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Ignominious Deeds

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#1 Bindlespin



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Posted 28 April 2010 - 09:36 AM

Just for fun. What are the most shameful things you have made your characters do in your WFRP games? We all know things can get a little out of control and extreme in our games, especially during longer sessions when people are tired. Two rules: don't share anything that might be personally incriminating, and no judging, only laughing hopefully. 

I confess to making a character to eat (just a little bit of) an NPC. it was late, the party had captured some npc's who refused to spill their guts. so my character killed one of the prisoners in front of his mates and nibbled on him during an interrogation. everyone was disgusted, myself included. kind of a game killing move.         

#2 Sunatet



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Posted 28 April 2010 - 10:32 AM

Well, I once played as a blonde elf gestapo type (it was the system of my GM friend, a strange breed of medieval fantasy without magic with climax close to the second world war 2 mixed with brazilian favelas, hard to explain, but it was fun to play, maybe mostly because we didn't used almost any mechanic at all, pure roleplaying with just sporadical d20 roll if GM thought its needed) that hated humans (and other no-elf races), and humiliated women, xenophobic, conservative and chauvinistic to the extend (Karl Steinhoff was his name).

He was some kind of a spy, policeman, or army man, something like that, I don't remember right, it was a long time ago (feels like another life).

Anyway, I had to work with a local watchman (or rather watch woman) played by a female friend.

Unfortunately she was a HUMAN, and a WOMAN!

I have a very sharp tongue (not sure if thats the right expression) that can sting like a bee, and I made a full use of it on that session talking about women in the watch, human women, and humans as a whole.

At some point we even end up in a fight (in game of course, but I suppose that she wanted to hit me at least few times in real)... or two... or three... but the dice didn't like me that day, so I ended up on a floor each time, with her feet on my neck

The rest of the team (and GM) had wanderfull time watching me fail every time, and some of them call me Karl to this day .


But it way a one session character only, and on a previous session (in the same system) my usual Orc character (I always play a greenskin if possible, and Orcs in this system were more WoW like, than Warhammer like) died a heroic death saving his lost tribe from the slavery (along with killing some very bad guy).

#3 Bindlespin



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Posted 28 April 2010 - 01:39 PM

that is great that the girl in your group was there to clobber your character for everything you said. that was a much happier ending than mine:)

#4 Emirikol


    ~Ĉiam subskribi antaŭ-nup kun Fimir

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Posted 16 February 2013 - 04:24 AM

During dying of the light…


..mystic had to hide under dead bodies

..two characters had to pretend to be at a wierd S&M party to cover up the murder of the main NPC in the beginning of the scenari

--they had to kill a little girl (but she got better)

#5 Pedro Lunaris

Pedro Lunaris


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Posted 16 February 2013 - 04:30 PM

I had a character in a Dragonlance Fifth Age campaign. the group was passing through that place that is similar to Ravenloft. we were at the castle of a strange family, and my character ended going to bed with a young girl… only to discouver she was actually the old matriarch, a woman of 100 more or less, using some kind of magical trick.

aftwards, my character went back to that place to find if they had generated a child. he intended to get his son or daughter out, and kill the whole family if need be. but luckily they hadn't.

the GM actually found a fertility chart to roll that one. and I had to hear my companions talk about that time for 2 years after it, at least.

#6 Yepesnopes



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Posted 17 February 2013 - 03:17 AM

Many many many years ago, we were playing at AD&D, at the Dragon Lance campaign, one of the PCs hit to uncounciousnes a NPC. Then he was going to **** her while she was uncouncious. Then, all of a sudden, another PC, the one playing with Raistlin Majere, said "I cast the Invisibility spell and put myself inbetween the two, with my ass facing the PC"…that was one of the most heroic deeds I have ever seen to save and innocent.

After so many years, we still sometimes, remember that moment.



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#7 OctoLux



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Posted 20 February 2013 - 02:20 AM

it was not quite shameful and definetly not fantasy (but Dark Heresy) but here it goes…

House of Dust and Ash scenario, the vulcan is about to explode…

The groupe faces down the slaugh, he/it aims and fails miserably, hitting the parabolic antenna and frying the spy sattelite overhead…

Then they push that worm with copious amount of grenades over the edge to the churning acid sea below ( adn getting nearly vaporised along the way)

After that they have to get off the island, find the valkyry transporter hop in and hte soldier takes of with barely 30 to his flying skill (that the prelimary)

Now back to Solomon adn a couple of good rolls later they need to attempt the landing… which they fail.

crashing down to the landing pad of the nobles spires of the hive, wrecking the office building, setting alight the 3000year old victory banners ('some of them Astartes) mangling some poor sods of flight personal along the way and tetering just over the edge of the plattform.

