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[Provided] Optional Scenes for "Damned Cities" [!SPOILERS!]

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Posted 09 March 2010 - 10:43 AM

Greetings, brethern

"Damned Cities", the second part of the Haarlock´s Legacy Triology, encourages the GM to fill in own "padding" and optional scenes at some parts of the adventure.

I came up with one additional element refering to the "Friend of Bal Grey" (p.44)


Please take note!

I might update this version later, so if the link does not work anymore, please read through the topic for an "update" posted.


Thank you!

And enjoy!

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Posted 23 March 2010 - 10:55 AM

Another short scene for the Investigation in the Sinks while I experience a "kinda writing block" for the AddOn for "Brutal Lament".

Just one Scene/Page, but I intend to work-out/provide more "Enforcer liasion potential" later/after "Brutal Lament".





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Posted 07 December 2010 - 11:22 AM

So, here I am back again to my old topic

I just finished the "Friends of Bal Grey". Now, it is three of them


In addition, I came up with some ideas for "information charts" for the early murders. These were originally developed and postet in another topic, but since I already have this one to center my ideas...



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Posted 07 December 2010 - 08:32 PM

I inserted several scenes.


1) the 13th fragment is in the hands of the Pontifex Urba of Sinophia Magna, and he had it fashioned into a great stained glass window in the Cathedral. When people are alone in the cathedral grand chamber, they will see the colours of the glass writhe and change subtly, but not enough to arouse great suspicion. When the Pontifex is murdered by the Risen, the window is smashed. An avalanche of glass has poured into the hall, and the shards have been displaces and crushed as if someone was looking for something amongst it. This can tip the pcs off that the murderer(s) are looking for glass or mirror fragments from their victims (instead of just being handed this vital information by npcs).

2) earlier in the adventure, the pcs may have autopsies performed on the 3 bodies found so far: mam'sel Zamura, the Legate, and Seculo. I wrote a scene in which they will also examine the crime scene of these murders, and in the case of the Legate they may notice pict recorders in the hallways. The tapes of these security camera's have been taken by the Enforcers and sent to the Arbites, where they were 'misfiled'. When the pcs finally find them and watch them; they can see a dark shape entering the hall. Then, roiling darkness issues forth from the figure, like smoke filling the entire hall until the screen goes black for around 30 minutes. When the image returns, the Legate is murdered and the perpetrators gone. This tips the pcs that dark forces are at work.



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Posted 09 December 2010 - 05:22 AM

I made use of Gregorius' "friends of Bal Grey" post, as I thought it added a more colourful source of info than "generic street trash".  The added bonus was our Fel15-havin' fullborg guardsman managed to roleplay through the scene well enough to make a "pal" here, even going so far as to HANDING "Massive" his flak coat and a well kitted-out combat shotgun as gifts!  Needless to say the team has at least one friend on Sinophia now...

For the rest of this adventure my added scenes have been mostly "off the cuff" as the team decides to go about the city.  Rather hard to pre-write for those PC-induced bouts of random inspiration.  I especially had fun detailing a visit to the murtuarial clerics down by the river. 


I added ALOT more personal pre-written material to Tattered Fates than Damned Cities.  The real GM party-favour is going to be Dead Stars: I get to work it up as an ASCENDED conclusion to the epic story!  Oh yes, the Tesseract shall be my very fertile playground! 

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The Laughing God


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Posted 18 December 2010 - 10:33 PM

So to those of you who already ran Damned Cities ... did your group choose to banish the daemon back by smashing the nearly-completed mirror again or did they allow it to escape into the Warp?

And also ... did you group take the mirror fragments in either case? Especially if they choose to break the mirror, they will have around 13 fragments to collect and take with them ..

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Posted 14 June 2012 - 11:14 AM

Hello All

Man, Haven't gotten a chance to post in ages- and unfortunately, I am just here to ask for a favor which involves reviving this thread!

So, does anyone still have these files by any chance?  I am planning on running Damned Cities [As the first part of the Legacy] and wouldn't mind checking out these files. Very Curious about their contents. 





