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Desperate Times Have Fallen Upon The Red November

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Posted 19 November 2008 - 02:09 PM

Desperate times have fallen upon the Red November!

The engine is down, the hull pressure is getting dangerously high, and the engine room is on fire! It is Geoff’s turn. Someone needs to get that fire out so the engine can be repaired. Geoff decides that’s gotta be him.


Geoff’s gnome is across the sub in Missile Control, room 7.

To room 5.

Room 5 is flooded with high water, but luckily Missile Control is not flooded at all. The gnome opens the hatch to room 5 (+1m), and water reflows between the two rooms, bringing them both to low water (no additional time). Geoff moves his gnome into room 5, but because of the flooding this movement takes an additional minute (+1m).

To room 2.

The Pump Room, room 2, is also on fire, and the door to room 4 is blocked. So Geoff’s gnome drinks the last of his Grog for courage (no additional time), raises his intoxication level by 1 (from 2 to 3), opens the hatch to room 2 (+1m), and steps in (no additional time).

To room 1.

The gnome can’t stay to deal with this fire, so he runs across the room and opens the hatch to the engine room, room 1 (+1m), and steps in (no additional time).


With his gnome in a room that is on fire, Geoff chooses the only action available (which is what he wants to do anyway), Extinguish Fire. It is critically important that the fire be put out so that Larry’s gnome (who will act next) can try to fix the engine before all is lost. To guarantee success in fighting the fire, Geoff chooses to have his gnome spend 7 minutes (+7m) doing so. Fortified by the Grog consumed earlier, which gives a bonus of +3 to any Fix-it action, the total he must roll equal to or less than on the action die is 10. Automatic success!  Geoff removes the Fire token from room 1.

Faint Check.

The intoxication level of Geoff’s gnome is dangerously high – quaffing his Grog this turn raised it to 3. Anything but a “4” or “–” result on his Faint Check will cause his gnome to pass out. He draws an Event Card and checks the corner. Drat! The number is a “2.”  His gnome passes out in the room (+10m).  Geoff lays his gnome on its side to show that it is fainted.

Update Time Track.

Geoff’s gnome spent 21 minutes during his turn (4 minutes moving, 7 minutes fire-fight- ing, and 10 minutes passed out on the floor of the engine room). Geoff started his turn with his Time Keeper at 40 on the Time Track, and now the Ghost Time Keeper is at 19. Geoff moves his Time Keeper forward, stopping for 7 Event Markers and 2 Draw Item Markers, and therefore drawing and resolving 7 event cards and draw- ing 2 item tiles, respectively.  If any of the events cause Geoff’s room to flood or catch fire, his gnome will die and he will be eliminated.

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