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Hilde * (gard von Krone), dutpotd's 1st place Calgary store - Myths - champ deck, Jan 2, 2010

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#1 dutpotd



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Posted 03 January 2010 - 06:06 AM

Please also see my tourney report in the tourney report section, overall tourney top 8 results were posted in general section under the topic regarding 'I can't decide, can you? (your chance to contribute to a coming store tourney)'


2 X Hilde * (F,G,O) (1 is starting character)

1 X Astrid ** (A,F,G)

1 X Sophitia * (F,L,O)

1 X Amy * (G,O,W)

= 4 (in deck)


3 X Dual Wielding (F,G,O)

= 3


3 X Hilde’s Weapon Asset (Sword and Spear) (F,G,O)

2 X Valkryja’s Shield (F,O)

1 X Ostreinsburg Castle THrone Room (G,O)

= 6


4 X Mark of the Beast (F,G)

3 X Siren's Call (F,G,O)

3 X Dragon's Flame (F,G)

2 X Triple Botta in Tempo (G,O)

1 X Fire Shadow (F,G,O)

= 13


4 X Hope for One's People (F,G,O)

4 X Shadowar (F,G)

4 X Cursed Blood (G,O)

4 X Faithful Bodygaurd (G)

4 X Ultimate Team (F,O)

3 X Memories of a Nightmare (G)

3 X Torn Hero (G)

3 X Paid to Protect (F)

2 X Determined (F,O)

2 X To the Ends of the Earth (G,O)

2 X Enemies now Friends (G)

2 X Strange Fashion (G)

2 X Standoff (F)

1 X For Justice (F,G,O)

1 X Unstoppable Conviction (F,G,O)

= 41

Total, not including starting character = 67

Basic strategy involves pumping with dual wielding OR faithful bodygaurd OR P2P after damage pump OR Dragon's Flame Combo <Mark->Sirens->Flame> (Faithful, incidentally makes all damage pumps X2 in hilde, so dual wielding is actually 'more' effective on on 5 speed Dragon's Flame than it is on 8 damage Siren's Call when faithful is out and the character card is in hand...)

Defensively you got 4 cards that add Breaker 2 to blocks, and the 2 Triple Botta, all of which help end turns prematurely. The alternate is simple damage reduction with Ultimate or P2P, aided by blanking key pump cards (Brooding, Hungry, any Ragnar Promo thingummy, etc.) with Memories. 4 X Mark of the Beast is simply my hate for Fury in Zi Mei, and generally any multiple in Heiachi (most notably spinning demon). Torn Hero is Torn Hero and often I sided into the 4th for good measure...

There wasn't a common kill, but usually I'd get a faithful out or a dual wielding into my hand + an answer to P2P or anything bothersome = kill. Worst case, bad draws, I'd survive with my anti-one-hit kill cards - faithful and P2P are surprisingly good at this. I wasn't outbuilt once today, the Astrid almost kept up, and this fact coupled with a tri-symbol spread (torn hero -> P2P is pretty solid vs. anything this meta throws) and it helps a lot.

For Justice X 1 is simply flavor, it works on all my attacks, helps the multi-symbol build, and 3 damage is 3 damage. The Unstoppable conviction is the same and it adds some multi-discard defense, jic someone decided on Yoshi or Lizardman, both of which our meta is/has toyed with. My deck would have more mainboard discard hate except for the fact discard still takes a) time, and b) damage dealt, both of which Hilde does a great job at addressing in the first place.

Standoff is funny, if my opponent commits early it can be +8 in Hilde for 4 foundations, but without stun, and with a multi symbol deck that doesn't build 'as quickly' as a mono would, it isn't a more than 2X card.

Strange Fashion is decidedly great and you had better believe I questioned its interaction (with) in my game against Kyoufo...

Enemies now friends is interesting. With Shadowar you can have follow up attacks go with +2 control check and +4 damage... The +4 damage is sick on Triple Botta after a half block...

If it wasn't for the +2 low block on Ultimate Team it would be a 3X in this deck.

This deck needs a bit more draw... And I was 'this' close to find space for 4x relentless. As it stands, I'm happy with my decision to leave it out, as the deck is very agressive/counterattacky in its current state.

Sideboard was this:

2 X Pommel Smash

2 X Soul Wave

1 X Warriors Path

1 X Fire Shadow

1 X Torn Hero

1 X To the Ends of the Earth

= 8

I used it a lot actually (the Fire Shadow Torn Hero and To the Ends that is, the others didn't come in at all, surprising granted all the main board cards are very useful in many cases)

Any questions - fire away!

- dut

#2 Shaneth



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Posted 15 January 2010 - 04:01 PM

Looks random, sir :)

This is something totally different than what I have seen in my days.

But if it works it works :)

#3 dutpotd



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Posted 17 January 2010 - 04:18 AM

Shaneth said:

Looks random, sir :)

This is something totally different than what I have seen in my days.

But if it works it works :)

Hehe, not random at all, many a hour has been put into getting the numbers of everything 'just' right - this is the joy of a dual/tri-symbol deck that wins long games easily and can still bonk for 30 turn 3 consistently ^^

- dut

#4 Shaneth



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Posted 19 January 2010 - 07:26 AM

I guess I'm just not seeing correctly...

Why only 1x Fire Shadow, 1x Unstoppable Conviction, 1x For Justice, etc all the other random numbers?

Are the symbols spread out evenly enough so that it's easier to splash when packing those 1-ofs and 2-ofs?

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