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New planets/ detailed planets

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Posted 16 December 2008 - 02:29 AM

Following on from the Calixis guide thread, how about we post new planets/ planets from the sector we've added detail to ourselves?

Two from me:

Planetary data: Dwimlicht

Segmentum:   Obscuris
Sector:              Calixis
Subsector:      Hazeroth

Planetary class:      Feral
Planetary Governor:   High-Dâl Uro Kran
Adepta Presence:     None

Size:                        Average
Circumference:    57,000km
Length of day:      43 standard hours
Length of year:     61 days (110 Terran days)
Satellites:              14
Gravity:                   0.9G
Atmosphere:        Normal
Hydrosphere:       Damp
Temperature:       Average
Terrain:                 Continuous forest, Swamp, Moor
Population:          3 Billion

Dwimlicht is a small, forest-bound feral world at the edge of the Hazeroth Abyss in the Hazeroth subsector.

The planet orbits a small, weak star and is surrounded by a swarm of asteroids and planetoids, all of which combine to starve Dwimlicht of direct sunlight.
As such the world never sees more than weak twilight, even at midday. The air is cold and damp, with heavy mist banks blowing across ground at all times of the day and chilling unprepared travellers to the bone.

The world is covered in dank deciduous forests, cold fetid swamps and wind-swept and mournful moorlands. The forests, which cover the majority of the planet, as almost exclusively made up of towering Emeraldlimb trees, which can grow up to a kilometre tall and live for over 5 thousand years.
Due to the sheer amount of trees on Dwimlicht, the height that they can grow to and the ferocity of the fauna, the native human population is almost exclusively arboreal; living their entire lives in the trees and even building large tree-house villages in the wide branches of the Emerallimbs.
Large sauropods roam the forests and moors, and swim in the murk of the swamplands; hundreds of related species that are more than keen to augment their diet of vegetation with flesh; either that of other sauropods or anything else unlucky to encounter them.
Some of these saurians, such as the fearsome Brachadon,  can grow up to 100 metres long and are nightmarishly dangerous.

The Planetary Governor is High- Dâl Uro Kran; a warlord who has single-handedly slaughtered all opposition in the name of the Emperor and united the warlord clans. He rules the planet through a number of regional Dâls, a local world for ‘chief’, from his capitol of Canopy City.
Canopy City is the largest single settlement on the planet and also the only Imperial Outpost. It sits on a series of huge platforms which are themselves supported by the branches of five great Emerallimbs. The tree-city is surrounded by a  vastplain of felled trees that extends for miles in each direction known as the Sawplain.

It is this great expanse of felled trees that generates Dwimlicht’s limited wealth. Hundreds of ancient Emeraldlimb trees have been felled by the High- Dâl’s slaves, the wood cut into planks and shipped off-world to make exotic lacquered furniture.
Dwimlicht’s other resources are pitiful and hard to access; metal ore and minerals in such short supply they are barely enough to equip the Dâl’s forces with primitive iron axes and crossbows.

The only other point of note in this dimly-lit, chill world are a series of xeno ruins which ring the planet's equator. Over 650 pillars, arches and buttresses of a strange green soapstone stand as silent remains of a pre-Imperial alien civilisation which apparently once covered the planet. Similar ruins can be found on a number of planets in and around the Hazeroth Abyss, leading experts to believe that the same alien race once dominated the subsector.
What little evidence has been found of this race seems to indicate that they were eradicated by an unknown cataclysm around 5,000 years ago; a fact which is kept hidden from the majority of the population.
What ever the case, the creeper-choked pillars and arches found across Dwimlicht are considered ill-omens by the locals, who avoid them with great care. Encountering one while on a journey is considered an extremely bad sign.
Worse still, rumours of twisted man-beasts, who worship the pillars and offer foul sacrifices to them, have sprung up in recent years, bringing the watchful eye of the Inquisition to Dwimlicht.

Ocean world Proteus

Segmentum:      Obscuris
Sector:                  Calixis
Subsector:              Hazeroth

Planet class:              Feral
Planetary Governor:   High-King Vad Yall Tam
Adepta Presence:     None

Circumfrence:      165,000 km
Length of day:      49 hours
Length of year:      89 days (183 Terran days)
Satellites:              26
Gravity:                 1G (Standard)
Atmosphere:      Normal
Hydrosphere:      Watery
Temperature:      Average
Population:            5 million (est)

Proteus is a feral world deep in the midst of the Hazeroth Abyss; the swirling nebula at the heart of the Hazeroth Subsector.

Almost completely covered in water except for a scant few volcanic island chains, Proteus is a warm ocean-planet inhabited by a small population of sea-faring nomads. It is noted only for the unpredictable ocean currents and the vast array of large, aggressive sea fauna that inhabits the oceans.

Proteus is continuously wracked by extreme tidal systems; the 26 satellites and planetoids that orbit Proteus ensuring that the few islands that stand above the water are overwhelmed by seawater on an almost monthly basis and so plant and animal life has adapted to survive constant saltwater exposure.

The planet’s people, referred to as ‘Proteans’, are a primitive people; the constant aggressive environment and lack of accessible resources mean mechanical technology is difficult and expensive to maintain.
They sail the worldsea in boats made from the bones and skins of the colossal predators that roam the depths, sailing from island chain to island chain ahead of the more violent tides and harvesting both sea and island flora and fauna for food and resources.
The planet's hostile oceans are near legendary in the Hazeroth sector; anyone unlucky enough to fall overboard on Proteus lasts on average a mere minute in the water before they are stripped to the bone by numerous creatures.

The world’s nominal ruler is High-King Vad Yall Tam, who rules the largest tribe-fleet and is responsible for maintaining the planet’s Imperial Tithe.

Proteus also contributes a number of men and women each year to the Imperial Guard, under the name of the Protean Sawfins (named after a particularly vicious native predator). The Sawfin guard units specialise in aquatic fighting, as well as being renowned for their good eyesight.

Proteans have two customs which are universal to all tribes on the planet. The first is victory scarification, in which deeds of great valour are remembered by carving ideograms into the flesh of the individual who performed those deeds. These scars are sometimes dyed by adding ash to the wound before it heals. The second custom is the belief that a person’s true name caries power, and that it should never be told to anyone. Children are given milk-names at their birth, which they keep until they come of age at 12, when they pick their own true name. All Proteans assume a use-name, by which other can call them, and they only reveal their true name upon their death.

Proteus has almost now exportable commodities; there are few natural minerals or ores that lie near the surface; the native wildlife is too aggressive to farm or harvest with certainty and the indigenous people are too obsessed with survival to produce any craft items on a large enough scale to export.

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Posted 16 December 2008 - 02:47 AM

nicely done (and nicked) 

thanks :)

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