#8 Darth Smeg

Darth Smeg

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Posted 14 June 2012 - 07:42 PM

They're all posted on Dark Reign, and they really do make this adventure feel more .. complete :)

I really liked this adventure, and my players also had a good time as their Characters almost got killed repeatedly and violently. Of course, they didn't make it easy on themselves, and I had the opportunity to introduce some additional enemies for them to be violated by. All good fun.

You'd have thought they'd learned, but No! Now they're busy getting themselves killed on Quaddis (Tattered Fates), picking fights and making enemies all over the place. I think the campaign might be heading for a fatal ending very soon :)

Tarald - The Dark Lord of Smeg

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Posted 04 July 2012 - 04:42 AM

Sorry for the delay in the response- and thank you for your help.

I managed to find the scenes in Dark Reign (At least, I believe this is it)  

And now I am thinking off adding too Extra scenes to the game, all in keeping with the theme of Foresight and Divination. 

The first, and seeing as the acolytes are going to Sinophia, it would be a horrible shame NOT to use the Tech-withces of Amicus Tole, especially since his specialty is a device that allows a glimpse into the future and more or less direct answers. The plot hook proposed in Creatures Anathema fits perfectly, as my acolytes have just left Sleef (where they destroyed a Cult Mechanicus Outpost infiltrated by the Logicians) without really making sure that the Head Magos was actually really dead (They left him in a collapsing tower that was further blown up by the Slaught.)  Though its highly unlikely that he's escaped, a burned fate point and some high rank inquisitorial and mechanicus authority code will get him passed the inquisitorial blockade of Sleef and towards Sinophia magna, where he knows his former Colleague Amicus Tole has some presence. The acolytes chase him to Sinophia, and uncover the plot to Damned Cities all in the same place. 

Another scene or aspect of the investigation involves the Slaught, who are billed as one of the main antagonists of the series- The Saint's wash is a perfect place to squeeze in an optional encounter with the local agents of the worms that walk. A local noble, in debt to the Amaranthian Syndicate, is forced to house a new "high priest" (that must not, or cannot, be described) in his family's vault. Masked, hooded and cloaked, this unwanted guest sits on a throne at the end of a crypt, keeping an eye on the city trough various agents. It is has managed, trough its mere presence, to corrupt superstitious clerics, members of the Weeper's guild, into its worship (or at least, fearful obedience.) They are in a perfect position to bring it constant corpses for sustenance- but sometimes, live pray is desired, forcing the noble to constantly hire new personnel.  When the acolytes hear mention of zombies, its only natural that they'll investigate the graveyards and perhaps uncover that particular conspiracy, wiping out the slaught's eyes and ears in Sinophia… at least, for a time…  




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Posted 04 July 2012 - 06:00 AM

I thought I had at one point put up the following (see below). Obviously, I was mistaken.

By the way: If you want to include Tech-Witchery please have a look at the following DR-Links as well. Perhaps you will find some of it useful.


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Posted 04 July 2012 - 06:00 AM

Ernesto “Massive” Masslow
A huge and muscle packed guy with a face similar to a bulldog, normally clad in worn out surplus military boots &cargo trousers , a stained hooded poncho and a muscle shirt. “Massive” Masslow is in his mid 30´s and quiet and intimidating appearance. He is monosyllabic, never answers quick and tight lipped towards strangers. He is not the smartest, but not a moron.

Ernesto is a member of Bal´s crew, a forma PDF soldier and the forma heavy gunner of Bal´s old squad. Bal “pulled him over” after both dropped out of service and Bal started working for the Undertow. Ernesto never quit calling Bal “Sarge” and always watched his back. As Bal was rising into the position of a “Rag-Baron”, he always kept the strong-but-simple Ernesto with him. While Bal never considered the man a close friend, it was reassuring to have someone not-that-rotten and (and loyal) around. And of course, the fact that “Massive” Masslow is towering heap of muscle helped to “smooth” some “business meetings” quiet good. Masslow on the other hand saw Bal as a close friend he would fight and die for.

