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hot justice (fire order sophitia)

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#1 dark121



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Posted 19 December 2009 - 01:52 PM



4 Ostreinsberg Castle Throne Room
3 Gianzende Nova and Frischer Himmel

3 Toughest in the Universe

3 Zi Mei's Wheel Kick
3 Dragon Lifter
4 The Boot
4 Hammer of the Gods


4 Together Again
4 Cursed Blood
4 Nursing a Grudge
4 Enraged Golem
4 For the Money
4 Hope for One's People
4 Envoy of the Queen
4 Sisters of Battle
4 The Ultimate Team
4 Best Friends

4 Albion
4 Defeated the Rifle

the basic premise of the deck is to wreck face with castle throne room and dragon lifter and to abuse the hell out of stun with sophitia's second enhance I found that order sophitia didn't have enough damage output and lacked alot when it came time to make succesful checks. That's where for the money and enraged golem come in.

From the play testing i have done i've found that most attacks become so freaking fast your opponent can't do anything to block, which is why finacial troubles doesn't have a place here, i have the needed draw with himmel and i found opponents would just pitch cards knowing having a hand wouldn't help them at all. The deck usually doesn't build crazy fast but as long as you have cursed blood it's usually not a problem. I usually will mulligan if i don't have either cursed blood or throne room in hand as they are very needed cards.

On the defense sophitia's enhances come in real handy, then with sisters for speed redux, ultimate team for damage redux and together again it makes a nice wall.

dragon lifter- with sophitia's enhance and throne room (assuming they weren't already stunned out) lifter hits 8 for 10. Then there's any other tricks like golem or Ultimate team or toughest making this a very scary kill card.

enraged golem- really good against everything but taki, The best part is if you commit out your opponent and use sophitia's awesome second e to ready it for the next attack.

castle throne room- such a great card. makes ultimate team, dragon lifter and hammer of the gods crazy.

hope for one's people, envoy of the queen - spam cards with both symbols, mostly used as fodder for the commit effects like Ultimate, Sophitia and best friends.

nursing a grudge- Works so well when you throw a a wheel kick at 7 high for 1 with a +2 to your opponents block. hello dragon lifter!

Some problem areas i've noticed is getting your terrain destroyed, it's a must in order to insure a proper kill, which is why there's 4 throne rooms in the deck, but that doesn't totally fix the problem. There's also the problem with key cards not sharing symbols, meaning i need 2 or 3 turns in order to (hopefully) have every card i need to kill.  Another problem is throws, There is some damage redux but not enough to counter the epic boosts throw decks can give.

then there's Astrid... the only way i found around her reversal pommel smash (which hits sophitia and destroys your best speed boost) is to throw a wheel kick and give it as much stun as possible then speed boost the crap out of it. Sure she may be able to commit herself out to pass the block but then that ruins all her damage boost so her reversal won't hit that hard. now there's a +2 in progressive difficulty for her block to lifter :)

#2 Haohmaru



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Posted 20 April 2010 - 02:03 PM

Great deck!


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