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Data Slate of Graile Vepsti

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Posted 14 January 2010 - 07:02 AM

Authors Notes: This is my first fanfic. Please. FOR THE SAKE OF MY CONTINUING. be constructive. I only wish the same respect as you would desire. for yourself.



+ The Emperor Protects + Entry I
I’ve awakened from a long travel to find I’ve been sent to the farthest region imaginable to serve an administrator for an orbital research colony. The sector is still yet to be properly named though is noted on maps as Und1201. I must set this aside for a now, we have been cleared for boarding.
Administrator Ziakan Cyrus of Xenos Flauronica is a man who leaves a nearly unsettling impression. Even at a whisper his voice echoes loudly down the halls- though no one seems to notice. I believe and certainly hope I too will become accustomed to the decibels.
My quarters are small and smell of decaying plant life, a scent I’ve been told is not uncommon. Especially considering the last psyker who had attended to this station had a small habit of collecting small hoards of items he’d find aboard. Which would explain the raw meat I found in my closet- seems Takail became very interesting towards the end of his service.
Also, there is no astropath onboard- which is all and well to me, I personally find them rather distasteful- though without one we have limited communication with the Civilized Space. Our only means of supplies, beyond growing our own, is the occasional rogue traders passing by. I believe Administrator Cyrus sends a specially programmed pair of servitors every few cycles to the Administratum via Rogue Trader. Otherwise, we’re very cut off from the Imperium.
Welcome home Graile Vespti.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry II
Two weeks have passed- I measure this time frame by our rotations around one of the two moons. In this time, I’ve become rather settled in my occupation and have met many of the crew. Of them is included several Tech-Priests, three scientists, and only two of the guard. I relate best to the Tech-Priests.
As of the moment, I am assigned as follows via Administrator Cyrus- ‘Keep all staff in line and on task.’ This includes assisting with experiments, taking information to and from our resident Tech-Priests and making my reports to Administrator Cyrus.
All verbal, nothing on data slate- the man seems to have a deep, unexplored intelligence- now if only if his voice could become lower… even nonexistent would be a relief. While I wish no harm to him, Administrator Cyrus still leaves silence to be desired at times.
Now, as per my occupation, I am very much not like the rest of the crew. I am on call at all hours on every day. Even now- Corduroy, the personal assistant to Administrator Cyrus, is coming to fetch me.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry III
Very peculiar and most disturbing the recent events are. As per my last entry, I was summoned to a horrific scene in the live study lab.
Doctor Abas Tilde, head of the carnivorous plant study, was found torn asunder by his subjects. Apparently the specimens had grown more freely than previously noted by his predecessor, Doctor Adrianne Perinea. Whom, for the sake of my personal notations, was also a victim of the same instance- however that particular plant was put into isolation and eventually ate itself. Interesting, No?
Back to the issue at hand, the science division was a mess- not only because of the blood, which took the servitors hours to remove, but their spirits seemed severely dampened. Two of the newest members of the team are now required to be replaced- having stumbled upon the remains, they seemed to have suffered from severe mental trauma. This has made keeping the other scientists on task.
Doctor Tilde was a very motivating worker, very good at keeping up the spirits of his co-workers. As he left no details as what to do with what little remained, he was jettisoned into the stars after a lovely procession. His portrait was added to a wall of the many Leads which have passed.
Amendment: Under Administrator Cyrus’s newest orders. All carnivorous plants are to be fed by assigned servitors. Scientists now may only observe feeding habits and may only conduct their research afterwards- as the plant digests its meal.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry IV
Tech-Priest Dax Cruis has a very peculiar nature. He’s different than his brethren in the sense that he is very much the same with tics. He’s comical in nature and flirtatious- though they make little sense a majority of the time.
The most recent one, “I’ll show you a hot solar plexus,” which got several of the Tech Priests Laughing. That in itself was a disturbing sound.
He’s been keeping close watch on my augment maintenance schedule and will hunt me down, far out of the safety of his fellow Tech-Priests.
Despised amongst the Science Division- Dax has been known to simply walk away with tools and equipment still in use, claiming they must be checked and repaired. He will then express a great distaste when the ‘borrowed’ item is returned before he can claim to have repaired it. Usually his ‘repairs’ require more repairs. I find him amusing to say the least.
I have found great amusement in simply sitting and speaking with him on my occasional visit during my off hour. Otherwise, he gets the least amount of work from the Science Division as he’s likely to come visit the laboratories.
Ah. Seems I’ve work to do.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry V
I’ve been given an interesting little thing to call my own. Plant Genetic Specialist Ira Ocala left the small plant for me at my door. I wouldn’t have noticed it if not for the flashing tag on it. Specialist Ocala has an odd sense of humor- and it is not an amusing one. The gift was an apology for the incident involving a plant acid on my gloves.
I received a minor wound and a rash, which still itches and will scar. I was granted a ‘meeting’ with Specialist Ocala and needless to say he isn’t without a tremor when we speak.
The plant is called Goldthorn and aptly named. It’s a beautiful weed, subtle in its presence and requires little care. A very convenient companion to communicate with this Goldthorn is- I will have to thank Specialist Ocala.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry VI
Most recently, Corduroy’s Dispute with the Science Division has come to light. Seems Corduroy was once one of the many scientists in the Sedentary Plant Division. That was until Administrator Cyrus signed on and took a liking to him. Corduroy, still new to the ship, was promoted and became bound to Administrator Cyrus without question or qualm.
Today I was sent to discipline two scientists from the Division as they had planted a mild plant toxin in Corduroy’s quarters. Needless to say this was seen as an act of treason as Corduroy is seen as an officer of the Administratum. The Administratum ordered their immediate removal from the ship. However, Administrator Cyrus is too kind hearted and put in a plea as ‘simply a prank.’ The Administratum made an inquiry and found it more logical to simply punish the two scientists.
I’m a bit tired at the moment. I’ve been spending my breaks with assigned tasks and have found little time to rest or eat. Even now, I must go, as my presence is needed in the Carnivorous Plant Containment Unit.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry VII
Break-ins, of all things, have been occurring. Small things, mostly weaponry and thrones have been disappearing. The doors obviously opened with force or with hack code. And most infuriating of all, I have found not a single clue, not a hint or a trace, of the culprit. Even in meditation I have found nothing of note.
For now, I have amended to carry my important possessions with me and have requested a majority of the staff to do so as well. After all, when Secondary Navigator Fennel Luger began an inquisition of his very own on every member of the pilot crew, Administrator Cyrus found it highly inappropriate. The Lugar Incident ended with the damaging of several of the weaponry controls and the placement of Lugar in the Brig.
Emperor Protect the fool who I catch stealing. He’ll beg for an end once I get my hands on him.
Amendment: Fennel Luger was sentenced, by the Administratum, to serve as a laborer. He has had all promotions and advancements stripped. He has been blocked from any kind of advancement in the hierarchy of the Xenos Flauronica.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry VIII
Paradise Kiss docked today. Run by a thin, pale young man with skin dyed a vibrant red; this ship is our most common contact and resource. Administrator Cyrus and Shipmaster Porous both require attendants to be alongside them. Shipmaster Porous has Delga, the astropath, and Administrator Cyrus has myself- simply and surely it’s a standoff with tea. I’m of firm belief that both men would try to kill one another if given the chance.
Delga grinned smugly as Shipmaster Porous spoke cheerfully about the latest shipment and carefully wheedled information out of Administrator Cyrus. Administrator Cyrus, however, kept his facts mostly incorrect and eschewed- honestly I can say I had to fight my own amusement. That was of course, until I felt Delga pressing lightly on my mind.
it was easy enough for me to push him off- Delga was new to his ship, their last astropath having met a horrific death being split into several pieces by the warp itself as she had attempted to decode too many messages at one. Delga was curious and I was annoyed- a quick warning was all he needed and his smug smile faded quite a bit.
From this shipment and trade we’ve earned ten new servitors, four new scientists, and our usual shipment of supplies. The servitors have been programmed to jobs where they’d gather no data, for precautions sake.
Amendment: We have kept only two of the ten servitors. Seems several of them were in severe need of repair and our Tech Priests would rather disassemble and use them for the good of the ship. Administrator Cyrus allowed this transition.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry IX
Several new plants were brought aboard today. Two carnivorous, one aggressive, and three which seems content to simply sit still and look pretty, each division is now preoccupied with something to do.
This includes the servitors, the two Sister Hospitalar, and the medicae - as three of the ship’s crew were killed simply bringing the oversized aggressive plant onboard. For one of them the death was slow, the other two killed instantly. Needless to say the Medicae was pleased as now he had something more in depth to do, though the Sister Hospitalar are rather displeased to have someone die on their tables yet again.
All bodies were jettisoned into the stars as those who work in the bay are rarely killed.
Amendment: Bay Hauler Jaen Yates, age 37- died of decapitation. Bay Loader Eliza Graze, age 52- died of corrosive bleeding via plant poison. Scientist Hale Bema, age 77- died of crushed skull.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry X
Strange sounds have been reported in the bay. Murmurs, whispers, and the occasional shout have been heard near the closets of the loading bay. No one has been near them, excluding the servitors- as it’s their jobs to keep those closets in order. I believe the thief, whom is still at large, has made their nest there and I intend on catching them- at the risk of losing my sanctioning blade.
The possession I care the most about and here I am letting it be stolen for the sake of catching a thief. They should have hopped the Paradise Kiss when they had the chance. When I get my hands on them- they’ll know what it means to be afraid.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XI
His name is Kale Surgit, black eyes and born on a feral planet. He’s our resident thief, scum, and he’s been pardoned by Administrator Cyrus. Much to my distaste and my protest, Kale Surgit has been pardoned without reprimand- in fact he’d been given a job on our ship as a way to make amends.
Surgit has been assigned to lead the land exploring team. Having claimed loudly, in sheer panic, that he could navigate a team through the world below- Administrator Cyrus took pity on him. Took pity of all things! I find the presence of this youth annoying. And to my misfortune, he’s taken a liking to me.
I only hope that Kale Surgit meets a painful end for the damage done to my sanctioning blade.
Amendment: My sanctioning blade is without damage, it only took several hours of sharpening and cleaning.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XII
Surgit has been successful in keeping his team of seven alive for three circulations now. It’s impressive to say the least, though I don’t care for him constantly coming to me to tell me about his adventures. He’s annoying and I could do with him not being around.
His latest excursion managed to recover an interesting little plant. It seems content to sit about and do nothing. The good kind of plant, though it had to stay in the labs. Surgit caught me there, doing my rounds as usual, and began telling me about the work and showing off his new scar. He’s so proud of that little wound.
Back to the plant, it’s small and seems as if it’s covered in fur. Having been deemed a safe plant it sits on the many work tables and has yet to be named. It has almost a blue tint to it, though the fur still seems brown- it’s soft and though a bit prickly to the touch. I’ll check back on it later.
Amendment: The plant has been named Gruat, a horrible slang word from the feral worlds for a dried blood.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XIII
Today there were thirteen deaths, twelve in intensive units, and fifteen in the infirmary recovering cleanly thanks to the vigorous efforts of the Sister Hospitalar. All this because of The Chef Special.
Allow me to explain. The kitchen is an area managed completely by the servitors and the head chef, Louis Narsis. The cafeteria is maintained by servitors and used by all the staff, even Administrator Cyrus. Hence why the cafeteria is decorated with the docile plants, mostly ferns and some blooming plants- helping give it a natural glow and make it feel more comfortable. Which is why the Gruat was placed in the center and well taken care of- it was harmless. Or so we believed.
The Gruat’s ‘fur’ turned out to be more than a simple decoration. They were spores, poisonous and deadly- no taste, no scent, and invisible when not in mass. The plant released them during preparation hour and into the Chef Special.
Forty members of the crew were exposed to the spores before the first two fell to the floor and began convulsing. This began a panic and before anyone could assess the situation the cafeteria was closed. Everyone, including myself, was ordered to the infirmary.
Simple to say, I hadn’t been eating- I was on patrol and after a scan was cleared. Only to be immediately recruited into helping the Sisters Hospitalar and the Medicae. Under my watch only four died out of my ten, three in the intensive unit, and the final three in recovery and doing well.
The Gruat was put into a containment unit in the science lab. The science division was also given samples of the spores from the destroyed tissue of the fallen victims.