”Massive” acted on occasion as “kinda bodyguard” for Bal and “heavy hand” of the crew
Characteristics: as Killer, except Strength +15, Toughness +5, Intelligence -4 Skills: as Killer plus Intimidation Talents: as Killer plus Heavy Weapon Training (SP), Crushing Blow, Take Down, Talented (Intimidation)
Equipment: Poor Quality Hand canon with 8 shots, brass knuckles, Rag-tag body armour (Body 2; Legs 2; Primitive)

Finding Masslow
If the pc start investigating in the Sink (p.42) and ask for “associates” of Bal Grey, they will get the description of Masslow together with his nickname. Asking around for him will reveal that he is currently a “watchdog” for a gambling spot established in a booze den called “All-the-year”. The same information and directions to Masslows actual residence can be gathered from the Enforcers with an routine Inquiry test once the pc arrive at their headquarters & identified themselves in order to ask questions and search records. As the pc leave, however, they will be shadowed by a member of the Mandato (see p. 41) which will report back their activity to the Enforcer General.
If the pc need to much time to get this information and/or to find the den the gambling will be over and Masslow will walk back to Bal (no-one told him that he is dead yet!). If they missed him just, one of the Drunk (p.66) in the “Year” might tell them which way he took and with another successful check on Navigation (Land) the pc will be able to catch up with him.

If the pc miss him and he arrives before them at the block, one of the neighborhood will tell him what happened before he reaches the crime scene. Masslow will then believe that Juvinal Priator is behind this (see “Leaving Masslow” down below).

Meeting Masslow
If the pc meet him at the “All-the-year” they will find leaning backwards against the counter of the bar, having an eye on the door and the gambling tables. No other guards are present. Everybody in this block know who, whom he belongs to and will thereby think twice before doing anything stupid. As the pc enter, he will eye them up and slowly reach for one of his weapons under his poncho (ordinary Perception test to notice).How he will react to the pc depends on how they approach him.
“Bal Grey is dead.” This opening line will earn his immediate attention and a +5 on all further interaction tests. A routine for Scrutiny test will reveal that he is enraged, one level of success tells that he wants vengeance.
”We are Acolythes of the Inquisition” will earn a growled “bull” in response unless the pc show the rosetta (or other means of identification). A letter of investigation will not help, since Masslow cannot read or write. The pc will receive an additional +20 modifier on all interaction tests after the proof. If they reveal themselves openly, however, news will spread quickly in the Sink since the patrons of the “Year” will feed the news straight to the rumour mill. Some response of the Undertow (GM´s decision) is ensured unless the pc leave the Sink very quick. Attempts at Intimidation will be hard since he is courageous. If failed, “Massive” will prop himself up to full
height and tell the pc to “Leave. NOW.” [Option: Make an opposed test between Masslow´s Intimidation and the PC´s Willpower, with the pc “assisting” each other. If Masslow wins and it comes to a fight, the pc suffer a -1 penalty to Initiative and another -1 for every level they lost the the test]. If they don´t leave or achieve at least one level of failure, Masslow will attack them. He will make us of the brass knuckles first unless the pc draw a deadly weapon, have hands near their weapons or appear t be heavily armed/armoured (anything more then pistols; primitive hand weapons and/or light flack coats).

Making him answer any questions about Bal Grey will be hard as well as he is both sceptical and contemptful of strangers. If the pc where clever enough to disguise themselves as locals of the Sink, this drops to difficult. The modifiers noted above are not taken into account here and if the pc make clever use of Masslow´s thirst for vengeance the GM should assign further boni. Any kind of bribe will be met with scorn and the demand to “Leave. NOW.”
Depending on how and what questions are asked (and what level of success are achieved) the pc will learn about Grey´s role in the Undertow. If they do not mention the unnatural circumstances of Bal´s death, Masslow will assume that Juvinal Priator is not dead but responsible for the death of his boss. However, he will share this assumption only if the pc have achieved one or more levels of success. Sharing this, he will curse “Juvinal, this treacherous rat” for “striking a peace deal only to break it”
If the circumstances are reviled, Masslow will grow silent, turn to the bar and order a shot. After downing the booze, he will claim that “the Empty Man have returned” (see module) and tell some grisly story about the massacres that will provide no further clues. The pc can now try to re-role any checks with a +10 bonus since Masslow is now scared out of his wits. If they will ever meet him again during the adventure, he will be drunk.

