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Some questions about map creation

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#1 Martouf



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Posted 17 February 2010 - 07:44 AM

Hello forum peeps,


I got the game like 1 week now and already did 2 games with some friends who were so fanatic about surviving that it was so hilarious.

Frantically searched for the expansion and it should be delivered tomorrow by mail order.


I read some of the posts here and must say people really make nice post and proper answers here.


Anyways. I read all rules and searched many things on forum, read the extra FAQ coz the standard rules are a bit questionable. I got Tilesystem now which snarr was promoting. Downloaded some scenario's from Knuckle Eli. Thats where I am so far.


Now I want to sum up some good questions :D


- When you draw a spawn card. You place it outside line of sight, move and attack. Right? Do people have an alternative rule added with their friends?

I made most damage from this, the marines clear all effective. Next turn, i suddenly move and hit with a fresh spawn from right around the corner. Ofcourse the spawn died the next turn. But then i already did some damage, and doing it enough times = frag. making these attacks i find a bit lame. I preferred more the scenes where i casted darkness, spawned a heavy mob, sealed door, jammed their best weapon, and slowly walked to them making them frantic what to do. Its easier to choose a close spot outside line of sight.

Anybody got a nice rule on this? Like spawn = minimum 8 squares from behind? or spawn cant attack first round? I do not know if a rule like this will upset balance of game either. So i would like some feeback on this one :)


- If I use TileSystem. The scenario description is a HTM page. How do you make a PDF-type like i see Knuckles Eki do so nicely?


- Did anyone combine all available fan-made scenario's? I searched a lot, but it aint easy. Anybody have a link to a zipfile containing lots of scenario's?

I will post some in future too :)


Thx in advance



#2 shnar



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Posted 17 February 2010 - 08:39 AM

The spawning mechanism is pretty core to Doom, the biggest problem is it's easy for a new Invader player to learn how to spawn and do it effective. New marine players however take a few games before they start to realize how important keeping LOS is to prevent spawns. I wouldn't alter the base rules, I just think your marine players need a little more experience :)

Also, when you get the Expansion, it has a completely different deck for the Invader which makes it a little more "balanced". I'd recommend starting to use that.

The help file for the Tile System describes that it's more of a convenience, it's export. If you really want a better layout, you should import the map JPG into a word processor like MS Word and save to PDF from there.

As for a combined book of good fan scenarios, there isn't one, yet. I really like the idea and want to piece one together, but am working on the Advanced Campaign and want to finish that first :)


#3 Martouf



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Posted 26 February 2010 - 08:43 AM



 I waited with a reply untill i played the game again.

I told the marines about the spawning issue and told them your anwers that it is basically the problem of the marines that need to better watch their backs. With this in their minds it actually works quite well.

They did mind their LOS and it worked.

I got the expansion now and it rocks, esspecially like that i can already implement many features to the original campaign.

I liked the new deck and i used some mods:

    - Players could choose their own 2 marine cards (not random)

    - Pistol = endless ammo (else all ammo was picked up by either machinegun guy or shotgun guy leaving pistol unused)

    - each marine suffers -2 points if any marine dies

    - Monsters are considered wandering instead of being 'spawned'. So to validate a spawning location, you can trace a path outside the LOS of marines from the location you wish to spawn a monster to an unopened door or the marine start location.

After failing scenario 2 of the original campaign terribly at the first room. We restarted scenario 1 and actually kept record of our progress.

I got 4 frags and the marines had an average of 22 points.

They all wish to save points to increase armor/marinecard/max HP in a later scenario


Any feedback from more experienced invader players is welcome :)

#4 maamets



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Posted 27 February 2010 - 02:56 AM


I actually like your idea that pistol ammo is unlimited as ammo is rather scarce and the top cause why marines start to die quickly. I will introduce this idea in my next game.

#5 shnar



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Posted 27 February 2010 - 06:26 AM

It's a pretty common mod, since A) ammo can be scarce and especially if you've run out, sucks to just be able to punch things and B) no one *ever* uses the pistol, but if suddenly the pistol doesn't use ammo (like most videogames anyways) then there's a reason to use it for the lower armored critters (trites, imps, etc).

I like it and usually use it in my games.


#6 Ripley...



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Posted 05 March 2010 - 05:23 AM

i agree with unlimited ammo for the pistal ammo is the main way marines start dying is true

Keep gaming

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