Amendment: Of the forty the final toll is eighteen deceased and twenty-two survivors. The survivors are expected to return to active duty in a weeks’ time. Until then work has come to a near halt. The Administratum sends only its best wishes and has extended the due dates for the latest reports. Also we will be receiving a ten new crew members, as per Administratum regulation, our particular vessel must have a set crew number of one hundred and eighty two.
The deceased have all been prepared for shipment as per their family’s wishes.
Dock Technician Oran Badge, age 20- died of poisoning. Field Technician Talon Ellisan- died of stomach rupture. Bay Porter Tybalt Vern, age 37- died of severe tissue damage to the heart, liver, and lungs. Third Navigator Thebe Zee, age 38- died of lung fluid and asphyxiation. Tech Priest Quali Fernus, age 29- died of melted heart. Head Chef Louis Narsis, age 65- died of severe stomach damage. Trooper Finial Shanks, age 22- died of heart and lung implosion. Archivist Magnus Frayne, age 40- died of internal bleeding. Trooper Pris Zukav, age 18- died of previously noted cancer and of severe stomach deterioration. Priest Wolfe Scythia, age 45- died of asphyxiation. Novice Drusilla Midkiff, age 21- died of asphyxiation. Guard Frag Grim, age 37- died of stomach liquidation. Armsman Jarr Ziapatra, age 42- died of organ displacement and asphyxiation. Arbitrator Tricia Skive, age 33- died of heart failure. Nighthawk Jemadar Severine, age 39- died of toxin overdose and asphyxiation. Novice Khan Uriel, age 18- died of heart failure. Sergeant Odessa Yarni, age 37- died of asphyxiation. Cutter Atellus Mongrel, age 29- died of heart, lung, and liver failure.

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+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XIV
It’s been several cycles since the Gruat Incident; we’ve received our new crew members and have shipped the bodies via Administratum assistance. The additions to the crew are a lively bunch, mostly for either the adept division or the guard. Of the ten we only gained two scientists- though no complaints have been made- beyond the usual few about my patrols and encouragements.
Surgit has been injured while bringing a new specimen aboard. This carnivorous plant, very close in resemblance to our tiger lily- but only by not taking into account the dramatic size of it. The flash of the camera for the documentation sent the plant into a lashing frenzy- in this brief flurry Surgit lost his left arm.
He was taken to the Medicae and the Sister Hospitalar and with the assistance of two Tech-Priests was given a new arm. The process had to be done quickly and without any kind of pain relief. Surgit’s cries for mercy and for myself- echoed loudly down the halls. Only stopping once I was ordered to assist, as Administrator Cyrus failed to gain any rest from the screaming.
Kale Surgit recovered in two days time and was back on duty by the end of the second day. I am harassed daily by the Medicae for coming to assist at the boys pleas.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XV
Dax seems to have become protective over me when it comes to Kale. I find this amusing, but as I have been chem-gelded I have no interest in such things. Perhaps it’s simply him serving as a friend, he and Kale don’t see eye to eye.
As Dax went through the usual repairs and services for my augments, he began to speak of how he thought it wasn’t kind of me to lead the boy on. I laughed and told him the truth, I have no interest at all. He seemed relieved and as he tested my vision he began making suggestions for personal time for the two of us. And again- I reminded him of my lack of interest. He laughed, “Ah but you and I are more alike than you’d like to think, my Augmented Angel.”
He’s rather odd. Our conversation continued as such until Surgit walked in and immediately went to me. Dax gave a low grumble as Surgit began to speak and I was suddenly caught in the center of an attention war. It was the usual bragging of explorations, then a sudden shift in gears- as if he had only then realized Dax was standing there.
“’Ey, Tech-Priest, can ya’ look at ma’ arm? It’s gotta funny rotation.”
Dax, never one to turn down an opportunity to tinker, said a small prayer, rubbing his hands together and jerked hard on Surgit’s augment. Surgit yelped, as the nerve ends had maintained their life, and struck Dax. This began a sizeable confrontation ending in the destruction of several pages of schematics, several large gashes on the three of us ( as I had tried to step in) and two injured Tech-Priests.
As Sergeant Heron toted Surgit away, I was left to attend to Dax- who was complaining loudly about mindless buffoons destroying priceless artifacts and documents. He paused once my speech on proper etiquette was done, my hand resting on his shoulder and him seemingly calmer. “My Augmented Angel, we’re oxidized metal to your carbon base. I won’t share you though. Now, your augments are proper as always. Excuse me.”
I’m sure he heard nothing of my speech, Dax had a special talent to hear only what he believed was the positive of the situation. Though he occasionally does reiterate comments from previous conversations, which always makes we wonder if he’s recording what is said.
as I left I could hear Dax tell one of his fellow Tech-Priests, “I would loosen those couplings in the single beat of a metronome if I had the opportunity.”
Again. Odd.
Amendment: Both Technomancer Trig Arsis and Engineer Rota Gris maintained minor injuries and were back to duty the next day, Surgit spent the night cooling his heels in the brig, while Dax, much to his dismay, was downgraded in his bionic locomotion until further notice. I was given a third shift for not ending the confrontation sooner.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XVI
I’ve been working though my rest time, meal breaks and my meditation hour. No choice in the matter as I’m personally responsible for keeping up communication between all science and tech divisions- due to a confrontation between the two. And let us not forget my usual rounds, the keeping task requirements, and my reporting to Administrator Cyrus. Even now I’m on my rounds- I simply felt compelled to write a bit.
I’ve always been told a tired mind is a dangerous mind. When worn out physically and mentally, we are more apt to draw negative reactions from the warp. In my case, I’ve been told a cold chill has been following my presence. Personally I haven’t felt it, though I am feeling the exhaustion. I admit to falling asleep on my feet during an idle moment.
The newest plants found are Crimson Lilies and Azure Roses. They are vibrant, smell lovely, and are very visually pleasing. Unfortunately, the Tech-Priests seem driven to have them removed from the ship and pose a constant problem. When I asked Dax about this, he gave no more than a simple, “They may be artistically beautiful; however to us they are an abomination- just look at how they’re shaped. Distasteful.”
Though I cannot agree with was discussed, they two plants were placed amongst the other harmless flora as they are indeed decorative pieces.
Amendment: I was given two days rest as the guard sector finally returned from the ground expedition. I’ve reread what I had written previously and found I had made no mention of such.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XVII
Administrator Cyrus’ 42nd Life Year has come to pass and the entire Xenos Flauronica was abuzz with life and excitement. Corduroy had shed his usual silence for quick and expert commands and a very can-do attitude. I wonder if he did so much as to be rewarded by Administrator Cyrus for such a festive event?
There was an extensive guest list, one of which would allow us to gain closer relations with the rogue ships we trade with,
The mess hall had been transformed into a banquet and dance hall- the chef given extra assistance with everything to be made and even the science division given time off to assist with the preparations for the festivities. Even I was given a task, though it was not far from my usual activities. I was to check the names on the list and on the gifts as to provide Administrator Cyrus with those whom he would have to thank for attending and for the illustrious gifts.
The party was long and loud, mostly due to the excitement of Administrator Cyrus. I admit to stealing a few glasses of well aged amasec only once my tasks were complete.
The gifts were expensive and outlandish, nothing I would have dared been seen in or honestly wanted to see again, Administrator Cyrus was pleased beyond all doubt. He cried when his traditional dessert was brought out and the majority of the crew, as led by Corduroy, sang the Imperial Hymn.
Lovely Party. Work starts in an hour.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XVIII
I was injured by a plant thanks to Scientist Eris’ careless lack of following protocol.
The plants viewed as aggressive- non carnivorous are kept in individual units for observation, cultivation and experimentation. There are over thirty breeds, all which respond well to being kept in cramped and well heated areas. The one I encountered was fondly named, ‘mace Tree,’ as per the large heavily ended branches which are studded with solidified long aged bark. The mace Tree sits alone in a large containment center for it is currently under observations. Having stated this, enter Scientist Tynan Eris.
Tynan Eris, age 35, has seventeen safety violations on her record- the majority of them being crew endangerment due to lack of following protocol; i.e. closing the door to a acid spitting plant during the evening hours- this led to the death of ten crew and the melting of four servitors. Needless to say Tynan Eris is a bit absent minded and this is a continuing habit.
As I was saying, I was on my morning rounds when I heard the screams of one Felis Grat- a tech priest who favors his activities in the science division. I entered the section and found two scientists laying crushed to pulpy masses and bleeding on the floor of the false earth around the flailing plant.
As the plant did not respond to any kind of command word or influence, I used the safety catch and set it on fire- it is a standard with our science division to exterminate those plants deemed highly dangerous or when the research is done and a pod, seed, regeneration spore is collected.
I was unfortunate to by unaware of the plants ability to ‘grab’ a person from the platform and was pulled into the flaming mass. I have been burned only once, by the brand I wear proudly and humbly, this was a sensational pain in which I would be treated later for as only second degree with a few missing inches of hair.
As for Felis Grat, I am thrilled to say he lived thanks to a very lucky push by myself. He tumbled into the ferment and mulch just out of the range of the tree.
Amendment: Scholar Hak Rez, age 55- Died of bludgeoning, Scientist Flak Arbek, age 28- died of Severe Internal Damage