Leaving Masslow
If the pc fought and captured or killed Masslow, they´ll have to leave the Sink quick or will be confronted by “the circling wolves” (p. 43). If they told him about the death of Bal Grey he will leave the “Year” shortly afterwards. If he still believes that Masslow is responsible, he will arm up and try to gather the rest of Bal´s old crew (so only two or three will follow him). Next stop will be Priator´s Hideout. (p.44). Clever pc will try to Shadow them. The pc will have +10 bonus since Masslow and the others will be inattentive due to their plots for revenge which they´ll coke up on the run (literally).

What´s next?
What happens as Masslow and the other arrive is up to the GM, but it is most likely that he will trigger the trap. Some possible routes of action are:

•?The pc jump at the chance to launch a surprise attack at both groups
In that case the Undertow criminals will join forces against the unknown enemy
•?The pc surprise both group, but do not attack and make it clear that they want to talk
Georg Lussk will offer them a meeting with the Rag Court. If the pc insist that Masslow (whom will
remain silent since he is to confused at the moment) shall join them, he will and might form a temporal
alliance with them (giving additional bonus to all interaction in the Sink)
•?The pc remain hidden
Either Lussk will “escort” Masslow to the Rag Court or a fight breaks out between Masslow and Lussk men. In the later case, Lussk men will win, capture Masslow alive (but heavily wounded) and decide to drag him to the Rag Court. If the pc rescue Masslow, he will grudgingly thank them and tell them all he knows “to get even”. If Lussk brings Masslow to the Rag Court, the pc can try to follow them. Following Lussk and his men will be much harder then following Masslow, so. (Role for Lussk, but he counts as being “assisted” as by the core rules).

Optional places to encounter Masslow
If they seek him out in his quarters, all attempts of Intimidation will gain a (further) +10 bonus.
If they intercept him on the streets of the Sink, he will behave like he would in the bar (instead of ordering shots, he will take a sip from a pocket bottle with booze).

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Posted 04 July 2012 - 06:03 AM

Owen "Cutter" Barker
A small and spindly young (mid 20) man with a non-descript face but a missing ear. If he talks he smirks and speaks with a voice like making fun of what he is saying. Use the stats for “Killer” but reduce the Toughness by 6. Add the “Swift Attack”, “Unremarkable”, “Quick Draw”; “Fearless”, “Sprint” and “Thrown Weapons (Primitive)” Talents. Add the “Silent Move +10”, “Shadowing” and
“Disguise” skills. Owen Barker is stepping over the edge with 43 points of insanity and the minor delusion of “Invulnerability”(see p.237 core rules).

Equipment: Monoknife, five good quality throwing knives, Rag-tag body armour (AP:2 Body & Legs; Primtive) 1d5+3 Thrones, Injector with 3 doses of “Bloodfever” (see below); sawed shotgun (half range) Owen "Cutter" Barker was Bal´s man for the "dirty work". Quick with a knife blade and quick on his feet it was his job to give "a dire last warning" to enemies of the Undertow or Bal himself by assassinating someone close to said figure with a knife to the guts, preferable in a crowded street.

Finding Owen:
Owens (airy) description and gangland name is likely to drop if the pc ask for "associates" of the late Bal Grey. Asking around for "Bal´s Cutter" is a little harder (additional -10) since most who know him are afraid of him. One of the first things the pc will learn about Owen is his second nick name "Mad dog" since most who made his acquaintance belief he is more then a little crazy (and rightly so!). If the pc achieve three or more levels of success they will be told the rumor that he is a user of a local combat drug called “Bloodfever” which can drive a user mad.

In the evening, Owen can be found in a bordello called "The smiling Dame" residing in a forma hotel at the border of XVIII and V, half an hour south of the "Bridge of Tears". The proprietor of the "Dame" paid Bal for protection and protection comes in the shape of "Cutter" and another, younger member of the crew how haven´t made himself a name yet (use “Killer”, but reduce WP by 3 and at the “Unremarkable” Talent). All entrances to the “Dame” but the front portal into the foyer are locked and barred. The windows in the ground floor are all nailed shut from without. Inside the foyer, a little less then a dozen “professional ladies” linger on, together with the younger thug. Owen spends most of his time in an old chair near a window in one of the floors.

