlds since you can't bring extra's. Not only that but if you have to fight her attack (unless you have Richards, Diamond, Sharpe, or  Wendy) will likely kill at least half the group each time she goes around since clues can't be used to save you. Now you're constantly losing investigators but if that isn't bad enough she has 2x Hp. So not only does she kill you're ability to seal but she has a fairly powerful ability while figting (probably better than even old Cthullu).


As for the AO most likely to devour you before the final fight theres no one better than old Yoggy. By far the extra way to be devoured added by him is more deadly than any other. However his attack on sealing (while a real pain) only will slow you down for like a turn or 2. Since he doesn't actually stop you from sealing (like Yibsil) nor does he have a way to speed up his summoning (like Y'gorak) he isn't nearly as bad as these 2.

#5 Foxburr



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Posted 19 December 2008 - 02:26 AM

According to the most recent post of the Arkham Horror Statistics' thread on the old forum, which was from September, the deadliest GOO's are:

1. Atlach-Nacha, who wins 61.90% of the time
2. Glaaki, at 60.87%
3. Y'Golonac, at 55.56%

Unfortunately, the statistics project appears to be lost in time and space, at best, devoured, at worst.  It seems that Dam has picked up some of the slack in this department.

In my experience, the deadliness of any particular GOO is largely contextual: is there a herald in play, how many investigators and which ones.  Mythos cards may be nastier for a particular GOO, and so forth.

#6 jgt7771


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Posted 19 December 2008 - 02:29 AM


Try this:


Personally, I say Yog-Sothoth (AH), Glaaki (DH) and Yibb Tstll (KH), but you can read why at the end of that thread-link up there.

What was that noise?

#7 Dam



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Posted 19 December 2008 - 03:46 AM

You can still find the Statistics thread on the old forums, as well as send in your results (I've got 24 games waiting to be sent, in limbo until/if Black Goat expansions gets added).

Here are the stats as of September 4th, 2008 (tons of results have been reported since, they aren't just in the calculations):

(% as in how often the GOO wins)

Atlach-Nacha 61.90%
Glaaki 60.87%
Y'Golonac 55.56%
Shudde M'ell 48.48%
Tsathoggua 48.39%
Abhoth 43.48%
Cthulhu 42.55%
Yog Sothoth 37.50%
Eihort 36.84%
Yibb-Tstll 35.00%
Azathoth 33.33%
Hastur 32.50%
Shub-Niggurath 29.03%
Ithaqua 28.13%
Yig 25.00%
Nyarlathotep 20.34%

If you compare the result to my thread the jgt7771 linked, Shudde, Tsathoggua and Cthulhu are WAY at the wrong end of the scale. Also, Ithaqua lurks quite high for me. Of course, those % count win by final combat as win, not draw like I do.

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