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XIX
As per the allowance of Administrator Cyrus, Surgit has grown more annoying with his latest companion from the Rogue Trader Felid Canine. Much to my dismay, the explorer was granted permission to keep a pet aboard- a live one, not a mechanical one.
Surgit chose a dog, a puppy which already has long legs and a head the size of a las pistol- which leaves little piles and puddles of its leavings as it pleases. It amuses me, quietly, the thought of accidently hitting the eject key to send the pup to the stars.
I find the small creature to be distracting and to my luck- several of the scientists are terrified of them. Surgit and his pet have been banned from the science division for the sake of meeting quota.
Amendment: The pup is named Rat. I find it appropriate.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XX
As mentioned before, Corduroy has a small tiff going with the Science Division. Today said tiff climaxed to attack as he attempted to assist his past section.
As per the pict caster, Corduroy was assisting in the examination of a dissected plant, he extracted the ‘womb’ of the plant- which shrieked and began flailing to defend the seeds within the ‘womb’, sending one, Adel Hirsute, into the far wall. Scientist Hirsute was removed by Corduroy and Scribe Iambi Courtsi to the outside of the temporary field. The plant was destroyed when Corduroy leaned, in relief, against the burn trigger.
Scientist Hirsute flew into a rage as the plant shrieked and using the scalpel from the examination stabbed Corduroy in the chest, stomach and arm. Which was when I arrived to the scene and before she could strike again I encouraged a calm, quick rest.
Corduroy lays on a bed with the Sister Hospitalar, he is recovering well- considering all which was damaged could easily be treated with three hours of surgery. Administrator Cyrus has ordered Scientist Hirsute to be placed in the brig until further notice. He currently sits by Corduroy’s bed, waiting for him to come around.
Amendment: Scientist Adel Hirsute, age 37- Died of self mutilation and broken neck

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXI
Surgit’s pet met a fate I would wish on no one today. While I admit distaste for Rat, Surgit has taken the death poorly and is inconsolable.
The dog, as it’s been fourteen cycles since the animal has come to live here, ran far ahead of the group. Despite the calls of his master, Rat did not return. I will give Surgit this, the dog was well trained at this point- Surgit became unreasonable as the time to return came and sent everyone back without him.
While his order is against protocol- all team members, excluding Regulator Serenity Dri, returned to the ship. Regulator Dri has long admitted, after several rotgut, to being taken with the young explorer- and I have occasionally encouraged it, as long as it didn’t get in the way of her duties.
Regardless, they spent an extra cycle to find the dog. And when they found him, Surgit’s howl of sorrow registered loudly on the ear coms throughout the guard and officers.
What remained of Rat was nothing more than a skinned corpse with very little meat. As per Regulator Dri’s report:
‘The skinless animal lay as if posed, as if it was no more than laying on its stomach as seen often. I have no medicae experience to work from but I saw no other cuts on the animal or bruising- as if the skin simply detached and moved on.
As Explorer Surgit remained out of sorts over the animal, I observed no movement beyond the usual of the surrounding plants- we were in a registered non-carnivorous area from a previous exploration.
The animal was buried. The dog tags taken and the grave marked with a large stone. Only then did we return to the ship.’

I borrowed this information for my personal notes as I have begun to ponder one question.
What out there, which we have yet to find, would be able to leave no mark but skin an animal with the precision as indicated by Regulator Dri?

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXII
I was injured today. Nothing serious only a minor wound from a small plant. The cut across my palm occurred from carrying the infamous Silver Rose from one case to another as it had been deemed purely a decorative plant. My grip slipped in the onrush of Tech-Priests to the bay, as a loader door became distraught and refused to open, and I grabbed the firmly planted plant rather than the pot to save it from hitting the floor.
The Silver Rose plant now rests securely within a case in the halls around Administrator Cyrus’ office, as do all the more beautiful decorative plants do. Mind you only once a sample and promising new growth is sent to the Administratum, does this occur. Perhaps the sample I was given by Scientist Ocala will grow well.
My Goldthorn is flourishing in the darkness of my room, which I too will now enjoy.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXIII
Today we suffered from a terrible gain in our dangerous flora division. Surgit made a devastatingly large find of ten new Xenos Flora- however, he did not take into account the design or make of one of them, The one which is the cause of this misfortune being in possession of a large, tooth rowed orifice hidden within the top of vibrantly plumed petals.
The plant swayed, as if to fall, towards one of the bay workers- with luck the worker sprang away only for the plant to swing away and catch Surgit, who had his back turned. The plant began lashing side to side, trying to tear away the midsection it had gripped in the bloodstained teeth. All Surgit could do is cry out in panic as the seven on hand tore the plants jaws from Surgit.
I caught him before he touched the ground and kicked the bay release valve open- the plant was caught in the outer containment, but this I only know from being told. I ran Surgit to the Medicae. His screams still echo in the halls.
Emperor Protects.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXIV
Kale Surgit, age 20- died of surgical complications and bleed out.
Surgit was buried on the planet by servitors. He rests near Rat with his name carved in a stone, as per his written request. Regulator Dri and myself have been given two shifts off. I have no additional information for today. I will meditate and rest.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXV
Two weeks have passed since the death of Kale Surgit. A group of newly purchased Servitors have been assigned to land exploration. Thanks to the generosity of rogue trader Golden Wand’s Shipmaster, there are ten to the group. Their designs vary greatly, though this is only an observation at a casual glance.
Administrator Cyrus has restricted human crew members from going onto the land as per the orders of the administration. However, this order has been protested greatly, which has kept me plenty busy.
Speaking of which.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXVI
I was attacked by a member of the science division today. As my appearance is unwelcome by the majority of the science division, I’ve grown accustomed to harsh tones and the occasional sore glance. Today’s account was unprovoked and uncalled for.
I kept my distance as usual, not touching anything or anyone, simply glancing and making eye contact with the occasional scientist. I’m impersonal when it comes to my work, I have no interest in making acquaintances or friends- though I have a small knack for picking up friends without asking or wanting.
However- my luck caught up with me and I settled into an unlucky moment.
“It’s because of you he’s dead!” came the cry from behind me. I was too slow to register it was directed at me.
I was pinned to the ground and with bare fists, teeth and nails my attacker tore at my skin and clothing. Now, I’ve never been one to enjoy being touched or hurt, I gasped as something broke the skin, something cold and sharp. at that. Pressing into the attackers mind they felt very tired from all the stress- the attack stopped and they slumped onto the floor. I stood and found the tiny metal chunk in my upper shoulder. Honestly, he hadn’t had the decency to stab me with a scalpel but with a twisted piece of metal.
I bled to the brig with my attacker, locked him in a cell, and walked to the Medicae. Where one of the Sister Hospitalar was kind enough to barrage me with scolding chortles while she bandaged my shoulder.
Amendment: Scientist Lionel Frowsy, age 35- sent to Asylum due to Decapitating Mental Strain

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXVII
As per usual, I was hunted down by Dax and forced to suffer through my usual maintenance. He said very little, which is unusual, only studied and mapped out new damage to the lenses. We spoke briefly of the events over the month. Dax then hummed gently, a new song- this was a tick for him in times of anxiety or stress. Dax believed song to the Mechanicus and the Imperium- one of our longest conversations was on the similarities between the sacred music of the Mechanicus and the sweet sound of the Emperors Prayer.
Once his palm met my lenses, he smiled softly and a cold hand rested under my chin, the metal fingers pulled my face level to his, “Listen to me, My Augmented Angel, I didn’t hate that boy. I believe he is in a better place. Don’t dwell on it.”
He let go and I nodded, I wasn’t sure what to say to him.
Just as I reached the door, I heard a shout, “Don’t give me an excuse to overwork that shoulder cup link!”
Good Ol’ Dax, always knows how to end a conversation.

