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Co-Op Doom

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Posted 16 March 2010 - 09:03 PM

 Hi Guys

I've seen quite a few rules for standalone / co-op play or Doom but I was never entirely happy with them, so I wrote my own. I've play tested them over a few hours with a mate and so far we haven't hit any major bumps. If you're interested in such things, any feedback would be appreciated.

Note : I used some of the Co-Op Rules from Joseph Laclair's guide so thanks to him for starting me off.


1 Choose a scenario and lay out the board but without items / enemies but with other objects (blocking obstacles, etc).

2 Set the items / enemies / marines for first area.

3 Remove these speciality Marine cards : Careful, Efficient Killer, Officer, Prepared, Survival Ops, Tech Op, Tough.

4 Determine whether you are going to use the Basic or Expansion Invader deck.

5 Determine whether the Basic or Expansion Invaders will be used or whether each Invader will be determined randomly as it is placed.

6 Marines are set up as below.

7 Create two decks (a Brute deck and a Sneak deck) as described below. Remember that although both decks are created, only one set of cards (either the Basic or Expansion Invader cards) will be used to create the decks.


Marines Shells Grenades Armour Wounds Cards

1 4 1 2 12 3 UNTESTED

2 3 0 2 10 2

3 2 0 2 8 1 UNTESTED


Brute Deck

Basic : All Spawn cards, Charge, Rage, Smash, Surprise Attack.

Expansion : All Spawn cards, Charge, Crushing Blow, Rage, Smash, Soul Fire, Surprise Attack, Tick Blast, Wraith Jump.


Sneak Deck

Basic: Ambush, Dark Energies, Darkness, Dodge, Jump The Gun, Sealed In, Shaky Footing.

Expansion : Darkness, Dark Summons,  Descent Into Madness, Dodge, Earthquake.



Use Well Trained (see Expansion rules).



The marines win if all Marines complete the level before the Invader player can score the required number of Frags (see below).


Marines Frags Required


2 3



Notes - when the required number of Frags are achieved, the game does not end. Instead increase the number of Brute cards drawn each Turn by 1 for each Frag over the Required Frag figure. Using this rule, games do not suddenly end due to Marine failure, rather they rapidly become more difficult.



1 Marine Action and Resolution.

2 Draw 1 card from Brute Deck and resolve if possible. Discard. 

3 Invader Action and Resolution. 

4 Draw 1 card from Sneak Deck and resolve if possible. Discard.



If an invader card affects an invader, choose the most powerful invader from all suitable ones.

If an Invader card affects a Marine, apply it to the first, relevant, acting Marine or randomly.



Invaders always spawn as close to the Marines as possible - if there is more than one suitable location, determine randomly. Invaders must not be spawned in areas where they are two big to move if another larger area is available. Invaders will try to spawn in front of the Marines where possible (to inhibit the effectiveness of sprinting through the level).



Most powerful Invader units activate before weaker units (this order is shown below).

Determine if there are any targets within Attack Range of the Invader (Attack Range is equal to the Invader Movement + OTD).

Ranged Attacker Attack Range OTD

Trite 5 0

Imp 8 4

Zombie 3 0

Demon 4 0

Mancubus 7 5

Hell Knight 3 0

Archvile 14 10

Cyberdemon 12 8


Cherub 6 0

Revenant 10 6

Zombie Commando 8 5

Maggot 5 0

Cacodemon 8 5

Vagary 11 8


If there are no targets within Attack Range, move the Invader towards the closest target (this is determined each Turn until the target is within Attack Range). 


If there is more than 1 target within OTD, then the Invader will select a target randomly, regardless of range.

If the Invader has an area effect attack, then position so that the attack will affect as many targets as possible.

Invaders with area effect attacks will try to harm as many Marines in a single attack as possible, regardless of harming other Invaders. Not hurting other Invaders is of secondary concern.


Invaders with the Watchful ability will position themselves adjacent to as many Marines as possible. Blocking passage for Marines is of secondary concern.



The OTD is based upon each dice having an OTD value (yellow = 3, Blue 0, Green 2 and Red 1). This value is, roughly, the most likely range result that the die will generate. Add all of the OTD dice values up for the Invader’s attack dice and add 1 for each point of Accuracy.

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Posted 17 March 2010 - 12:17 AM

We also tend to use these House Rules in addition to the Co-Op rules :

1. We allow a Marine to carry a single Medi-Kit which can be used during the Marine's go at the cost to 2 Move.

2. LOS - Invaders can trace LOS through (over) Invaders with smaller bases.

3. Units of any type may only move diagonally if at least one of the squares adjacent to the intersection between the moving from / moving to square is vacant. This is the same for LOS.

4. If a Marine with the Medic skill uses a Medi-Kit, they get an additional 1 Health.

5. Marines may only carry a single weapon of each type, however a weapon can be picked up and immediately swapped for a corresponding ammo.

6. In a two player game, we often include the Invader units for the missing Marine (it makes for a tougher game but sometimes the levels are too easy without this adjustment).


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Posted 04 February 2011 - 01:48 AM

Over 600 hits on my Co-Op rules and no one points out that I missed off explaining what OTD stood for?


I give you the ammo and you fail to use it on me : )


Okay, so I messed up there. OTD stands for Optimal Target Distance and it represents the best range for Invader units to attack Marines. The idea behind it is that it reduces the decisions the co-op players have to make when placing the Invaders (which speeds the game up), and also helps to spread the Invader units out (rather than them all bunching up around the Marines, the Invader units usually end up spread out).


As mentioned in the previous posts, OTD is calculated by working out the most most likely dice roll each Invader type would get when rolling to hit (so Invaders with a melee attack would have an OTD of 0).


Hope that helps.

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