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H: 175 Rares from ITE and 5KE blocks with some Winter block as well (list included) W: $$

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#1 CaseyVa



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Posted 03 February 2010 - 01:22 PM

Hey guys,

I have some fun personal expenses coming up soon so it's time to get rid of some of my collection.


Here's a list of the cards I'm selling.  I'd like $175 for the lot, that's $1 a card, but if you have an offer, no matter how small, please be sure to email me at caseycampbell@gmail.com.  I'll include shipping in the cost as well.


Here's the list of cards:


Antidote 5KE
Astapori Pits 5KE
Balon Greyjoy 5KE
Bitterbridge Host 5KE
Blockade Runner HoTh
Bones of a child ITE
Bounty of the Realm ITE
Bran Stark 5KE
Bronze Yohn Royce HoT
Catelyn Stark 5KE
Caverns of Storm's End W
Champion Pit Fighter ITE
Clash for the Crown ITE
Court Singer ITE x2
Daario Naharis HoT
Deepwood Motte W
Defenders of King's Landing W
Desert Hermit 5KE
Desolate Countryside ITE
Dorne Goes to War W
Drogo's Khalasar 5KE
Drogon 5KE x3
Drogon W
Edric Storm W
Euron Crow's Eye ITE
Everywhere the Sea is Heard ITE
Executioner's Block 5KE x3
Flayer of Men HoTh
Forgotten Cave 5KE x2
Frey Hospitality 5KE x2
Gifts for the Queen ITE
Grey Wind W
Haggo W
Hazardous Mine ITE x2
Here is My Husband 5KE x2
Highgarden HoTh
Hodor W
Horde of the Wolf 5KE
Hoster Tully ITE x3
Hunting the Boar 5KE
Initiate of Poisons W
Joffrey Baratheon ITE x2
Jojen Reed W
Jon Snow W
King Euron's Horde W
Lady Stoneheart 5KE x2
Lady W
Lannisport ITE
Liars and Thieves
Littlefinger HoT
Longship Great Kraken W
Lord Ander's Honor Guard HoTh
Maester Luwin ITE x2
Make an Example W
Mander Ford ITE x2
Marya Seaworth ITE x2
Meera Reed W
Melisandre W
Muddy Way 5KE
My Life for Justice W
Myrcella Lannister 5KE x3
Northern Minstrel HoT
Not Enough Coin ITE
Oldtown Apprentice HoTh
Outfox ITE x3
Paxter Redwyn ITE
Pious Librarin ITE
Plea to R'hllor W
Plots Within Plots ITE x2
Preemptive Murder ITE
Pypar W
Renly Baratheon 5KE x2
Rhaegal ITE x3
Rhonynish Bannerman 5KE
Riverrun ITE
Robert's Deathbed W
Robert's honor Guard ITE
Robert's Wine Cellar 5KE x4
Rorge HoT
Rout of the Riverlords 5KE
Ruby of R'hllor ITE
Samwell Tarly W x2
Say the Words Again 5KE x3
Scouting the Pass 5KE
Sealed Mine 5KE x2
Ser Arys Oakheart ITE
Ser Davos Seaworth 5KE x2
Ser Jorah Mormont ITE
Ser Stafford Lannister ITE
Shaggydog W
Sky Cell HoT
Stampede 5KE x3
Stay of Execution 5KE x2
Stormland Heir W
Summer W
Sunspear W
Syrio Forel 5KE
Take Them by Surprise ITE
The Boneway 5KE
The Drowned Horde 5KE
The Eyrie HoT
The First Snow of Winter W
The Gathering Storm W
The Hound 5KE
The Lion's Mouth 5KE
The Painted Table ITe x2
The Power of Deceit HoT
The Rainwood HoT
The Reach 5KE x2
The Riverlands 5KE x2
The Shield Island HoTh
The Things I Do for Love ITE
The Viper's Bannermen W
They Live ITE
Training Yard 5KE x2
Trip to the Market HoTh
True Queen's Bannerman 5KE x3
Trystane Martell 5KE
Twilight Brings Hope W
Tywin Lannister 5KE
Tywin Lannister 5KE
Tywin's Protege' W
Vale Pact (Martell) HoT
Vale Pact (Targ) HoT
Varys ITE
Viserion W
Viserys Targaryen 5KE
Wex Pyke ITE
Winterfell Barracks W
With King's Consent ITE
Xaro Xoan Daxos HoTh
Ygritte W

#2 CaseyVa



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Posted 22 February 2010 - 01:05 PM

This is up on eBay right now.






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