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+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXVIII
After twenty consecutive shifts with no more than twelve minutes of sleep between them, I have succumbed to exhaustion. A majority of the guard are on duty elsewhere- in order to keep up our trades, on occasion we grant our men to their ships to keep quota or keep peace. Administrator Cyrus is very generous in this aspect. Most of the men come back well taken care of and relaxed. Lucky them
They’ve returned, and I’m finally allowed to rest. While it is my job to keep peace and everyone on task- even I occasionally require a break. I have yet to rest- though I find myself very sure of the likelihood I will only truly get an hour of rest. I’m not one to complain- however it is wonderful to enjoy a deep sleep on occasion
I believe I will now rest.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXIX
Doctor Adrian McGibbons, age 37- Died of massive blood loss and loss of skin.
Yes. This report does sound odd, and it should- for it’s just a mind boggling as the moment I came upon it. I was summoned by Corduroy to assist clean up with an accident. As always, he was apologetic of interrupting my rest though I’ve found him rather interesting person to work for- even I can be rather grumpy, if you will, when woken from a deep rest.
An accident on the railings above the carnivorous plant section, this is not usually my responsibility to come in an assist, however- this was a special situation. Lying on grates was a covered mass, nothing close to human shape- vomit lay nearby, and I later found it was from the scientist who found him. Wonderful, no?
It took several moments to get the guards to move, both were awe struck at this sight- which I momentarily found to be just as horrible as I had thought. The ground mush on the grates had once been a human- that was for certain- and in truth the head was the only part which was ground up. The rest of the body was skinless- and the skin was nowhere to be found.
We identified him by the id found close by. The body was wrapped and carried to the Medicae for further examination. The scientists took a deal of cohesion to get back on track, two of which required being escorted to the brig.
And I was summoned to the Medical Bay, told to wait an hour- spent the time getting servitors to send the appropriate servitors to do clean up. Fell asleep standing up, then returned to the Medical Bay.
The Medicae report reads,
“The cause of death is officially blood loss and skinning. The skin was removed with surgical precision- there are no bruises or cuts on the body- though the head was crushed post mortem. There’s no blood in the lungs show no signs of fluids, all organs are intact and undamaged. The victim is Doctor Adrian McGuffin, of the Carnivorous division, age 37- died between 0300am and 0500am. Emperor Protects.”
I took this to Administrator Cyrus- along with the interview of the scientist who found the body, once I was finished with my report he sighed and seemed rather distressed.
“THAT’S TERRIBLE! IS EVERYONE DOING THEIR JOB?” he inquired after a moment of composure.
After I gave my assurances, he nodded and Corduroy entered the room. Quick to move to Administrator Cyrus’ side. My orders were to review security recordings, ask questions and report back. This is what I’ve returned from.
There is no information on the recordings, no one knew anything beyond what they should have in the circumstances of a horrific death- rumors have already begun to generate. And my orders are to rest up before my next ship.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXX
People have been claiming to be seeing Doctor McGibbons in the hallways, running about but moving more quickly than usual- and thus there are rumors floating around the ship about a ghoul. As per my orders- keeping order has been a deal harder than expected. I am currently on my seventh straight shift, nothing is really underway, the night shift is usually quiet and I’ve found time to reflect on this strangeness. Perhaps it is mass hysteria as the cause of the skinning still cannot and has not been named.
I see a few people lingering in the halls.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXXI
First a death and now six scientists are missing. No bodies, no tags, neatly made beds and notes which haven’t been updated in days. Having conducted as thorough of a study as I am permitted, I have found only the names of the scientists and what they were responsible for. While it is not unusual for people to be eaten or be found dead- it is unusual for those in the passive xenos flora to disappear without a trace, especially when we haven’t had a rogue ship pass by in months.
Of the missing is Coleen Gray, Arthur Sirocco, Rena Nook, Ira Kristen, Yael Frit, and Miles Vernon.
I will continue my detective work.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXXII
The cafeteria was abuzz with screams and shouting- I arrived only a few moments too late to see the cause. However through the ranting and the crying of several people informed me of the tattered forms of Doctor McGibbons, Rena Nook and Miles Vernon running through the cafeteria, making odd sounds, and moving more quickly than humanly possible.
I wondered quietly if there had been an accidental charge of Hallucinogen had been introduced to the room, but as I lacked any effects and even the servitors seemed a bit out of sorts.
There was of nothing out of the ordinary going through the room- this is getting odder.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXXIII
My skin still crawls thinking of what I have seen today. an entire sector has been shut down and we have been officially isolated from all incoming and outgoing messages, contact, and supplies.
Allow me to explain- this morning on my rounds I entered the passive xenos flora sector and was greeted by a scene which is burned deeply into my mind. The bodies of the dispatched lay in skinless piles of pieces, blood coating the floor as if it were freshly waxed, the scent of chemicals and blood mixed oddly and I felt light-headed. My eyes settling on one word- one painted in blood by a fallen scientist, the ends running down towards the corpse. ‘Xenos’, Stepping back into the hallway, I pressed against the wall- my mind grasping at answers and questions. I did all I could think of doing and summoned Administrator Cyrus and Corduroy.
The immediate reaction was horror filled and volatile. The entire sector had been wiped out- including the beautiful plants under study. Administrator Cyrus regained composure quickly, ordering the Medicae to come up and the entire area to be shadowed out of sight- the area to be quarantined. I redirected people as necessary, much to their frustration.
The Medicae report reads:
“There are thirteen present in this small massacre. None of the missing scientists are amongst them and all of them have the same cause of death. Barak Able, Quinn Magnus, Roth Dekko, Lupus Cromwell, Lazarus Milleara, Wolfe Zek, Khan Jarr, Modesty Lyre, Varna Starr, Isla Alpha, Novae Hazael, Silone Titus, and Quintilla Jemadar died of excessive blood loss, and loss of skin . The skull crushing was post mortem and as the first documented victim aboard have no cuts, bruises, or injuries on their bodies- they have all been skinned and each body has had its head crushed as to prevent identification- though it was with quick thinking by Graile Vespti, our resident psyker, to check the log in sheets. Time of death for all was between 0100am and 0200am. The Emperor Protects.“
As our ship had received no notice from the Administratum for several weeks now, just as we are unable to send any updates to them. With this event, we are truly alone- and Administrator Cyrus has closed land exploration and all hailing signals. We are dead air. All work has ceased. We are in a lockdown with scheduled meals and group activities to keep up what little moral is available at the moment.
What is happening on this ship? Who could have done this? Why has our surveillance not caught any of this? Are we all at peril? I cannot fathom the danger as the attacker(s) leave no trace of their existence. I fear we are all in great danger.
Amendment: Scientist Barak Able, age 38- Died of excessive blood loss and skin loss, Scientist Quinn Magnus, age 42- Died of excessive blood loss and skin loss, Archivist Roth Dekko, age 67- died of excessive blood loss and skin loss, Scribe Lupus Cromwell, age 55- died of excessive blood loss and skin loss, Scientist Lazarus Milleara, age 34- died of excessive blood loss and skin loss, Scientist Wolfe Zek, age 62- died of excessive blood loss and skin loss, Scribe Khan Jarr, age 21- died of excessive blood loss and skin loss, Trooper Modesty Lyre, age 33- died of excessive blood loss and skin loss, Scientist Varna Starr, age 55- died of excessive blood loss and skin loss, Scriviner Isla Alpha, age 30- died of excessive blood loss and skin loss, Trooper Novae Hazael, age 29- died of excessive blood loss and skin loss, Scientist Silone Titus, age 27- died of excessive blood loss and skin loss and Technographer Quintilla Jemadar, age 24- died of excessive fluid loss and compromised bio-skin.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXXIV
My heart aches for the dead and for Dax. He was found alone in a supply closet, babbling nonsense- the Mechanicus floor covered in oil, lubricants, bio-skin, bodily fluids and parts. The scene was no less horrific than it was only two days before.
Dax clung to me, telling me of horrible creatures- something nothing like the Ordos Mechanicus had seen or would allow, creatures who wore the skin of those who were once alive. He sobbed uncontrollably for hours in the Medicae Bay, I spent my time examining what I could- this time there were markings, all from the tech priests in their last moments- codes and numbers, as if calculating their last moments.
This area has also been quarantined- and the crew is now limited to their rooms and to the cafeteria- all which is done under heavy guard. Dax has taken the open bunk in my quarters and is sleeping soundly at the moment.
We are still under dead air and no ships have passed by to communicate with. Under normal circumstances- this would be well and fine, unfortunately this is not and we are not safe here.
The Emperor Protects. We are safe under his ever watching eye.
Amendment: Technographer Zarkov Pris, age 53- died of crushed organs, Technographer Eli Eisen, age 30- died of crushed head, Mech-Wright Raltia Sawney, age 37- died of decapitation, Electro-Priest Ravion Lug, age 23- died of removed and crushed mechanicus Technomancer Gallus Scion, age 55- died of dissection and decapitation.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXXV
Four were found dead in their quarters today- of them was Administrator Cyrus. His corpse only missing strips of flesh- his face marred beyond recognition. It was Corduroy who raised the alert. He pounded so vigorously on my door- I feared someone was trying to break in and end Dax. Dax believed this as well and hid in the closet, refusing to come out even once the coast was clear.
Administrator Cyrus was not examined by the Medicae, as he too lay dead- alone with both of the Sister Hospitalar. They wiped out our healers and our Administrator in only a matter of minutes. Corduroy explained he had simply gone to the restroom and returned, Regulator Dri confirmed this, as she and two others were assigned to his protection alone.
Corduroy is now acting Administrator and has had rations given to everyone with orders to stay in their rooms- no ins or outs. Everyone has three guards to share their space with. Corduroy has locked himself away in the Administrators office and has been working codes for the emergency hailing system. Without two tech priests to monitor it and keep it consistent, the signal must be sent every two minutes without missing a beat.
Administrator Cyrus, the Sister Hospitalar and the Medicae were wrapped in white sheets and laid to rest on the bed in the Administrators quarters.
Amendment: Administrator Ziakan Cyrus, age 40- died of visible wounding and blood loss. Sister Hospitalar Helena, age 37- died of multiple wounds and blood loss, Sister Hospitalar Hestia, age 55- died of head removal, and Medicae Ural Freid, age 49- died of limb removal and blood loss.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXXVI
Dax was killed today by- I don’t know what to call it. They wear the skin of the fallen, they have worn metal bodies and they’re fast- too fast.
Dax left the room in a fit of panic, too many people, too little space, he was too far from the engines and could hear them crying for someone to help them. He was inconsolable, unstoppable as he threw himself into frenzy, tearing his way into the hallways- only to come face to face with the slayers of our crew.
I had followed Dax to this place, I watched as the Xenos burst from a room and tore into my friend. His screams echoed in the hallway- no doubt as many others had. They had simply been going from room to room, killing as they pleased. I fell back into my room- they seemed not to notice me or the two guards with me. Killing Dax seemed to be their first pleasure.
We went to the Administrator Office and were allowed in. The door was sealed and now we are waiting. My eyes have grown heavy- we are limited in supplies and I am weak in energy.
Amendment: Tech Priest Dax Cruis, age 36- died of decapitation. The Emperor Protects.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXXVII
Our number is ten, including myself, Corduroy and Regulator Dri. This number was achieved by exploring the halls during the quiet hours, which are the hours the sounds of screams and menacing screeches aren’t flowing down the hallways. Of them are four guards, two scientists, and one bay worker, each had been found holding up in separate spaces, out of their senses from the lack of sleep and the fear of these vicious Xenos.
Tempers are on edge in the Administrators office- the quarters aren’t close, there’s more than enough room to move about- though of the ten of us, none seem interested in moving around the room.
Regulator Dri is keeping her troops under control and they go out to retrieve rations on occasion, she runs her crew out twice every passing day. So far, they’ve found very little food- and only the few remains of the crew. The moral has grown thinner every day.
As of yesterday, we have established that without a tech priest or any member of the Ordos Mechanicus we have no way of piloting the stationary ship. Any commands entered are immediately noted as invalid by the system. Corduroy is unsure of what to do, how to do it- he hasn’t rested in several days and has been using a combination of Iho-sticks, recaf- and slaught to keep alert enough to send the distress messages. I have taken his place only once, when he passed out from strain and the stress of the accuracy. Corduroy was not built for such stress and I worry for his heart- excessive use of any drug wears out the body and mind. He’s began to mutter to himself in high gothic- a dialect most of us do not understand.
Perhaps he will consent to a shift change.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXXVIII
I sit alone in a closet far from the Administrators office, far from the flight deck and farther still from any hope of rescue. I admit to hiding in the Administrator Cyrus closet, my theory being the Xenos are unlikely to check an area they’ve already killed in. This is only a hope of mine.
I am alone for they are all dead. Corduroy, Serenity- the guards and the crewmen, all slaughtered in only a matter of minutes, I do not know how I escaped, maybe I’m trapped in a cat and mouse game. Perhaps these Xenos enjoy the hunt, I do not know.
It all began early this cycle- we’ve held out for nearly two weeks now. The quiet hours seeming to grow longer and more consistent, if we had only know it was a trap we would have been wiser to stay as we were.
Led by Regulator Dri, we headed for the kitchens, the food we had pulled from there before was still good though not plentiful. The plan had been to gather as much as we could and take it back to the Administrator’s office and pray it would last until we managed to hail a rogue trader. Little did we know, we were being watched.
We made it to the cafeteria without issue- what we faced when the door opened was indescribable. The floor was coated in thick pools of black blood, pieces of organs lay strewn about, appendages hung almost neatly around the flora, and several piles of people and flesh.
On the top of one pile stood only three of them- surrounded by the bodies of the crew- ripping flesh from the corpses and covering themselves in the gray masses. One turned and though I anticipated some otherworldly sound, none came. It just stared in silent malevolence. I’m not sure which horror I would have preferred. My skin is still cold from the experience. Regulator Dri shouted a charge and led her men to fight the closest two.
Corduroy made a run for the kitchens, only to be cut off by one of the Xenos. The Xenos nearly towered over him, it seemed to glisten with the long dried blood on the metal of its construction- beyond all this, one thing stood out above all. This Xenos wore the grayed face of Administrator Cyrus- Corduroy instantly became unreasonable and frenzied.
“THAT’S NOT YOUR FACE! I’LL KILL YOU FOR HIM!” Corduroy cried as he emptied his las pistol into the Xenos.
It seemed unaffected- picking Corduroy up, its long gleaming claws digging deep into his stomach. Corduroy yelled in pain, blood trailing from the corner of his mouth, I could see tears well down his face as he worked up saliva and spat into the metallic face, “You can’t really kill me- The Emperor Protects and soon I’ll be back by Ziakan’s side.” The Xenos then tore Corduroy in half- emanating a chilling sensation as it removed his head for good measure. Corduroy’s blood has long dried on my skin,
I leapt out of harm’s way, only to slam into one of the guards- he grunted, already wounded, and told me to help Regulator Dri before he collapsed to the floor. I realize now, he had been armless and had been gutted. Regulator Dri stood with her other two guards, seeming to hold their own though the Xenos seemed unaffected.
Looking to the side, the third Xenos tore through the scientist and the bay loader- seeming content with my running to the others. The voices emitting long painful howls into the room, I admit at the sound, sights and smell- I lost my rations. Only to be grabbed by the wrist by Regulator Dri, she smiled, “Keep your head up in the heat of a battle- now RUN.”
And we did, we ran for the door, charging through only to be greeted by two in the hall. Regulator Dri gave a battle cry and charged head on. I attempted to make them believe they didn’t see us- we were only air, but I felt a resistance as if it had no plausible meaning- they minds were filled with something far beyond what I could fathom. Drawing my las pistol, hoping to help Regulator Dri gain some advantage, I opened fire, hitting one of them dead on in the neck- only to see it turn its focus on me.
Regulator Dri slammed her chain axe into the chest of the Xenos who I had distracted, her weapon gutting through the metal there, “Graile, RUN.”
I hesitated and watched as she brought her power sword up to defend her side, I shot into the crevice created by her axe. The Xenos didn’t fall and Regulator Dri turned on me, using her weapons to block a strike, “You have a better chance of surviving if you’re alone. Find a way to crash the ship into the planet- don’t let the Xenos spread. Now, Graile, RUN.”
And I did, I watched as she fought the two, until they became five. And watched the five tear her into pieces- I climbed into the air shafts and crawled until I found the stench of garbage, While very undignified, I slept there from exhaustion. When I awoke, I moved about the ducts until I came to my room- it was empty the door shut. I grabbed a few hidden rations and moved through the ducts until I found the Administrators Room and hid in the closet. And here I wait.
I will use my abilities to crash the ship. I will use the warp to collide the ship with the planet and save any future vessel from this horror. I expect not to make it back to the Administratum- and have made a backup of all the medical documents pertaining to this, the reports from myself and crew members and deceased list on a data slate I have hidden in a safe in the Administrators Office. I pray when the ship crashes it remains intact.
I must rest- The Emperor Protects.
Amendment: Co-Administrator Corduroy Gates, age 30- died of dismemberment, Regulator Serenity Dri, age 37- died of dismemberment Trooper Arthur Wade, age 22- died of decapitation, Trooper Emile Drone, age 31- died of dismemberment, Enforcer Raleigh Dowry, age 44- died of dismemberment, Trooper Penelope Franz, age 20- died of decapitation, Archivist Olive Grace, age 45- died of crushed head, Scientist Astrid Delia, age 36- died of decapitation, Bay Technician Louis Hound, age 30- died of dismemberment

