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Your Marching Orders

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Posted 20 November 2008 - 05:22 AM

Object of the Game

In BattleLore, the object of a game is usually to be the first to capture a specific number of Victory Banners such as those held by units' Banner Bearers. Depending on the adventure's victory conditions, the number of banners required to win will usually vary between four and seven.

Game Turn Overview

In BattleLore, the game turn is divided into five phases:

  1. Command Phase
  2. Order Phase
  3. Movement Phase
  4. Combat Phase
  5. Draw Phase

Command Phase

At the start of your turn, play a Command card from your hand. Command cards are normally used to order units to move and/or battle. The card you play dictates in which section(s) of the battlefield you may issue orders, and how many units you may order.

Order Phase

After playing a Command card, announce which corresponding unit(s) you choose to order. Only those units that are issued an order may move, battle, or take a special action during this turn.

If a Command card allows you to issue more orders in a given section of the battlefield than you currently have units in that section, those additional orders are lost.

Movement Phase

Movements are announced and made sequentially, one ordered unit at a time, in the sequence of your choice. A unit may only move once per turn. A unit that is ordered is not required to move. Ordered units may move from one section of the battlefield to another, but cannot move through or onto another hex occupied by enemy or friendly units, or the half-hex spaces on the edge of the battlefield.


Individual figures may not split off and move independently. They must remain with their unit, and move as a group. Ordered units move differently according to their troop type and status (foot or mounted).


Some terrain features impact movement and may prevent a unit from moving its full distance or engaging in combat.

Combat Phase

Battles are resolved sequentially, one ordered unit at a time, in the sequence of your choice. You must announce and resolve one unit's battle — including any related actions stemming from that battle — entirely before proceeding to any other ordered unit's battle.

Combat Procedure

  1. Announce the ordered unit you wish to attack with, and its target. Ensure your target is withnn range and line of sight.
  2. After adjusting your available battle dice due to terrain effects, bonuses, etc., roll dice and apply their effects.
  3. Conduct additional "follow-on" actions as appropriate.


In BattleLore, hits are scored when a colored helmet on the attacker's die matches the banner color of the unit targeted. Other colors rolled are misses. The attacked player removes one figure for each hit scored, with the Banner Bearer removed last. When the Banner Bearer is hit, his figure is placed on one of the empty "wax seals" on the Victory track on the attacker's side of the map.


Other symbols, such as the Sword on Shield, Flag, or Lore, may have other game effects based on the scenario or card being played. If there is no special effect specified by the scenario or card, the symbol counts as a miss.

Draw Phase

After completing all movements and resolving combat for all ordered units, discard the Command Card played and draw another one from the deck. Your turn is now over. If the draw deck runs out of cards, shuffle the discarded cards to form a new draw deck.

End of Game

Players alternate taking turns until one of the players reaches the number of Victory Banners indicated by the adventure's victory conditions.


In addition to capturing banners by eliminating enemy units, players may accumulate Victory Banners in a number of other ways: capturing certain terrain hexes, accomplishing adventure-specific objectives, and more based on the adventure being played. Such victory conditions will be explicitly spelled out in the adventure's battle notes.

Advanced BattleLore

The basic game can be played quickly, with the minimal rules spelled out in the first part of the rulebook. If you want a greater challenge, the base game includes rules for Advanced BattleLore, with rules for Mercenaries, strange creatures, mystic powers (or "Lore"), and much more!


So sharpen your swords, corral your creatures, and prepare your spells! The battle has just begun!

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