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Question about the absorb shields and bonus hp and other things :)

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#1 jawollner



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Posted 28 January 2010 - 02:00 PM

hi i've got a question about the absorbshields and ki bonus hp.

i think the absorbshields and bonus hp are way to high.

you have 100 hp and the bonus hp granted by kipower or spells have more than 3 times your life so it is mandatory to have one or u will die because of the great dmg spells and abilitys do like the kiability which doppels or triples your dmg or spells with basedmg over 100.

another thing is the great power of ae in this game with ki or spells.

for example you have a party of 5 people fighting against a enemy party of 5 people.

the technicias beginn with aedmg basedmg double their presence! + powerbonus to all of them which cant block or dodge.

then the casters do a dome of destructions or other ae dmg. after all 10 player/npcs had taken action the groupdmg to each member is more than 200 dmg! dodge and block substracted! so in such fights if you dont have the enormous dmgshields bonus hp etc. you are dead because your hitpoints are very low.

do you have any tips or tricks which solve my problem? or misunderstood the rulebook whith the shields and bonus hp?

cause i'm german my english is not well, so possibly i missed something in the corebook.


at the moment the only possibility to live in my campain is to have high blockvalues combining with dmg reduing shields (magic) dmgabsorbing shields and bonus hp. but that makes fight enormous long. cause if you have 700 bonus hp an absorbshield which absorbs the first 40 points of dmg and to block a shield which absorbs 700 dmg (if you block^^ therefor the high blockvalues^^) it will take time to zerg this down on every one of the enemys or players ;)

and because they are passiv abilities i cant backstep them -.- ups i get backsteps passive shield activate :P -.-

so thats all for the moment have a nice day :)


#2 Keylime



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Posted 30 January 2010 - 07:53 AM

If my memory serves correctly, a lot of teh AE spells hit friend and foe alike, meaning thay do not discriminate between targets.  Now with the Ki abilities they can be picky about who they choose to hit.  But in both cases magic and ki accumulation force the players to use them sparingly since they both can take a good bit of time to build up to be used, or require a maintenance cost.  So if they choose to accumulate for those super powerful abilities, they are standing there completely vulnerable in combat.  If the act or are hit they can lose everything they have accumulated.  I hope my post is sufficient, but I'm certain others will clarify as well.

#3 TheTenth



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Posted 04 February 2010 - 08:22 AM

the ability to "choose targets" for martial arts AOEs is insanely powerful ... and cheap, you only pay +2 for Ki use to get it! in my game I'll allow it only for lvl 2+ Ki techniques and make it +6 or +8 to the cost

#4 hellgeist



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Posted 16 April 2010 - 09:10 AM

This is where the game can quickly escalate to something resembling Dragon Ball Z. The rulebook does state that the development of extraordinary powers is extremely rare (what with the Inquisition and the Church being so powerful), so the likelihood of 10 super-powered KI masters having a Kumite is probably only going to happen when your using Anima to serve the purpose that card games normally fill: to wage huge godlike battles.

Thats not to say these situations shouldn't or won't exist in Anima RPG, but take into consideration that these powers are *supposed* to be extremely deadly and powerful. Thats why they are described as rare, difficult to pull off with the preparation times, and such individuals would be constantly hunted for displaying their abilities - everything has a price.

So to sum up, I suppose my tip to solve your problem is, make these powers take longer to develop, be more dangerous to possess, or allow your non-powered characters to have access to some resistance gear. (maybe they are affiliated with Tol Rauko and carry some sort of equalizer during their vulnerable levels?)

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