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXXIV
I have... I do not know where I am or how I am alive- but I am. My mind is a jumble, I should be dead- I do not know if I succeeded in crashing the ship. I accessed the warp and lost control completely. I saw the Xenos coming at me, my heart sped up and I felt consumed by something of the warp. I heard a burping sound and a pop.
Suddenly I was suspended in the air above a great fire, falling quickly to the ground. I was surrounded by people, all of which were chanting and praying to something- their language was beyond me.
No sooner had my feet touched the ground, I heard a great shout and men in armor charged into chanting people- arresting or killing them. I took advantage of the ensuing chaos and ran- I ran as far and as fast as I could until the glow of the fire was gone and the clanging of weapons had faded. I’ve taken shelter in a small cave, uninhabited for a while judging by the old bones and older blood. I’ve made no fire, as I wish to remain concealed.
What is this place? What has happened to the ship? Have I died and this is limbo?
I have no choice but to try and survive.

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Authors Note: Yes. Warhammer World.


+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXXV
I have traveled for several days. This forest lasted for only one days walking and I have been in open fields and long roads since them. I have seen humans at a distance, at a distance because they run when they catch sight of me. They dress oddly, their clothing is out of date and nothing near my own adornments. I did luck upon one youth, he was too young to know any better and I could not understand what he was telling me as he drew symbols on the dusty ground. When he stood, he pointed at me, at my face and then at his eyes, demanding loudly in his language.
I realized he was asking about my augments. These people have no such augments. I tried to explain in my own language that I was lost and didn’t understand what he was saying. To this, the child ran away after pointing at a rock, gesturing for me to sit. I stood and waited- readying my staff if necessary.
And soon the boy returned alone, in his arms a bundle of clothing and on his head a hat; he set the items down on the rock and began showing everything to me. He also brought me a needle and a spindle of thread, a small amount of food and water, bedroll and a small amount of flint and steel. He smiled, speaking in his language- the only word I understand was ‘Peter’- and ran away.
I put the small items into my backpack and carried the cloth until I stopped to rest for the evening. I lit a fire, put a few pieces of the food on a stick so the fire could soften and cook it a bit more. I sat away from the fire and began to work on my new garments. A simple dress with long sleeves and from a few pieces of cloth, I made a veil for my hat as to hide my eyes from the people. I may have made it a little long as my sewing skills were mostly used for using medicae packs. Medicae stitching on clothing, how absurd, I only hope no one looks too closely.
Ah the meat’s done.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXXVI
I learned why I shouldn’t pick up small animals in this place. It seemed harmless enough, no bigger than any of the other cats who roamed the ship and it came right to me. Once in my arms, the small feline began to purr and mew- I admit it softened my heart a bit. Until the creatures’ mother appeared in a flurry of teeth and claws, I dropped the cub and rather than take away its mother I chose to run. And was hunted by both mother and cub, what unfortunate luck for me- I had been taken in by big blue eyes and big paws.
The mother only caught me once, her claws sank into my shoulders and from sheer panic I accessed the warp as to find a way to shock the creature. And I did. It stood paralyzed over me, I was able to crawl out from underneath and slip away, the cub yowling at the unmoving parent. I do hope it isn’t hunting me for revenge.
I am alive, thanks to new abilities which seemed to have manifested simply from being here. I will have to look into this further.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXXVII
I now have a companion in my endeavor. She’s a small thing with a face in need of an augment. Golden haired and blue eyed, I believe her name is Heidi, and she calls me Rot. Possibly because the bandages on my shoulders are bled through- I believe Rot means red. Unoriginal, but I suppose it is an acceptable name for this place.
I came across her as children were yelling and throwing stones at her. Unsure of what they were saying, I ran to defend the child- I’ve been on that end of the stones before, to me it’s unforgivable. I shouted at the throwers as I stood before the girl. The other children didn’t seem to notice I wasn’t speaking their language, more so they noticed I was an adult and was yelling. Once they had run away, I knelt to help the girl. Heidi is missing a bit of her face, as if it had been torn away by some creature- though it is without scarring. Which makes me wonder if it is simply a birth defect- could it be a mutation? She shows no other signs of being mutated, however I will keep watch for it.
I stood after making sure she was unharmed, a few bruises and a small cut, and turned to leave. The girl had latched onto my sleeve and refused to let go. Shouting at me the same phrase as her eyes pleaded to let her come with me. As I have grown accustomed to having someone around, I allowed her to come with me.
Heidi wears a hood over her head, it helps to hide her face, as we walked- she spoke a great deal to me. I do wish I could understand her.
She now lays asleep in my bedroll, her back to me as I write in my data slate. I will learn the language from her and do my best to keep more stones from meeting her.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXXVIII
We have traveled for two weeks now, passing from small village to smaller village- I am without money as this planet does not use thrones for value, though trade seems up their alley. Heidi traded several herbs we had found and sold them to a tavern. The keeper seemed thrilled and I soon learned we had been finding a rare sort of hops for alcohol.
We took the money and bought us proper traveling clothing, food supplies, and another bedroll. My back is sore from sleeping on the hard ground, thank goodness for Heidi’s resourcefulness. We had enough to stay one night with room and board and Heidi seemed more than alright as long as we didn’t leave the room. With this I agree.
I’m getting a firmer grasp of the language, and as I’ve been teaching Heidi mine, she has been teaching me hers. It’s called Reikspiel, and it’s not the only dialect on this continent- there are several more according to Heidi.
Ah the bath is ready.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXXIV
Of the things I have been learning of one of them is called Sigmar. The other is called Chaos. We of Civilized Space know of the Ruinous Powers, though theirs is is bit different from what little I know. And just as the Emperor is the one true ruler, these people believe Sigmar Heldenhammer is their true ruler. They have similarities, yet they have multiple deities to assist with specific things such as mercy, justice and even the plants themselves.
Heidi has taken me to a temple of Sigmar and translated the harder of the content to me. From Heidi’s explanations I’ve determined these people have a firm belief that a sub species rules all the land and air- they are called dwarves, and I have yet to see one.
Heidi tells me dwarves are odd fellows, no taller than she, who love to drink and fight. They have great beards which they are very prideful in, also an illustrious history of great battles and greater hoards of gold and jewels. Here gold coins are the currency as opposed to thrones. The coins themselves may sell well in the Imperium.
We left the town shortly after. I observed Heidi as she asked Sigmar for safe travel and clear skies. I assume he had misheard as it has done nothing but rain since night fell. We’re huddled under a tightly knit grove; everything will be wet in the morning.
The Emperor Protects.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXXVI
Months have passed now, where do I begin.
I have established myself as a hedge witch, something looked down upon by this place. Which is well and fine- I have Heidi and she and I are doing rather well.
I have fully learned the language now, though Heidi and I speak more often in low gothic as she is fascinated by how the words sound coming out of her mouth. She’s taught me much about the area and thanks to a small book, earned by selling animal pelts and hops, I now make potions and draughts which are oft sought by the ill or those who intend to pervert the purpose. Most of which are harlots looking to make their eyes seem bigger for the better patron.
Heidi does a majority of our transactions as my skin tone is uncommon here, and even more so there aren’t any cover-ups available on the road. Recently, I sold a few of the poisons listed in the book, they sold well though we had to leave the city quickly as two of them were used and the town guard was quick to find out the source.
We have been on the road for several days since then, Tonight we are camping under the stars, I wonder where home is?