Meeting Owen:
If the pc look around at the “Dame”, they might mistake the younger thug for Owen [Intelligence(+10) test; both have a nondescript face]. If the pc approach him, he will respond very loud, nearly shouting. He does so to warn Owen. Owen will in turn inject of dose of Bloodfever (see below) and ready his shotgun. If not noticed or hindered, he will sneak down a staircase (Silent Move vs Awareness), take a moment to quietly size up the scene from around a corner (if not noticed by a pc having an eye on the stairs) and will then address the pc with shotgun in hand. If the pc try to talk to him peacefully, this needs a difficult (-10) test for either Fellowship or Charm. Intimidation is hard (-20). Take not that the bonus for “Peer: the Insane” does apply. Showing alignment with the Inquisition does not help with a nutcase like him. If the pc fail, Owen will attack and fight to the death unless overwhelmed. The young thug must pass a routine(+20) willpower test each round or he will either flee or surrender.

What Owen knows:
Owen does not know of the content of the red piece of clothing (he was standing guard at the outside and Bal did not talked to him about it) and believes that the Bals death “is part of the life we live. Enforcer, Undertow, does not matter since the grave does not care”. If told about the nature of the death, he might will reply with “Funny. Heart a story just like that about a killing in a cantina in the sinks. A while ago.” He will further add the rumor about the Undertow hiring cannibals klans from the surrounding area and that “some of these sickos are a bad case of steroid muscle and mean chemical habits. Perhaps a few of the beast-people where just out for a snack”.

Leaving Owen:
How they leave Owen behind does not really matter. Everybody expect him to wind up dead sooner or later and since his crew is defacto non-existent, no-one will try to avenge him. On the other hand, nobody pays to much attention to what he says. It is know that he is already mad from the Bloodfever abuse and hearing him talking about how the Inquisition came for him will only be seen as further proof of his state.

New Drug: Bloodfever
Bloodfever is a cheap but dangerous combat drug that can be found with bottom line scum that cannot afford the real stuff. Immediately after injection, the user feels his heartbeat quicken and a rush of energy. He will although experience a strong blushing of the skin and alight fever, but is unlikely to notice it The user gains the “Resistance: Fear” Talent and the bonus for Agility and Strength is raised by 2 for the next 2d5 minutes. After the duration, the user will feel burned out and weak. He will suffer 2d5 temporary loss of willpower and strength and must take an ordinary toughness test. If he fails, he will temporarily lose 1d5 points of toughness which he will not regain in hours but days. If he fails the test by three or more levels, he instead loses (Levels of Failure minus 2) points of Toughness permanently. In addition, after each use the user will gain a point of Insanity if he does not pass an ordinary willpower test. Bloodfever is Scarce and costs 20 Thrones per dose.

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Posted 04 July 2012 - 06:04 AM

Cleland Fortridge (Connection: “The Friends of Bal Grey; p. 44)
A narrow-chested, gaunt man in his early 40s with scrubby blond hair and a hammer nose, Cleland lives the life of a criminal from an early age on. He owes his age partly to his utter dislike for open confrontation and for all drugs but Lho-Sticks. Cleland is what people call a skulker and his job was to shadow people and to work as unseen eyes. Unfortunately for him, his luck ended a short while ago when he ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. He got caught during an Enforcer raid and was arrested for illegal weapon ownership.

Stats: Like “Skulker” in the DH core rules, plus Common Lore (Sinophian); BS +10 & AG +8

Finding Cleland
The fact that Cleland has been arrested by the Enforcer is one step easier to obtain (so, properly +10) since “they already got him”. In order to get into contact to him, the pc will need to work with the enforcer to learn where he is imprisoned. The information will be reported back by the Enforcers next day (or within a couple of hours if the pc push the Enforcers and do not leave them alone until they get what they want).

Meeting Cleland
Cleland will be in a bad shape due to the “care” of the Enforcers (3 wounds lost) and unwilling to talk. If the pc try to be reasonable and tell him about the death of Bal, he will believe it to be a “bad enforcer; good enforcer” tactic unless the a pc is successful with an Fellowship(+0) test. Bestowing the lifetime criminal with fear for the Inquisition is an Intimidation(+20) test. If the pc do not score two levels of success, he will bargain for his release in exchange for any information. If nothing else works, the pc can try to Interrogate Cleland himself (see p. 103 DH core rules).

