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Background Packages

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#1 Brother Paulicus

Brother Paulicus


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Posted 14 December 2008 - 02:58 PM

Are you allowed to take the more than one background packages or the same one twice? I know your only allowed to take it during character creation, but Clerics get the Firebrand Package that allows them to take Chain or Flame, i was wondering if it is possible to take it twice and get both.

#2 Solardream



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Posted 14 December 2008 - 05:14 PM

Background packages are basically your 'what you did before you were an acolyte' skillset. So, no. That's like asking if you could take another four years of college (high school for yanks), after you've already graduated and are now working a full time job. Key word here = Background! That's stuff that happened in the past, is done and gone with (usually unles you're haunted/hunted by it etc heh)

That being said, since you have the 'package' you could (at your GMs decision when you talk about it) still train yourself later in any talents and/or skills you may not have chosen at the time from said background. Reason being: You already had some familiarisation with the training/skills, you just choose to go specialise in a certain part of it. You might still have an interest in what you saw, and therefore might get some assitance form the Inquisition if you show an apptitude for it. Which could bring you and your GM into using advanced training to select that talent/skill later on, and giving them an xp cost and a reason why.

Most of the backgrounds aren't offered again fro a reason (such as balance), because it's hard for a Guardsman to be say a Veteren of the Tranch war twice, when the war was over three years ago and the events there were unique to it alone. It also adds flavour as to why you have them. Or a sactioned psycher to suddenly have been aboard a black ship twice for sanctioning??? Eh? (common sense)

Balls, I'm probably not explaining this right though. Someone else care to say it in a simpler way? I'm just a narrative bloke, and stink at giving maths-like answers heh.  Examples are always good:

Character with 400xp starting.

You can either...use the xp to raise your class skills/talents/attributes, or purchase a background (and if you have any xp left over on whatever.) Once you've selected the background that's it. End of story.

Once you gain more xp, you can raise things in your class sets, and find ways to expand beyond that. You can use the background packages as examples of new training modules, or perhaps a particular campaign/session had enough of a memorable event to warrant such a package. (Seeking out that slaver hub meant the Guardsman used more words then rifles and might have earned a go at a talent and skills not normally offered?) Confused yet? Nah, that's just my insanity coming out. Darn willpower fails.

#3 Peacekeeper_b



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Posted 14 December 2008 - 06:57 PM

I would say only one background package. But I do agree that the and/or options of some skills/talents do cause a tad of confusion.

I would suggest that the and/or skill not chosen become an elite advance that costs 150XP or so. Makes it a bit pricier then most rank 1 skills/talents, but also makes to a viable option.

Multiple background packages would be interesteing if they could fit together. But essentially your World of Origin is your first background package for your youth, childhood and adolescence. Background packages are your second package reflecting early training and experiencese over the course of a longer period of time. Your career package is your third set of background packages detailing your specific training and study while your Rank 1 package reflects your most recent training and study.

I would like to see more background packages and alternate career ranks for rank 1 myself.

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