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXXVII
A year has passed since my last entry- time here passes fluidly when you must walk everywhere. I have found myself wandering aimlessly and steering clear of villages beyond gathering materials to replace torn and broken items.
I am unfortunately alone now. The little girl who had not only helped me learn the language but showed me several wonders in this world, was killed by a man touched by the hand of chaos.
We had been walking down a long path, heading for a village rumored to be in need of healers due to attacks from the forces of chaos- in particular those called Beastmen. Aptly named, they resemble a cross between man and animal- all kinds of animals, including a few I’ve never seen. Up to the point of Heidi’s death, I had not encountered such beings.
Once in the city, we sold what we could and I spent several hours using their primitive medical equipment to mend injured people. Heidi was running errands for the elderly people of the city- I having made her a veil for her hood, she could function as a normal child without persecution for her deformity.
We both settled in for the evening at the local tavern, Heidi was so full of life and excited about the people being so kind. I remember her asking, “Maybe we can stay here, Rot. The people here are so nice and we’ll always be busy. We could open a shop and be like a normal family.”
I agreed- it would have been ideal for us both, if not for the events that very evening.
That night, near the deeper evening a great roar sounded- drums and various snarls of animals echoed through the night air. The town bell sounded, the villagers shouted ‘to arms’- Heidi and I were down the stairs and ready to flee in a hearts breath. But we were caught just outside the city by a man with the lower half and head of a chicken and a woman who was encased in a turtle shell. I sent Heidi to run ahead as I charged to take on the opponents, if only I had seen the snake man.
I cut my opponents down, taking a deal of damage to myself only to find Heidi laying on the ground next to the snake man- his hood flared and eyes gleaming in the fire lit darkness. It was through sheer luck his strike missed and I was able to lay hands on him. Shocking him and bludgeoning him with my staff until his life ceased. I gathered Heidi’s still warm body and ran into the darkness.
I buried her under a small tree, a stone over the base of the grave written in old gothic as I cannot write the language here. Heidi was ten summers old.
I only kept her hood to remember her by.
Since that day I have only needed to resupply once as I eat little and I enjoy the traveling. I’ve been collecting herbs to make a few new potions- one called Bugman’s XXXXXX and another called Moot Milk. Both are time consuming but I have found a cave to take up residence in temporarily. I’ve been here for a month now- killing small game for meals and working on my potions.
I am lonely.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXXVIII
I was sleeping and they came. They charged into the cave and knocked over every pot and pan they could. When I stood, they stopped and began demanding something in a language I didn’t understand- then another language and finally Reikspiel. They accused me of cutting down trees for my wood and of trampling through their land without permission.
I explained my position of simply being a humble hedge witch, I hadn’t cut any trees, only picked up branches I had found on the ground- and added I did not know they owned the forest.
They stood across from me, long ears seeming almost longer as they inclined their heads to speak to one another in their own tongues. One looked up, her white gold hair shimmering in the moonlight, “We are the Elves of this forest, we protect it from harm and ill fortune. You are not welcome here, Hedge Witch.”
When I explained I had no where else to go and that I had never heard of Elves. The three stood, shocked, looking me over- in this place I am the Xenos and they are the scientists. One inquired, “Are you fell touched?”
I told them no I was not. I am only a simply hedge witch, seeking a peaceful life in the cave I had taken up in. They laughed and two drew weapons, the female spoke, “You are human, and humans have no place in Our forest. You will leave with an escort. Gather your possessions.”
I did as told, cleaning all the items I needed to, burying my ashes deep into the cave floor and securing my pack. They then led me through the forest, not saying a word- though both with weapons watched me with a smug smile I remember seeing on Delga’s face.
Elves are no different from Astropaths.
I was pushed past the forests edge and told to head towards the setting moon. I had no choice as I could see several more eyes now watching me. Someone had been watching me the whole time. How- creepy.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXXIX
Ah I have been wondering where this was. Having reviewed my last few entries, I must admit I’ve seen much more and a deal of time has passed. I have become more skilled in my new abilities and am fresh from traveling along with a river family.
After the elves sent me on my way, I began my practicing and exploring more dedicatedly- until I came to a large river which seemed to span forever. I have never seen so much rushing water in my life as of yet and I must say- the moonlit river is something to behold if not at least once in one’s lifetime.
Ah yes, I waited by the river for a few days until I noticed several boats floating by. One pulled to shore where a man, dressed in brilliantly colored clothing, stepped onto the ground. He asked if I too was a gypsy- I told him no, I was a hedge witch and he smiled. Then insisted I join his troop until I find a place out in the world where I’d be content.
Needless to say I joined the river people- I received a boat of my own to live in and conduct my business from, I shared half my profits with the others and of course help keep everyone healthy. The only rule I had to follow was to keep away from the only black boat we have. There was never anyone visibly on the boat; I simply assumed it was better for me to keep to myself.
In the course of two years, I have sold enough potions, healed enough people, and mastered what little spells, as they’re called, I can do. My abilities as a Imperial Psyker and as a hedge witch have come in great use during these years- I’ve most certainly found myself far more useful than being muscle. I miss the Imperium and the order.
I have found no new friends, though I have found a village along the coast. I intend to take my leave once we reach it, two years of traveling in the water and I’ve found the land is where I wish to be.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXXX
The coastal city I mentioned previously is where I have been since my last entry. It’s a lovely little town, well provisioned and reinforced against attack. I admit my living situation is less than ideal and I’m the closest I’ve been to poverty, but my potions and poisons pay for themselves and thus my room at the tavern I board at.
I remember my arrival here was a very sad event, as a majority of the children of the River Gypsies, who by-the-by gave me the last name of ‘Jaeger’, were upset to see me go and the elders insisted I am always welcome to join up with them again. So far, I do not miss them too horribly.
The innkeeper is a lecherous man with a wife and several serving girls, I have been receiving many little gifts in the early morning and I believe he fancies me- if he knew what I was and where I am from he’d stick to his own business. Being of the many chem-geld, I can admit I haven’t seen or met too many beings which could catch my attention. That pig of a man included.
Ah night has fallen. Time to get to work.
Amendment: Jaeger means Rifleman in Reikspeil while Rot means red. My name itself means Red Rifleman. I admit to having shot a few bucks for the gypsies- perhaps this is why I am named as such?

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXXXI
My, my time flies! I barely remember what happened these last three years to recap. I can say, however, I can feel my mind slipping away. I miss the Imperium greatly. Did anyone find the data slate? Did those Xenos get onto any other ships? As I’m of the unlisted for the dead- is anyone looking for me? I am of the Imperial Psykers, we are not expendable, perhaps there is a ship in orbit now, looking for me. I can only hope.
Until my rescue, I have taken refuge in a lovely little town where the guards aren’t too bright and the people demand very little of you. Even as a healer, I am content to say- business is mostly slow. My potions and poisons sell very often, though more often than not Kiss of the Courtier and single drops of belladonna are bought by the ladies who seek suitors or patrons.
I bought a small shack from the local fisherman who’s gone out to sea to find his fortune. Once it was clean, I had discovered a small mangy feline sleeping in fish remains, as of far (the past three years) the cat has not left and seems attached to me. I detest the yowling creature as it is always in my way.
Ah customers!