Every one breathes a sight of relieve while our scum is gigling hysterically. The soldier presses the button to open the doors…

And 2 missiles fly away into the night to explode in some middle hive combo down below.

After that I had to break up because everyone was flat out rolling on the floor. The dice were alternating between high end success and high end failure that night so that a the guys had one hell of an emotional roller coaster ride… (and me too)

#8 crimsonsun



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Posted 01 March 2013 - 02:06 AM

In my second edition campagin two players were sibblings and both wizards, of different schools who had very different ideologies, a Halfling thief (duggy tiddler - the fiddler) A human noble from slyvania, along with a ogre mercenary later replaced by a dark elf spy, eventually turned priest of Khaine and a merchant replaced with a sea capt who turned cultist. This was a mighty campagin that lasted over 3 years and of at least 12 hours playtime each week sometimes 40-50 hours, and slowly over the course of the story I was able to corrupt the characters to darker and darker goals.

This all kick started by my tricking the Characters into performing the ritual in Spires of Altdorf that gives part of there soul to the corrupt wizard, well all the characters except the halfling (this halfling is the ONLY PC to have ever lived to retirement, not only did he live he had more fate points on retirement than he started with, finishing on 4 going as high as 6 at some points). This caused them all a 5% decrease on every statistic along with a few other penalties as they were missing part of there soul.

The Heavens wizard was the first to fall, Tzeentch whispering dark promises and though contacts, study and a unholy quest he was able to discover a ritual and compile its ingredients to repair his soul by using the soul of another party member… now you might be thinking that well a party if such a horrific ritual was discovered would react badly to such a character, which is in essence true though the discovery only happened upon the death of the merchant, by his brother yet Tzeentch had blessed his pupil (already a master wizard) with mutations and a his mark thus the whole party was *hit scared of him, instead they plotted his downfall much to Tzeeentches joy.

His brother a shadow mage was far more cautious in his studies, yet he knew his brother must be opposed eventually, yet with his soul rent and his brother carrying potent dark blessings he knew he must find power to challenge him. The slyvainian noble was able to assist, chasing up upon forgotten family lines discovered Necromantic Grimores for the shadow wizard to study, his teachings showed that Vampires have no soul and thus the damage could be repaired and the gifts such a dark blessing would grant powers comparable to those carried by his brother, thus began there seeking of a Vamperic mentor.

Eventually the party accept the poor Halfling all fell to my corrupting influence, who stayed with the party for 3 reasons;

  1. These guys were the most scary fear inducing characters he had ever met, to abandon the party might be considered a slight - not something someone with his survivial instincts would risk.
  2. Association, by the late stages of this campagin there were some hardcore good guys looking for this party, magister vilgants with Witch hunters and Warpriests of sigmar, as a known companion he would not stand much chance of a fair hearing.
  3. Safety - Seriously when you stand next to A Tzeentch lord, A Vampire thrall specialised in social manipulation, A vampire Thrall wizard lord, a Assassin/Priest of Khaine and a Tzeentch Magnus/guild master of marienburgs merchant navy, then being a Halfling champion targetter, turn initiate of Ranald does not tend to get one targetted as being a prime threat.

Now the best bit of this is how the two wizards died as it was truely epic, now thoughtout the campagin the Tzeentches curse Kin afflicted would constantly crop up, almost every session causing minor grievences to one wizard or the other, it is how infact there initial conflicts began. Now as the wizards fell further into there dark studies it became more difficult for them to use there original lores, thus if the Tzeentch lord wished to cast a Celestial spell then I would roll an equal number of die as he chose to use, but these would only come into affect for purposes of Tzeentches curse, so the final confrontation between the two wizard lords in a ancient Khemri pyramid deep in the boarder princes the Tzeentch lord went to cast a apocalyptic spells, rolling to catastrophic events upon the curse table, one was ripping a hole in space time killing himself, and the dark elf as they were ripped out of reality but also rolling a Kin afflicted - turn to chaos spawn, who then promptly ate the dark elf and the vampire noble.  (Vampires automatically lose all fate points upon turning thus representing the loss of soul, but they did recover from the ritual that put them on the path)


It was such a awesome campaign, that was totally derailed from its intial path and mutated into something that I could never have written. In truth one of my fav parts of the Warhammer Universe and its rpg incarnations is the ability to totally corrupt and mutate the party, but you are able to give appropriate awards in the form of power to make it worthwhile and 'realistic' in terms of choice, I always offer a PC all the choices, and will always allow them to take there character in ANY direction they wish, though I am very strict on initial character creation as it makes for a wonderful story

When I get my 2nd edition stuff out of storage I will do write ups for some of those player characters - maybe even convert them into 3rd edition but they would be effective rank 7-8 easily in 3rd edition.



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