Cleland believes that the Enforcers are behind the death of Bal, that they wage war against the Undertow and do employ death squads. If the unnatural nature of the death is mentioned, he will quickly believe that the Mandato employs rogue psykers to hunt down any enemy of the Enforcer General. He knows that the thing wrapped inside the red piece of cloth was the “piece gift” of Juvinal Praetor. While he does not know it, he will reveal his speculation that it was “one of the shards”. The story he knows is that years ago this strange shards came into circulation and that they have “magical powers”. He will tell about Praetor being a warp dabbler as well. While Cleland does not make the connection, a clever pc might check Cleland´s story with the year the folly was pillaged. He will find out that the shards have appeared shortly after.

Leaving Cleland:
If the pc identify as member of the Inquisiton, rumours will spread inside the prison unless they order him to be isolated from the other prisoners. This rumours will spread to Undertow about certain channels, but it will take longer (perhaps a day). The Mandato, however, will not about the visit right from the start and another agent will try to shadow the pc as they leave the prison.

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Posted 04 July 2012 - 06:12 AM

The “Winternight” is the warp capable trade freighter of FreeCaptain Lynedia Paliss. But FreeCaptain Paliss is down on her luck at the moment. The last two freights she took up did not yield the profit she expected, she needs to keep her crew paid and the ship running. So, the FreeCaptain turned to the Amaranthine Syndicate. She knew the rumors and was sure that the Syndicate was vile, most surly smuggling xenos artifacts from the Hazeroth Abyss. But where is danger, there is money to be made. Little did the desperate and determined woman know…

The Syndicate told her they would give her a trial. She was to make a cargo run to Sinophia Magna where she was to get into contact with the locals in order to acquire rare and valuable from the declining noble lines which for sure could be sold for a high price to collectors. Of special interest, so she was told, would be the items once belonging to members of the Haarlock Lineage. If she was to obtain enough of such items she could proof her prowess to the Syndicate.
With the trial came a strange passenger, a man named Counselor Forben the Venerable. The Syndicate told her that he was to accompany her, to both counsel her and measure her. During the whole journey, she never saw the face of the long and spindly man who is wrapped in fine textiles from head to toe and is wearing an emotionless face mask of beaten silver.

The Winternight arrived in the system about two weeks before the pc arrived, with food, spare parts and alcohol stored in its cargo holds. Lynedias Agents are in all the remaining business centers of the planet to find a prospective buyer for the cargo while the best and most trusted of her men descended onto Sinophia Magna in search for Lore surrounding Haarlocks Folly and what had happened to wealth it must have contained once. The FreeCaptain herself spends much time “Turning Hand” where she is accompanied by Forben who otherwise comes and goes as he sees fit. Which is met by the FreeCaptain, since after spending weeks of travel with him Miss Paliss is quiet sure that whatever he is, he is and surly not pleasant (so she thinks that he might be a Psyker)

FreeCaptain Palissa already got hold on one of the shards by fair means (traded it for some the cargo) and is now looking to get some more. By all means necessary.

[How will the pc cross path with FreeCaptain Paliss and Father Forben the Venerable?]

The mirror shards: If the pc try to investigate who is owning further shards of the mirror (see below) they might learn that an off-worlder purchased one recently or they either might get a hint that they are not the only one asking around (by the Rag-Kings, the Mandato or by their own Inquiry) or the FreeCaptain might learn about the pc from her Agents.

In the first case, the pc are free to contact Lynedia Paliss in the Turning Hand. Her disposition will be indifferent unless she knows that she is talking to agents of the Inquisition (in which case it will be one step worse expect for intimidation). She is absolutely unwilling to give up the shard, will lie about it (claiming the shard was already sold to a noble in the nearby Hive). The Counselor (who is in truth a Slaught) will not try to talk to the Inquisiton, but will take actions to get them out of the way. Since he does not want a direct link back to his ship, he will urge the FreeCaptain to hire local muscle to put them out of the way.

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Posted 04 July 2012 - 06:55 AM

Thank you Gregorius and welcome back to the forums!

I especially like the more solid link to the Slaught, though as I've already given my players a glimpse of the creature in the tombs, I will likely combine both ideas into one. 