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXXXII
There are very few people of mention, above all at the moment is Mouth and Lady Freya a.k.a. the old woman in the woods.
Mouth is the young man who sells fish right next to my hut, he also sends people on the beginning of a series of riddles in order to find me- though this only works for those who don’t already know where I am. And it’s by Mouth’s own concoction, I’ve been kept safe, as his very presence is a deterrent to the town guard.
Lady Freya was once a great beauty in the area, she married several men, each dying of a mysterious illness or accident, and retired to a small cottage. This is where she has been since her beauty began to fade, she now wears a mask over her aged face and I reckon her to be a cultist of Slaneesh as she continues to buy potions and ingredients which are said to make one more beautiful.
Lady Freya has taken to educating the town’s children. No one ever see’s their child during the day, as they’re always at her manor on the edge of the woods. If anyone ever asks about her lessons she’ll always change the subject.
Ah speak of the devil.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXXXIII
I venture out from time to time during the night hours- I prefer to do a majority of my work during the daytime as beastmen roam the forest during the evening.
Last night, I went to the local tavern for a small meal- I have a deal with the tavern keeper, Ibsen Steelbeard- as long as I provide Bugman’s XXXXXX for his tavern, I can have as many free meals as I please. Tired of that blasted feline and eating fish- I was pleased to find mutton was on the menu and enjoyed it with a small mug of mead which has a very delightful taste, much better than the rotgut booze provided on the Xenos Flauronica.
Ibsen is a man who is very much in love with the alcohol he provides to the town. He drinks every night and sleeps a majority of the day away. He’s a very spirited man who always enjoys a drinking challenge and very often wins it. He has no wife or children, only his bar and patrons and this suits him rather well.
“Gents like me, like their privacy, Miss Jaeger. No doubt about that. Now don’t let that mead go to waste or I’ll stop putting in orders of double kegs.”
He’s an amusing one.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXXXIV
I admit I have been drinking a great deal as of the last few months. I believe I shall stop now, as I’ve woken up on top of a house in the bare minimum of clothing. To my great fortune, it was too early for even the roosters to be out and to my great misfortune I had no idea what had happened to my clothing.
I stumbled upon them at the ally by the tavern, dressed and retreated to my hut to find several people laying inside, sleeping off my latest batch of Bugman’s XXXXXX. After dragging them outside and locked up shop for the day. I started over on my potion and began cleaning up the mess- after tossing that blasted feline out the window.
I cleaned up and left my potions to brew, locking all the doors behind me and went to ask Ibsen just what had occurred. He told me a tale of me singing songs in a strange language and then in Riekspiel and also of my bar fight with a local brute over my mug and his mouth being on it. Then of how once I had proved I was not to be contended with over alcohol, I finished another mug and waltzed out of the building and he lost track of me from there.
No one has any recollection of anything else I had done that evening. I am simply happy I woke up alone and not with a strange man or worse so, Mouth.
I believe I will no longer drink.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXXXV
My latest excursion ended rather poorly. I came into contact with yet another creature of this world which seemed harmless but most certainly was not. The mangy hound, now which I know to be a wolf, had seemed to have its heart set on the herbs I was gathering for my third attempt at a series of lotions and tonics. I had stumbled upon sweet majoram oozing onto a plentiful amount of hops and lovage.
I had not seen the animal about and began to fill my jars and pack as needed and marked the area on my map of the forest. I heard a low growl and noticed a scrawny dog- it snapped its teeth at me and as I backed away slowly it moved to eat exactly what I had been harvesting. Be it beyond me to know better than to mess with a starving animal, I sealed my jar and backed away from the animal until I was comfortably away. It wasn’t until it had latched onto my leg that I realized it was dangerous.
It took several hits with my staff before it let go and ran off yelping. I was left to limp back to my hut. Sadly I had to use my only bits of iris and oak paste to make the swelling go down and work through any forming infection. Damned Animals, making me waste my stores on minor injuries.
Ah yes, all the plants here are marvelous finds and I have been keeping seeds from them all as to progress research once I’m rescued- though they’ll have to be planted before they could be identified.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXXXVI
Time has passed slowly these past two years. I have sold potions and lotions and poisons for some time now and have grown weary of leaving my hut in general. Recently there was a witch hunter in the town, and while I am no witch by the Imperium’s standards by this world’s standards, I am indeed just a simple witch. And all the while, as Mouth kept him busy by keeping close to him and being the only one in town to offer assistance of any kind- I kept my business to the bare minimum as to prevent any encounters.
Since then, I rarely leave my hut during the day hours- despite the fact the nighttime is far more dangerous. Ibsen brings me my meals and meats to be dried in exchange for the Bugman’s XXXXXX, and for simple conversation. I believe he’s actually worried about my hermit outlook as of late- though the most he’ll do is tell me how beautiful it has been out in the daylight.
I will continue my current pattern for the sake of concealment.
Amendment: In my excitement I forgot to add the names of my rescuers: Lady Rip van Winkle and Lady Xanthia of the Ordos Xenos under Inquisitor Domina.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXXXVII
They’ve come to get me! People from the Imperium arrived today and they even brought me an injured Shipmaster to heal. Seems the poor fool got himself poisoned, lucky for him I had just what he needed to survive, which included a nights rest under my care.
Never mind him! These people have come from the imperium- they have an odd story and look increasingly odder. While their companion dwarf and gypsy are of this land- the woman with the metal fangs and the pregnant warrior are very much of my world. In my pure excitement I can certainly say I must have sounded like a mindless git- it’s been ten and a half years and finally there are people here to save me from this planet.
The Emperor Protects. I must return to my patient.
Amendment: I neglected to mention another who travels with my new companions. A friar of Sigmar, who had the gall to close my door in my face, and as such I will pay him no details.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXXXVIII
The Beastmen of the deeper forest attacked the city- they stormed through the town- killing and capturing all they could. No one I knew personally has died, as of yet. But a goat man stormed into my shop and tried to kill myself and the gypsy.
This behavior alone is unusual as they will take people in the forest as opposed to taking people right out of the village. What bad luck this happened in accumulation with my rescue. Ah my patient is awake and the gypsy needs binding.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry XXXXIX
Leave the city or save the children who Lady Freya keeps as her own. While this is certainly an ordeal in itself, anything dealing with Lady Freya is difficult- and most unfortunately I owe this village at least this much for keeping me hidden. I have voted to save them, and save them we shall.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry L
It’s been a bit of time since my last entry and I admit gaining my sea legs again is a bit harder than I thought it would be. I’ve spent a deal of my time sleeping and assisting the cook as necessary.
As per my last entry- we did go to save the children, but we were too late. After navigating a great maze, we came upon a tent where the children were being kept. Unfortunately, having grown to trust the beastman in charge of them, the children were not able to be convinced we were there the save them, or aid them in their endeavor. Dwarf Overberg’s curiosity and my influence wearing off quickly over the ‘lead’ child lead to tragedy. The boy pushed a pot over and as several of the children contaminated themselves by picking up the spilled substance which, in the process of being tipped, soaked dwarf Overberg as well. None of the children survived the encounter as chaos turned them, The Emperor Protects.
Navigating the maze became increasingly easier and we soon came across a cave. The beastmen have been hoarding strange items in this place. Of the found items was a doll, an axe, a wooden cube, a box and an earring with two fairies collared to it. Of the items, I claimed the cube. It is a strange and interesting thing, showing a new image pertaining to the situation or at least one self every time one looks at it.
Once we left the cave, we came in contact with two massive creatures. One of which, I am told, is called a Carnifex and the other was easily recognized as a horned dragon-ogre, which had an impressive entourage and a scythe easily the size of a small sailing ship.
The battle lasted the entire evening- and as I am entering this, we were the victors. The village was burned but many remained alive- the children were long gone and we were quick to board the ship we’re on at this very moment.
A storm is raging outside and I fear I cannot hold my last meal.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry LI
It’s been three months on the river now. I have my sea legs and it has been a rather uneventful trip so far. Lady Xanthia’s child continues to grow, her armor has become tight and uncomfortable, I fear mint has done nothing to help her occasional morning sickness. Lady Rip simply sits away from everyone and sings to herself. The dwarf seems uneasy on the ship and busies himself by assisting on the harder tasks aboard the ship. Ezzy is keeping herself content by wandering aimlessly on the ship. The friar, Friedheim has taken to meditating in seclusion; something that the others say is odd.
I have been keeping myself busy in the kitchens of the ship, helping prepare meals and keeping to my own brewing. I am bored to say the least.
We’re to make port tomorrow.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry LII
It’s been a very busy month since we made port. While staying near and within the city for the most part, the group has set out to learn, train, and resupply as necessary.
Dwarf Overburg has set himself to cart alcohol about as he pleases as a bootlegger. While I do not necessarily approve of such things, what with my halted alcohol consumption- it brings the dwarf joy to be near the addictive substance. I do believe he’s taking swigs of a different alcohol from a flash between his mugs of ale. This turn of attitude is for the better as the disappearance of the friar seemed to leave him disconcerted,
I, on the other hand, have found a wizard just outside the city to learn from. They are odd folk and to be honest- Master Geiger has great power and I truly wish he could have been more use to the His Holy Majesty. Perhaps through me, he shall be. I began my teachings with him and soon found myself casting new abilities left and right. While they are not much stronger than the new powers acquired when I arrived on this planet, they are increasingly useful.
A part to my training was making and healing people in the village. It hurt to not sell a single potion, though the end benefit was greater- I suppose.
From the money I have acquired previously, I purchased a horse for the sake of travel convenience. He’s tall and a bit thin, black as midnight and very steady. I named him Corduroy, as he seems to have great patience for the antics of my partners.
Master Geiger has opted to travel with us for a short while; I could not be more thrilled.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry LIII
As per before, I had mentioned contact with elves- and again I have met more. My opinion remains the same and to be honest, I believe the dwarf feels as I do.
We were followed for a while and soon attacked. Arrows startled none of the horses- though most certainly caught us off guard. They stood in the trees, I could easily count ten in view- and they charged us with trespassing in their sacred forest. They announced their distaste for the dwarf and humans. It was Master Geiger who managed to get permission for us to leave the forest- if only we hadn’t gotten lost several times.
As it has been explained to me, the forest we had been in was enchanted in the sense of a strong power giving life to all things, including the trees.
I only wish a sapling taken from the forest would grow to do the same, imagine giant trees fighting alongside the Adeptus Astartes in the name of the God-Emperor.
Amendment: I did forget the plants would be considered Xenos and possibly destroyed.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry LIV
We came across some rather interesting beastmen. They did not attack and they stayed their distance. The closest they came was no more than fifteen feet. A great bulbous beastman, his body seeming to be that of a great beetle, both arms and body were that of a bear- shouted, “We’re not going to fall for your trick! How dare you think so poorly of us! Move on and leave us be!”
I admit to my own confusion- only to realize later that Master Geiger was driving the dwarves cart as the dwarf lay under a white sheet on the tailgate.
What an amusing and somewhat odd outcome.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry LV
Another month has passed. Lady Xanthia continues to grow, her ever changing mood and seemingly endless hunger and odd craving, while natural to me- have made even Master Geiger look her over oddly. It’s amusing to say the least.
Ah yes, Master Geiger has grown rather fond of Lady Rip and with only a small, innocent suggestion, he opened the box which Lady Rip claimed in the cave. While Master Geiger is simply following his own intentions, Lady Rip seems rather disinterested and has not failed to send Master Geiger away on mindless errands as to appease her.
What a horrible use of a wizard of his quality.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry LVI
Master Geiger was killed in battle today. Beastmen ambushed us in the cover of the heavy fog and before we could wipe their forces out- Master Geiger’s head was torn from his body.
I was struck in the shoulder by a club before I had the chance to put my attacker to sleep. Lady Rip followed my attack with a well placed bullet. I gathered a bit of beastman brain for a few potions later.
Also of Master Geiger’s possessions I have only kept his grimoire. It’s an old book and I will keep it sealed. I do not believe I will progress farther into being a wizard. I prefer being an Imperial Psyker and the last thing I need is ANOTHER thing to make me stand out.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry LVIII
It has been a month since the death of Master Geiger. The journey has been long and tedious and I continue to find myself becoming injured.
A new series of scars have been added to my legs and arm due to a wild boar I happened across while gathering some plentiful hops. I believed it was my lucky day as I had just stumbled upon some garlic and angelica, unfortunately so had the wild boar. I grabbed what I could and ran from the beast- it pursued me and tore into my leg. After several strikes with my sanctioning blade it fell- the plants were ruined and I spent the rest of my day traveling back to the cart and mending my wounds.
I admit to being rather discouraged. Perhaps we will finally make it to the city soon.


