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Card Combat is what they should have been utilizing in many of their Former games already out!!!

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Posted 11 March 2010 - 05:54 AM

When I heard about the card dynamics in some of their more recent games, color me UNIMPRESSED, and even less impressed upon playing them. Though Starcraft was fun, it's actual combat portion (laying down the cards and resolution) was EXCESSIVELY boring for me and others. There was no real card play between players. There was a lot of planning which was great, but nothing in the combat that really made it exciting. That portion sort of fell flat.


With other card games where FFG claimed "innovative" dynamics built upon the mechanics of recent times, there wasn't ANYTHING really innovative or built upon recent card mechanics.

It seems finally, they've looked at the CCG's of the past 20 years and their evolution, their OWN card games, and FINALLY built something that has that depth and interest, yet simple enough for a board game. This means it's WHAT IT SHOULD have been for other games from the start.

This actually makes me rather excited, as it means that even those who hate the Warhammer type theme, may actually be convinced to play this game. With the all male players, many games from FFG appeals to them, but a lot of the female gamers I play with, games such as Runewars, Starcraft, and those "card" dynamic predecessors haven't really been all that successful. My wife who is a big Eurogamer, actually prefer's FFG's dice resolution games (she actually loves Talisman, and loves TI3e...doesn't care for RW though), but she enjoys MANY of the recent card games with the innovative dynamics built upon those mechanics that have actually been evolving over the past few decades.

She enjoys San Juan, MTG, Race for the Galaxy, and yes, FFG's own Warhammer:Invasion. The type of card combat and dynamics in this game seem to be of the sort that I probably can convince her to try out, and that she'll probably enjoy. I'm actually really excited about that idea. If the wife buys into it, then I'll actually have someone to play the game against, even if others aren't as fond of it.

So Kudos to FFG, and hopefully this appeals to those who like the Card games and their dynamics. It seems from what they just posted to have the simplicity that it can fit well into a boardgame, but also the depth that can moderately fill into a Card Combat game from more recent times such as their own WH:I (yes, it's no WH:I, and not as many choices, but has a dynamic that can present interesting choices in that vein).

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