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Song Connotations

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#1 Maester_LUke



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Posted 04 March 2010 - 09:01 AM

I just heard CCR's "Up Around the Bend" and I immediately imagined the championship game at the end of "Remember the Titans."  Any other songs that immediately bring an image to mind.  Aside from songs composed for the soundtrack, though you can feel free to mention those.  (I'm still annoyed I couldn't get my high school to play the Imperial March when I was walking for graduation). 

Forrest Gump, Mr. Holland's Opus, and Good Morning, Vietnam! are full of them, but I'm looking for those emotional connections.  And now I'm totally at a loss for where I'm remembering Norman Greenbaum's "Spirit in the Sky" (which I'm totally having played at my funeral, btw, you're all my witnesses) from what movie. :/

#2 longclaw



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Posted 05 March 2010 - 08:06 AM

Good topic, Luke, and though most of what I first thought of are movie scores, these are infused with an emotional connection for me that's almost visceral because of how synonomous they've become with some of my favorite movies:

True Romance's "theme" by Hans Zimmer  (track is called You're so Cool)

The Truman Show, Quigley Down Under themes always bring a amile to my face.  They fit the movies so well.

Ennio Morricone's stuff is so iconic now, and in some ways defining the best spaghetti westerns.  I was really happy to hear them again in Inglorious Basterds. 

Last of the Mohicans, Vertigo, Lord of the Rings, Heat, Hannibal, and many more have soundtracks that are so inextricably tied up in my enjoyment of each movie and really transcend the norm for movie scores. 

Probably more along the lines of what you're thinking of, though, is the epiphany I had with Joshua Tree.  We had a bonfire graduation night, and someone had that going on a portable player.  I had heard a couple of the singles from it of course, but that night something about it just grabbed me.   I borrowed the cassette that night from a friend, and played it hundreds of times that summer.  It's still my favorite album, and those are the memories it calls up for me. 

#3 Stag Lord

Stag Lord


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Posted 05 March 2010 - 08:54 AM

Beethoven - especially his fugues (which there aren't many of) immediatley puts me in mind of Clockwork Orange

Flight of the Valkyries freaking = Apocalypse Now.

As far as rock goes, the Big Empty by Stone Temple Piltos immedaitely pulls me back to the sweltering summer of 1994, and the Crow movie and the sadness surrounding it.


#4 Stag Lord

Stag Lord


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Posted 05 March 2010 - 08:58 AM

You are trying to tie songs that make you think of movies, right?

'Cause if you're going for songs that amke you think of things IRL in the past - the list could get pretty long for each of us. Music has a way of stimulating our cortex and triggering memories and many key events in each of our lives ahve their own attendant song. Hell - even periods liek a summer or a vacation could be conjured by a ****** of song on the radio. we all have a pretty unique sound tarck to our lives - I was assumng you were going for the cross media conneciton in your OP. Great topic either way, though.

#5 bloodycelt



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Posted 04 September 2010 - 02:23 PM

 Along the watchtower - vietnam (Soldiers walking across the field and then getting shot at... I think from Forest Gump) < hence hearing it in the watchmen i felt was inappropriate.

Wind on my Wings - "Three's Company" chapter of Lord of the Rings... probably because when I first read the chapter, that song was on the bus radio. (I was 10 if I recall).

Guitar solo from Free Bird - Jenny completely fubared from drugs.


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