As for the final crystal shard- I am likelier to give mine to Amicus Tole or one of his Tech-Witches, perhaps as a further incentive to encourage the players at dealing with him. He may use it to enhance his procognocation or trade it with the players for the bit of Wraithbone they've managed to acquire earlier in the campaign. 



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Posted 05 July 2012 - 04:27 AM

Snitch (Connection: “Investigation in the Sinks”; p. 44)

This scene is intended to give the pc another option then cooperating with the undertow to get the information & follow the adventures “red line”. While they walk around in the “Sink”, read or paraphrase the following.

“The street you are following opens up into a market place, but not much business seem to take place here. Only a few stalls are scattered here and their, between them large pools of dirty water that gathered in the worn-out pavement. Near the middle of the square a man is bound to huge sign that once announced the official rules of conduct for this place. Now instead, crude but freshly painted white letters announce the crime of the battered figure hanging their: ”Enforcer Snitch“

If the pc look around for guards, they will easily make out (3 to 5) armed scum hanging around near a stall offering roasted bread and fish (use stats for “Undertow muscle” but reduce BS and WS by -3).

If the pc walk up to the man bound to the sign, they can see that he had been nearly beaten to death. If they try to talk to him, he will raise his dried out, hoarse voice and beg for help.

As soon as the pc talk to the snitch or attempt to free him, the watches will start shouting at them and approach slowly while spreading out. Depending on the numbers and their arming, the pc might be able to use Intimidation against them. This, however, should only be allowed if the pc are clearly better armed and will still be either a challenging(+0) or difficult(-1) test. If the pc do not respond to the warning or grab for guns, a fight will start. As soon as two of the scummers die, the rest will turn round and flee.

The snitch is in no condition to talk, but once given some treatment he will be able to either give the pc clues about the trap in Juvinal Praetors hideout and/or the story of the happening at the chop shop and the “soul survivor” who told the story” (see main module).

Further Options:
If the pc brought the snitch (who is an Mandato Agent) back to the Enforcers, they might become a little more cooperative, perhaps even giving official help (which saves the Mandato the effort of shadowing them since they can now OFFICIALLY place a man with them)! The Undertow, however, will react more violently towards the pc and things are going to spiral out of control more quickly as the Undertow starts to feel “cornered”.


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Posted 06 July 2012 - 01:53 AM

In answer to the question higher up my acolytes have just completed this adventure (as the first book).  They kinda screwed up and Skarmen got hold of all but one fragment (they split up 'to cover more ground' which meant that each place the opposed him they couldn't actually stop him).  The fragment they had they used to lure him out and then went away and dropped it in one of Sinphia's volcanoes.  At this point they knew there was a Daemon but flatly refused to even look at it, let alone speak.

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Posted 09 July 2012 - 05:56 AM

Hi Saldre,

after re-searching my own material for "Damned Cities" I stumbled about another topic where I head dumped some ideas


For convenience, I will copied my more useable suggestions and add them here. They are all intended to underpin the later/final events of the adventure

Mr.Baldrick´s request for a sense of doom

Rats are leaving the boat:
A city like Sinophia will have numerous rats. They will see them on the street and they will not be surprised by them. How about rats (just scattered and not in waves! Again, this is not an animal horror!) scuttling down the street… all into one direction (and away from the center of the city).

If the pc have a shard and keep the shard close, you can give them nightmares. Ask for Willpower test (+10 or -10 if they are Psykers; Resistance against Fear and Psychic powers does count!) the two nights before the final. If they miss, they spend the night tossing and moaning while experiencing horrible nightmares (leading to the temporarily loss of 1d10 points of willpower, +1 for every level of failure). Possible examples for nightmares

1) You are looked in a dark room with a bright door opening. You here steps. He is coming! He will torture you again! You must escape! You run to the door opening…and cannot pass it! You whale and scream as you hammer your fists against the invisible barrier. you must leave. you must escape. HE IS COMING!
2) You cannot move. You cannot see. You can only hear. A voice questions you. Every word is pain, fire poured into your soul. You scream. The voice wants to know answers to problems you know to be unsolvable. First you refuse, but the questioning goes on. THE PAIN! For hours! You give. You answer. But the voice does not stop questioning you. It is not satisfied. !PAIN! Then, it strikes at you and you feel your body shatter.
3) You move about in the city, you are searching for answers. The streets are dark. And only get darker. You are alone, nobody is here. You hear a voice in the distant. You do not understand it, but the voice is ice to you and fear creeps up. You move about the streets, the city gets darker every step. The ground gets soft, stone turns to mud. The city melts and decays around you like wax. The voice comes closer. You try to run but you cannot find a way out. The voice comes closer, ever closer…

