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Greetings =) grimm have any online resources?

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#1 sshagent



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Posted 15 December 2008 - 11:17 AM

I'm gonna be running my 1st adventure of Grimm shortly and was curoius as to what a typical adventure involves.  I'm an experience GM, and am looking to run Grimm as a one off Christmas special.  

Googling hasn't really shown any fan sites out there.  Something like againstheshadow.net but for Grimm would be ideal. 

anyway thanks in advance :)

#2 thehuntercat



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Posted 17 December 2008 - 07:12 AM

I have never encountered a fan site for Grimm, nor have I heard of any. :(.

Man, a Christmas adventure is a -really- interesting idea! Kris Kringle and a bunch of creepy elves.

#3 sshagent



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Posted 17 December 2008 - 10:55 PM

Yup, oh well.  I have a couple of vague ideas which i'm gonna attempt to run tonight.


#4 sshagent



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Posted 20 December 2008 - 10:46 PM

As i don'#t see much content for GRIMM about from other players/GM's i'll share what i went ahead with.  I yoinked the detention starter i read from this forum ( i believe ) as it suited by purpose of informing the pc they were naughty for when the time was right.  Here is some waffle in brief...


Short of the story was. Players met each other at Detention, they each explain why they are there. They arrive in the lands of grimm. And go about confused and exploring this medievil/fantasy town. They overhear the Rotten King screaming and shouting abuse at why the children from 'the other side' hadn't been found yet. Confirming with a nice npc they realise that the Rotten King had indeed summoned them for some awful task.  

Its then shared with them that they are in the christmas period and its not safe for children. As this Santa Claws guy arrives each night leading upto 25th December and takes naughty children away with him. They all start being worried as they were in detention and some had commited some small thefts upon arrival ( as they had no currency ) and decide they are in deep ****. Its mentioned to them that its custom for children to make fine food and drink and leave it out to santa as a pacifier....and that his elves like toys as well.  

So the pc's set about using their home ec skills and start knocking up some crap made toys. At this point the players who were being mocked at the beginning of the session for having such useless skills are now being praised. The two 'normal kids' ( archetype penalty is they are ALWAYS selected first in random decisions by monsters ) are beginning to get real worried about Santa's decision. Fortunately for the players one of them was an npc i planted with them from the beginning who referred to himself as 'Ensign Steve'

The jock manages to stay awake at night but due to being incrediblyl bad at notice checks fails to notice any activity and Santa's elf manages to sneak off with Ensign Steve.  

Next morning they are a bit worried and the other 'normal kid' in the party knows he is up next for being removed by Santa....he really works at motivating the party into action. they decide to head north to Santa's place and rescue Ensign Steve so they can head home.  

On there way they meet little red riding hood ( a very weak vampire ) who the bully in the group randomly decides to try and steal her picnic basket which is her critical weakness. She overacts when he goes for it...knowing her death if it leaves her grasp. A fight ensues involving wedgies and other hilarious imagery.  

...moving on they reach Santa's base of operations and due to time limits on the one off session i pretty much rail road them thru some waffle and stealthy parts of the game til they find steve and have a fight with Santa ( Bully is a loud mouth ). They manage to overcome Santa and doing so the whole cavern ( was a mine siting where the naighty kids were working ) started to collapse. The players run like crazy and eventually come to a dead end. Fortunately for them the outcast kid ( who was named Slug...i decided that the Popular kid could name the outcast and people just called him that ) got out his magic marker and drew an exit.  

They then found themselves back in detention with wild drawings of what just happened on the blackboard just as the teacher returned with her coffee.

Overall it was a VERY fun and funny game. The random encounter with red riding hood will always be remembered. I'm still convinced that Grimm is a one or two session game and never coiuld keep me entertained for much more. I was concerned with if players could all play kids and have real fun with it....but they did. more than i can imagine in fact.

Hopefully some of that made sense. Back to midnight for next year...hopefully my campaign will resume by the latter half of next year and i can just slip it in as we near christmas.

#5 CanadianPittbull



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Posted 21 December 2008 - 04:47 PM

Great stuff sshagent! It is a shame that there is no real support for this game as far as fan support is concered. It seems very much a niche specific game and has a cult following as far as I am concerned. I have been tempted on different occasions (but time doesn't allow it) of creating a blog or little corner of my own on the internets dedicated to all things GRIMM. But alas I just don't have the time.

#6 dark77778



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Posted 11 January 2009 - 09:09 PM

Well, why don't we make a big thread here as a resource [and if it gets big enough, a wiki] of things in Grimm.  Seriously, there's enough open-endedness that players and Narrators have got to have tons and tons of thoughts.  For instance:

1) Heirlooms and Talismens

2) Imaginings


4) Minor Characters

5) Major Characters

6)Stories and Sagas

7)Checkerboard  Kingdoms

8)Far Off Lands

9) Other misc items: Function, Fashion and Bad-assery.

10) "If it weren't for you meddling kids..." or "How to trick the baddies and give the narrator a giddy fit"

11) "They're more like guidelines..." or Variants [incudes Dramatic Moments such as the "Deja Vu" and the "Dun dun dunnnnn!"]

#7 GameBearOR



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Posted 27 December 2009 - 01:37 PM

The "detention" idea is a fantastic one and started off my campaign wonderfully. I added a twist: when the characters entered detention there was a substitute teacher there - a disgustingly fat, bald man in an all-white suit and vest that had food stains all over it. He smelled awful and was very stern with them, calling himself Mr Eggder. He left the room while threatening them if they moved from their seats.

Cue the water rising - I added fish, sharks, whales and something even larger swimming in the distance. The windows begain to crack, prompting their quickly leaving as the windows shattered and water rushed in. A great scene ensued as the kids made their way to higher ground (the 3rd floor), ocean-like flooding threatening to drown them. They eventually had to enter the forbidden Teacher's Lounge to escape, which opened up into the Great and Awful Forest.

For Keepsakes...

Jock: a bottomless backpack

Dreamer: a diary that wrote hints when they were stuck

Bully, a baseball cap that became a distance weapon and boomeranged back


Their first wacky adventure: Just after entering the Great and Awful Forest they encountered Luck Bear of the Care Bears being chased by a dozen rabid, mangy rabbits that only had one foot each (and 2 paws), hopping crazily as if on mini-pogo-sticks. The rabbits, who had all lost a foot to people wanting lucky-foot keychains, wanted to steal Luck Bear's luck from him.

The intent was that the kids would save Luck Bear and he would become a guide and mentor for them at the begining of their adventures, lending his considerable luck to their cause. Especially since the rabbits were minions of the Rotten King and some got away to inform him that there were new children in GRIMM.

However, after saving Luck Bear the Jock stuffed him in his bottomless bag with only his head sticking out and proceeded to interrogate him threateningly. After pointedly not taking a series of hints that they should treat him more respectfully, Luck Bear used his luck to escape (thereby ruining the bottomless bag) and left them high and dry and on their own.

My overall campaign revolves around them having to find 8 magical keys that will lead them to Babylon. Each key they find will graduate them to the next Grade. What and where the keys are, and what exactly Babylon is, has yet to be decided.

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