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A New Year

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#1 Kylen



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Posted 31 December 2009 - 04:00 PM

Just a little something I thought up while sitting around. Sorry if it's rough, but I wanted to try and get it up here before the new year hit.

Only characters that are mine are Jericus and Lydia, the others are characters from the group I'm in.

You'll also have to pardon me if I misrepresented any of them. This is written from my knowledge of them.

Other people are encouraged to submit their character's New Years Hijinx


It was night fall in Hive Sibellus. In a small midhive bar called the Roaring Bolt, a fairly conspicuous group of people sat and drank in fairly merry fashion. Upon closer look, one could see quite the diverse set of people at the bar, all chatting happily. Among their numbers where a female guardsman with out of sector markings, a cyborgish man, wearing markings from in system, a TechPriest 'drinking' degreasing agent, a multicolored haired priest girl, a mousy adept chick, a smaller, and an inquisitive girl who was reading.

The only one of their number who looked at home was a man wearing a fedora, greatcoat, and a pair of pistols. He chuckled as the techpriest said a joke, shaking his head. Soon enough, the hour chimed.

"Hate to leave you drinking alone, but I've got to get Amy back home, or our boss is going to chew us out. I dislike having Skane mad at me." the female guard said, standing and gently tugging the book girl with her.

The hiver nodded. "See ya later Amy, Kira." he says, stretching out with his beer. The cogboy and the more mechanical guardsman got up as well. "You too Psi? Time for recharge and maintence?" he asked, the moderately changed mechanicus nodding. "I guess I'll see you and Lindstrom in the morning." he sighed.

"Unfortunately, rituals to do and all. See you in the morning." he said, shuffling off with the burly cyborg, who waved. Looking over the table, the gunner noticed the girls getting up.

"We also hate to do this, but I dont' want to be too far down here come late." the adept said, a fairly drunk looking priestest nodding.

With a smug smile, and a sad shake of his head, he waves them off. "Have a good night, Anna, Kim." he said, the two taking off, Anna helping the drunken girl home.


The chrono soon drew near midnight, the bar deserted except for the lone hiver and the barmaid. They didn't talk, but they exchanged their words with out saying anything.

'I miss you' she said. 'Always disappearing with those guys.'

'I'm sorry.' he repiled, looking quite repentful. 'Work is work, and I don't want you dragged in.' he told her.

She smiled, shaking her head and walking over, taking his hat from him and putting it on. He looked up, smirking slightly. "Anyone else, and it wouldn't end well, you know?" he asked.

"Yeah, well I can't name a whole lot of assassins that would kill over a hat." she retorted, causing him to chuckle and leap over the bar, pinning her to the wall with a grin. She squealed softly, blushing.

"You also can't name a lot of assassins who will only drink at this bar, unless work calls for it. You can't name a lot of regulars who would put his life down for you, either." he growled, before kissing her softly.

She kissed back, before breaking it. "I miss you Jericus. Please come by more?" she said. "I love you too much to not see you."

"And I miss you, Lydia, and I will." he replied, kissing her again as the chrono marked midnight in on Scintilla, as most of the hive celebrated the turn of a new galactic year. "I love you, and will never leave you."

#2 ZillaPrime



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Posted 04 January 2010 - 04:03 PM

Aww...  So cute.  So plot-hooky....

Only thing I can see that might be off is Kira would have waited for the midnight toast and drink before leaving (as long as duty allowed for it).

I am picturing Lindstrom staring sadly into a big mug of beer and complaining that "it doesn't taste the same anymore..."

I am assuming most of them are sober because Anna and Tanya Kim keep drinking people's drinks that were "too slow"?

For those not in the know: Jerrichus is VERY attatched to his hat.

#3 Kylen



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Posted 04 January 2010 - 09:09 PM

Indeed he is. It is HIS het (said in german-ish accent, see Jager-monsters from Girl Genius) and he lurves his hat.


And I kinda thought some stuff might have been off, but plot/cuteness/dawww factor required that little discrepency.


And probably, that or they downed a lot of their own drinks as well.

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