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+ The Emperor Protects + Entry LIX
It’s been a month, since my last entry. I fear home is even farther away than before. My heart aches for the city I had been so comfortable in, for the lack of adventure and for the great luck of not being caught- I once made a pretty penny selling love potions and trinkets.
Never mind. Now, we made it into a new town, Lady van Winkle claimed us a room and paid for meals- something our lovely Lady Xanthia was quick to take advantage of, while Ezzy, Dwarf Overburg and myself left the tavern to secure a boat. The new town was lovely, charming and full of people as the day was long- many venders and peddlers were milling about, swinging calls and taking bids for all the little pieces of things they intended to sell.
We continued to wander on, and soon found ourselves lost in this place where the only common language we seemed to have was money. Luck found us however as we happened upon a peddler selling charms against the skaven. Silly superstition- or so I had thought.
After many attempts at getting help, Dwarf Overburg’s attempt at cohesion failed to the extent of making the peddler flee- throwing a ring with thirteen bells at us in the process. After a moment of quick action, the man was soundly asleep and I relieved him of his herbs. I was correct in my assumption of belladonna having nothing to do with Skaven repellant, though I did now have more than enough ingredients to make at least two more draughts. Which I have yet to make.
We left the peddler as was, no one seemed to notice as the sun was beginning to set. We found the pier but no one to make arrangements with as all doors and windows were locked and the flood of people suddenly seemed scarce. How odd. But as we now knew where the pier was, Dwarf Overburg led us back, though as we came near the tavern I was hit in the neck by a dart.
Thus began a battle against things which shouldn’t have existed, though at this point- I’m beginning to realize a lot of which shouldn’t be, is.
We fought these creatures and soon it fell dark. Much to my dismay, I have to say my prowess in battle is not as it should be.
We awoke to a curious sound of enormous squeaking rats. Skaven are around the size of a human, but have no resemblance to them, they speak in a series of squeaks, clicks, pops and chortles and have a tyrannical hierarchy according to the stories I have heard about them. Before us and above us they stood, discussing in their language our fate or perhaps how amusing it was to have stripped and hung us from the wall.
Lady Xanthia hung next to me, I wondered how she had gotten there- across was Dwarf Overburg, next to him Miss Ezzy- all of us as naked as the day we were birthed. I came to the realization both Dwarf Overburg and Miss Ezzy were staring at my face with great curiosity- I was without my hat which was only the beginning of my problems.
Of the many Skaven was one which stood out greatly. One with twisted horns coming from its head, to his left was a heavily robed Skaven its robe seemed to be weeping from illness, to his right one of those who had attacked us in the ally, across from the horned Skaven was one with batwings and a whip on each hip, lastly one with a gas mask and a metal tail you could see the electricity sparking from something on him.
“Prepare the blue breeder for questioning,” the horned Skaven commanded.
As the Skaven in the pit moved to grab me I attempted to shock them, but the warp faded just as quickly as I had accessed it. Looking up, the horned Skaven’s fingers had a glow to them- he seemed to block the warp itself. My stomach sank, a creature so far from the Imperium had the ability to nullify my abilities with minimal effort, what a terrible luck I have.
Forced to sit on a flat, frigid tablet and held by creatures far stronger than my muscles, the first question came.
“Where are you from?” the horned Skaven demanded.
“The stars, the Imperium, far away from here.”
Tiny ears went forward and back, their interest was caught, “Where is the Imperium?”
I couldn’t answer, I didn’t know any longer myself, “Far away in the stars.”
Two of the Skaven above us chattered, a tail whipped and the horned Skaven commanded, “Apply the first pain-pain slug.”
As I’ve come to understand, a ‘pain-pain’ slug is a tiny slug which excretes a trail of acidic slime as opposed to the harmless mess normal slugs would leave behind. Even the most miniscule of touches to this creature causes pain which I have no comparison to beyond the initial branding… which is no where near the new agony which I quickly discovered.
The slug was placed on my chest by a gloved Skaven hand and the robed Skaven above demanded, “What are those things over your eyes?”
The slug began to move and my mind began to blank in the sheer panic from the sensation it caused, “T-they are my eyes.”
“Explain! Quick-quick!” demanded the horned Skaven.
“I lo-st my eyes in my sanction- sanctioning, these are the rep-lacements placed in by the Emperors Medicae.”
“Place another pain-pain slug!” snarled the horned Skaven, who then demanded more information- but I admit my mind was overwhelmed by the pain bestowed to me. I gave no more information I can remember.
I was chained back to the wall once the slugs were removed and they took Lady Xanthia next. Xanthia was quick to insult the Skaven, faster so to give them any information she could as to protect the child growing within her.
In the middle of her questioning, the third slug resting on her stomach, a small Skaven sped in and bowed- squeaking quickly and pointing. The horned Skaven roared and killed it- seems they don’t like news or its bringer.
The horned Skaven turned, “Continue the questioning!” and left, along with all the others above.
Lady Xanthia’s slugs were removed, she was placed back on the wall, and they moved to take Dwarf Overburg down- even without knowledge of his previous encounter, the look on his face was enough to tell me we were going to be leaving soon. And I was correct in that. While I was unable to focus onto the warp to utilize it Dwarf Overburg tore free of the wall and began to kill the Skaven near him.
For the sake of speed, I will skip the fight- it was bloody and quick thanks to the Dwarves quick burning rage. We found our clothing just above the pit we were in, all but my las pistol and several other small mechanical items were present. Including my data slate, they must have assumed it a large flat rock.
Once dressed and I had healed myself and Lady Xanthia with a medical kit. items I had been given previously by Lady van Winkle, we charged through the oddly empty tunnels, maybe we had been taken to a dead cell as to be left chained to starve and die off in the end? Perhaps the message had been of dragon existence- of course I was wrong. I’m of the unlucky. Before I developed, my genetic make-up must have been that of a blank.
We came to a large cavern filled with a city, which surrounded a deep writhing pit of black Skaven who seemed to be lolling around a magnificent silver bell on which the horned Skaven stood, as a large cannon was led in by the ratman with the metal tail. My heart fell a bit.
Emperor Protects, when would this end?
A glance up showed other figures across from us, a great creature resembling a bat though most certainly a man and Lady van Winkle.
Lady van Winkle called out to us, “Hurvy up nao!”
Needless to say we ran for the door which lay close to the man-bat and Lady van Winkle. The sound of a well formed bell rang and echoed through the halls and while Lady van Winkle and the man-bat handled flame throwers and the metal tailed Skaven, the rest of us waded through the oncoming rush of frenzied Skaven.
Making it just shy of it, the black Skaven swarming, grabbing and biting- Lady van Winkle shouted from the doorway and the man-bat ‘Macduff’ leapt high into the air gracefully and came down upon all of us- friend and foe in a rage of righteous fury. I was thrown aside and lost consciousness.
When I awoke, I was being carried by Miss Ezzy and found myself not able to go very far. I had nearly been gutted though quite the instead I had exposed ribs and varied meat- I was lucky to not pick up infection from my admitted occasional exploration.
We soon traveled to an extravagant home, separated, healed and rested. I found a new adoration for chocolates and we met the associate or master, I’m still unsure, of Macduff. He stood, a beauty only comparable to a finely crafted statue, with a lovely, though displeased, woman beside him before Lady van Winkle, the rest of us a bit behind her. Frozen to the spot, the aura of this very being seemed to be displacing.
He spoke elegantly, “Thank you, Lady von Carstein for returning Macduff to our home.”
“Lady Van Winkle,” she corrected him, “And you are velcome, Sir.”
He chuckled, “I will now reward you, Lady von Carstein with life beyond life.”
We all watched as he stepped forward, pulling her into in his arms, a tiny bit of blood at the corner of his mouth and their lips met. I found myself closing the receptors to my eyes until I heard a soft thump. Lady van Winkle… now von Carstein had fainted.
As per this, Lady Von Carstein is of the clan von Carstein and we were unable to stop her- though I now have the metal fangs she once wore, what luck as they’re of beautiful design.
Ah yes, we returned to our journey after a few weeks, thanks to Lady Lamika and her generosity, As Lord Strauss von Carstein continued to insist on our staying, or at least Lady von Carstein. Lady Lamika arranged a ship to leave by day, we never did get to thank Lord Strauss.
Amendment: ah yes, our heading is to the Continent Lustria in the southwest, though we shall be passing through the Estalin Sea- I personally do not know why we’re going, maybe that is where the retrieval unit is.

+ The Emperor Protects + Entry LX
My eyes have seen a deal of death so far, some by my hand, most by the hands of others. This instance however has left my heart a bit weary and also has turned a member of our party into a husk of herself. An explanation is due,
We were attacked by greenskin pirates, orks and goblins, and needless to say, my poor luck has continued. The entire battle I was trapped underneath one of the brutes due to an improperly judged sleep spell. Which I managed to do twice- trapped under one, I grabbed the ankle of the other and ended up pinned under both as Lady Rip von Carstein and the dwarf tore though the greenskins. I am ashamed of my lack of prowess in battle- as an Imperial Psyker I am just as I should be- if I had neglected my training. In this world, I am equipped only to work behind the shadows, just as a thief. I am ashamed of that- to say the least.
A bright flash shone around the edges of the heavy body and all the greenskins departed- I could hear Overburg shouting insults and curses- though, as per usual, I saw and heard nothing of Lady von Carstein. The real concern on my mind at the moment was getting out from under the mass of drooling meat and retrieving my hat. I should buy a strap for that fraking thing, if I’m to properly hide my eyes I should make it more of a sure fire stay. Regardless- I heard heavy thunk-thunks above me and felt warm blood and the death rattles of the orks. I gag thinking of the experience.
After managing to crawl out from under, retrieving my hat and securing it- I went to check on Xanthia. The mother to be hadn’t been seen in the battle, not that she could have been much help, but she at least seemed to enjoy watching.
I found Lady von Carstein standing outside the door, loading her musket, her eyes a bit wider than normal. Damn my deaf ears, my views of perception are not what they were- I spent too much time in that village, safe in that little shack. Oh I miss those days of easy money and drunken sleep. Regardless, back to what I was writing. When I inquired what she was doing, she only continued to load her musket and stare at me, “I vould not go in thare.”
Ridiculous! “Don’t be silly, we should check on Lady Xanthia.”
How strangely at home I felt as I opened the door, what to a untouched mind would be horrific, I felt most certainly at home. Lady Xanthia sat wailing in a pool of blood, both red and green, beside her a creature split in two by her very blade. The creature seemed to look like any other child I’ve assisted in birthing, but it had more arms than it should have and clawed hands, its body had a carapace- my, my what an odd mutation. Across the room, the ships physician lay gutted and cut- I honestly could find no words beyond, “My-my how lovely.”
I went to Lady Xanthia and made an attempt to calm her, she made a momentary mad babble about her child and the doctor and all the blood. I found no resolve but to make her rest. Admittedly I was distracted by the luscious gore about me for it to be effective- but the sobs grew louder and my right mind reminded me it would be a bad idea for this mess to be found. Again, I tried and this time Lady Xanthia fell into a deep and troubled rest. But it was a rest nonetheless.
As Lady von Carstein began to work at the human blood on the floor and about the body, Miss Ezzy made good use of a borrowed barrel and disposed of the bloodless meat, and Dwarf Overburg kept watch over the ship, waiting for more greenskins.
Lady Xanthia was silent, a bit hollow, her mind seeming to be disoriented. She requested the baby be preserved, then pickled and kept in jars, then changed her mind and desired the child to be buried at sea. Much to my dismay at the final request- as I had gone through the process of pickling, slicing carefully as to keep the head undamaged- not to mention the gratitude I felt for being allowed to poke and prod about a body to my heart’s desire, as I had gone unwatched.
Damn my tongue and the temptation, “Do you mind, lady Xanthia? After all, no need to let a good body go to waste.”
I later chastised myself and assisted in the secretive sea burial of the child. I feel as it unwise for me to contin…





++++SAVING… … …++++

Authors Notes: A reminder for those who've survived this entire mass of story. Please. For the sake of my continuing. Be constructive and respectful. I only wish the same respect you demand for yourself.

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