A high ranking cleric hangs himself in the cathedral. The news isn´t responed to by the public since suicide is not uncommon on this world. An astropath goes mad, rambling about "his return". The pc here the cry of "mad dog!" on the street. the animal comes charging across a corner, the pc will put it down. Oddly, the creature has no foaming mouth or anything else. It is no combat dog either but a rather trustworthy that is not know to attack unprovoked. While they are in the "Turning Hand", a sooth-sayer seeing them hastly closes shop. As the confront him he(she) snaps, yelling at them that doom is written all over their destiny, that bad things are coming for them and that he (she) will not have part of it. If they do not leave, the sooth-sayer is maddend by panic to the point that he(she) pulls a mone knife from under the robes and try to cut the pc so they let go and he (she) can escape.

Random weird things:

As the pc walk about, they come path an old servitore drone. This might be either the case as they move through a household (perhaps after leaving a manson of some noble they questioned or by passing by a column of servitores let away by merchant who bought them/intends to sell them). As they path by, one of the servitores utters an odd sentence. Possiblities are:
"Leave it alone" / "He will return" / "It will be undone" (idea granted by "Doctor Who" and the Uud).
As the pc path by a stained window, one of them (Awareness test to decide who) recognizes "something". If he stops and has a closer look, s/he sees a shilouette through the window. A moment later the pc realizes that this shilouette is not on the other side of the window. [Here, pause and wait for the player to exclaim that the pc turns round]. As the pc turns, s/he sees nobody at to whom the shilouette could have belonged to. As the pc turns again, s/he glimpses the shilouette to literally jump at him/her. Then the window cracks.
Ask the pc for an ordinary fright check and make sure that an angry citizen storms out of the house and harasses the pc for breaking the window. (Horrofilm classic; can be used with mirrors or any other source of reflection as well. As long as something "breaks" the reflection.
Make a pc wake up at night. Something tingles in his nose, s/he sneezes into his/her hand. Finding a small hairy spider on the palm now (things like this can happen. Just for the creeps).
A chrono of one of the pc stops at the thirteented hour.


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Posted 09 July 2012 - 09:48 AM

Saldre said:

Thank you Gregorius and welcome back to the forums!

I especially like the more solid link to the Slaught, though as I've already given my players a glimpse of the creature in the tombs, I will likely combine both ideas into one. 

As for the final crystal shard- I am likelier to give mine to Amicus Tole or one of his Tech-Witches, perhaps as a further incentive to encourage the players at dealing with him. He may use it to enhance his procognocation or trade it with the players for the bit of Wraithbone they've managed to acquire earlier in the campaign. 


While I am still throwing around material I once put up, I would like to introduce the Tech-Witch Druselka to you


In your scenario, her "Master" would likely be Amicus Tole. Having "Malgyrian Bioforge" will not make to much sense anymore, so. And thinking of your PC, you might need to stat Druselka more impressive. And perhaps the damage done by "tearing at the implants" should be 1d5+1 for every level of success.


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Posted 16 July 2012 - 05:06 AM


Thanks for that by the way, I hadn't noticed you posted once more. 

I am likely to make use of her, seeing as the One mentioned in Creature's anathema is not really as horrific as I'd like her to be! Then again, as a minion, maybe she shouldn't be that scary?

In any case, once I have my stories straight, I will be sure to post something up- an Idea of how to include Amicus Tole, the Witches and, best of all, Prognotication (Which is his main little toy), and perhaps the strongest tie in to the Haarlock legacy (What with the seeing into the future…) 

Edit- You're quite right: PCs are rank 6 right now. Horrifying. Only The Tech-Priest has surviving since the Original Adventure though. Well, Technically, the Psyker too- but he was retired out of play last session for reaching 100 corruptions points and effectively turning into a Snake-man Servant of Slaanesh. 



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