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Looking to buy cards from the old CCG sets

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Posted 07 January 2010 - 02:12 AM

Greetings everyone,

After a very long break from the game I am trying to complete my collection of the old CCG cards, and I'm looking for quite a lot of them from the old sets up to Five Kings ed. I can pay or trade some of my cards for them, in case let me know what you are looking for.

These are the cards i need:

Winter Edition

R10 – Northern Heir
R21 – Winterfell Barracks
R29 – Western Heir
R34 – Littlefinger's Collectors
R40 – Holes of the Red Keep
R45 – Melisandre
R50 – Stormland Heir
R60 – Aegon's Sept
R70 – Highland Heir
R78 – Longship Great Kraken
R79 – Longship Silence
R99 – Great Pyramid of Mereen
R104 – Plaza of Punishment
R112 – Southron Heiress
R121 – Sunspear
R126 – Ruins in the Sand
R134 – Jon Snow
R135 – Jaqen H'Ghar
R139 – Pipar
R140 – Ygritte
R154 – The Wall
R166 – Field of Fire
R167 – From the Ashes of Winterfell
R168 – Hands of gold are Always Cold
R169 – Plea to R'hllor
R170 – Sound the Horn of Dragons
R178 – A Lord's Ransom
R179 – Along the Saltspear
R185 – Bound by R'hllor
R192 – Make an Example
R211 – Vengeance for Eddard
R214 – Benjen's cache
R218 – Catch them Unprepared
R226 – Game of Thrones
R230 – Safe within the Walls
R231 – Storm of Swords
R233 – The Gathering Storm
R234 – The Wraiths Appear

A Song of Twilight

R2 – Lady
R4 – Summer
R13 – Gold for Bribes
R25 – Devan Seaworth
R34 – Crackclaw Point Tower
R38 – Stygg
R53 – Haggo
R65 – Nymeria Sand
R84 – Donal Noye
R87 – Jarmen Buckwell
R89 – Ryk “Longspear”
R102 – Craster's Keep
R104 – Bay of Ice
R111 – My Life for Honour
R114 – My Life for the Lord
R118 – Crumbled to Dust
R139 – Twilight Brings Hope
R141 – Defenders of the Realm

A Song of Night

R9 – Robb's Sworn Swords
R29 – The Blackwater Shores
R35 – Army of Light
R48 – Captain Bluetooth
R62 – Aggo
R85 – The Viper's Bannermen
R95 – Danys Mallister
R100 – The Watch in Force
R109 – The Skirling Pass
R115 – Disowned
R122 – Justice is Served
R134 – The Long Night Falls
R139 – What Kings are for

The Iron throne Edition

U2 – Crested Wolf Shield
R11 – Septon Chayle
R19 – Riverrun
R25 – Seal of the Hand
R27 – Paxter Redwyne
R28 – Ser Gregor Clegane
U35 – Doubting Septa
R41 – Casterly Rock
R43 – Ruby of R'hllor
U49 – Renly Baratheon
R56 – Queen's Man
R58 – Robert's Honour Guard
R62 – Storm's End
R69 – Euron Crow's Eye
R70 – Maester Murenmure
R71 – The Reader
R73 – Wex Pyke
R86 – Bones of a Child
R93 – Pyat Pree
R94 – Rhaegal
U99 – Dothraki Wanderer
R105 – Vaes Dothrak
R108 – Anders Yronwood
R116 – Maester of Starfall
R119 – Pious Librarian
R124 – The Old Palace
R125 – The Spear Tower
R130 – Brienne of Tarth
R132 – Ser Arys Oakheart
R135 – Theon Greyjoy
R155 – Littlefinger
R156 – Pyromancer Hallyne
R158 – Varys
R165 – Great Sept of Baelor
R167 – The Iron Throne
R175 – Clash for the Crown
R177 – Devious Machinations
R180 – Everywhere the Sea is Heard
R197 – Plots within Plots
U202 – Routing the Charge
R211 – Taking Flight
R212 – They live!
U221 – All the Gold in Casterly Rock
R222 – Anarchy in the Streets
R223 – Bounty of the Realm
R231 – Take them by Surprise
U232 – The Good God's own Kiss
R238 – The Things I do for Love
R240 – With King's Consent

A House of Talons

R1 – Vale Pact
R6 – Northern Minstrel
R27 – The Rainwood
R34 – Sharp Eyed Lookout
R43 – Daario Naharis
R59 – The Prince's Pass
R70 – Sellsword Company
R82 – Ghost of High Heart
R92 – Bronze Yohn Royce
R107 – Riverroad
R129 – That's Worth Another Kiss
R138 – Prove One's Worth

A House of Thorns

R3 – Donella Hornwood
R10 – Tywin Lannister
R16 – Blockade Runner
R24 – Highland Defenders
R29 – Horseback Discipline
R44 – Quentin Martell
R64 – The Queen of Thorns
R82 – Trader on Ironman's Bay
R84 – The Dreadfort
R91 – The Shield Island
R95 – Left
R99 – Courier Captain
R109 – A Web of Thorns
R111 – Choke
R121 – Olenna's Cunning

Iron Throne Promotion

P14 – Take the White
P15 – Ser Ilyn Payne
P16 – Jon Snow
P17 – Harrenhal
P18 – Dark Wings, Dark Words
P21 – Widow of War
P23 – The Iron Throne
P24 – Patchface
P28 – The Eyrie

Five Kings Edition

R12 – Robb Stark
R24 – Training Yard
R27 – Boy-King's Bannerman
R38 – Tywin Lannister
R48 – The Lion's Mouth
R49 – Massage Parlor
R53 – True King's Bannerman
R56 – Melisandre
R57 – Renly Baratheon
R59 – Davos Seaworth
R61 – Bitterbridge Host
R82 – Balon Greyjoy
R93 – The Drowned Horde
R94 – Cape Kraken
R95 – Abandoned Lighthouse
R100 – Sealed Mine
R106 – The Queen's Bannerman
R109 – Drogon
R114 – Viserion
R118 – Drogo's Khalasar
R123 – Astapori Pits
R130 – Arianne Martell
R132 – Myrcella Lannister
R135 – Trystane Martell
R137 – Army of Scorpions
R147 – Desert Stocks
R159 – The Vale
R163 – Against the common Foe
R170 – Lady Stoneheart
R176 – Campfire Bard
R181 – King's Landing
R204 – Life is not a song
R210 – Stampede
R212 – Too Late to Spill the Wine
R215 – After the Mummer's Ford
R217 – An Empty Throne
R223 – Defending the Fist
R224 – Empty the Vaults!
R227 – Frey Hospitality
R233 – Rout of the Riverlords
R238 – The Promise of Victory

Five Kings Promotion

P25 Gorold Goodbrother

Clash of Arms Promotion

P19 – Quaithe of the shadows
P20 – Maester Caelotte
P22 – Permutation of Power
P26 – Marked for Ransom

Old Promotion

P34 – Lady of Pleasure




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Posted 12 January 2010 - 08:57 AM

 Just look through this list and make a reasonable offer:


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