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A Quick Errata for Ki Dominion

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#1 Asinus



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Posted 08 December 2008 - 08:04 AM

This isn't official, and it's all for the English book, but I thought it should be addressed.

I'm a huge fan of the Ki system, but they aren't entirely clear about a few things. ( Does anyone in France or Spain have the new book for Ki Dominion? Maybe it'll help out... )

Pg. 101 "Double Vital Sacrifice" The MK cost here is +50 ( wow! ) which I
thought was a little steep, so I checked that out. Eld, in "Ignis" has +150 to attack  (40 MK) and Double Vital ( 50 MK? )at a cost of 60. This obviously doesn't work out. 90 - 10/5 for keeping Feuer Active ( see Pg. 106 ) would make this only cost 20 MK. Five and Two look alike anyway, so I'd understand that mistake.

Pg. 102 "Additional Actions" This is a generally less expensive than "Additional Attacks" but as far as I can tell it's generally better. It works out okay to change the costs as such.

Limited Attacks :: Additional Actions. Additional Attacks :: Limited Attacks. Additional Actions :: Additional Attacks.

Pg. 103 "Long-Distance Attack and Area Attack" Both of these have errors. For Long Distance attack the progression goes "15-30-60-50" and for Area it goes "3-15-30-80-50." It's a flat-out error, and it seems like the best bet is just to replace 50 with 100.

Pg. 105 "Mirage" -"These images may perform any action, and even make individual attacks." This just needs to be clarified a bit how to do it.  Maybe another Ki "Optional Advantage" lets them do damage? Divide your actions upon them? Maybe a case-by-case thing...

Pg. 105 "Damage Resistance" It could be a little clear about the Multiple, you can find it on page 286 though. Medium is 5.

Pg. 106 "Special Requirement" The MK benefit for Simple Intensity is higher
than that for Major Intensity! Probably just switch them. Also, for anyone
who wants to know, maintaining a power as a requirement is 10 or 5 MK. ( Derived from the Ignis techniques. ) I'm not sure how they decided it, but
it's something like that.

Intangibility is a little bit unclear, too. Reasonably a person couldn't use it to be invincible to all sorts of attacks but still hurt other people, but what if they have "Supernatural" or "Energy" attacks? I haven't found any description of intangibility beyond that.

#2 Exarkfr



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Posted 08 December 2008 - 10:18 AM

Eld is missing a "+10 to damage" (an option has been chosen without it's base effect), which adds another +5 MK.
Don't forget that every Ignis technique has the "Fire Element" disadvantage, for -15 MK (it's indicated in the description of Ignis, and not repeated for each technique)

About "additional actions", this doesn't allow you to make the same active action twice. It only negates the -25 penalty you get for making several multiple actions . So, this wouldn't give you more attacks.

Range/Area : blame it on FFG for not being able to convert meters to feet
using 1m=3ft, it would give   3ft , 15ft , 30ft , 75ft , 150ft , 300ft , 1500ft , 5000ft , 15000ft   for area

Mirages don't do damage. but as the enemy can't tell who is who, he will defend against the mirages, and end up with a penalty for multiple defences.
You can also uses them as decoys

"Damage resistance" : which multiple ? you gain additional hit point as per the 1st column of the technique, extra armour, and the ability to act even if hit. but don't actually turn into another type of creature  (you act like =/= you become)

"being close to a bonfire" is not as restrictive as "being close to an active volcano"  =>  minor intensity (-10) gives a smaller discount than major intensity (-15). have they written it the other way ?

Intangibility shouldn't let you attack people. You cant' be hurt, unless the opponent can affect energy  (rule it like an animic creature, from chapter 26)

#3 Asinus



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Posted 16 December 2008 - 03:42 AM

Thanks for that post! They did mess up the metric, and the intensity costs in the English version though.


I was thinking, though, what if you are intangible and can effect energy? That would probably get around that.

#4 Exarkfr



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Posted 16 December 2008 - 09:22 PM

Asinus said:

I was thinking, though, what if you are intangible and can effect energy? That would probably get around that.

This is a complex subject

Attacks on the ENErgy Mode allow material creatures to affect immaterial targets, and immaterial creatures to affect material targets. But it won't let you bypass Presence Immunity  (you still need Presence Extrusion or Damage Energy).

Being able to affect energy (which doesn't equal to attacking on ENErgy Mode) only allows a creature (material or immaterial) to affect immaterial targets.

Immaterial creatures (unless they have an ENErgy attack) need to become material to affect material targets.




"energy attacks" are immaterial waves of energy (like a dragon's breath) that are hard to Block (if ENE, they reduce Block to 0 ;  if HEA, COL or ELE, they reduce Block by -120) unless the target can affect energy. They don't necessarily affect energy.

"ENErgy attack" are attacks on the ENE Mode. They affect energy. They aren't necessarily "energy attack" (for example, Velez attacks, despite being on ENE Mode, do not ignore target's Block skill).

"HEA, COL and ELE" attacks" are attacks on the HEA, COL, and ELE Modes (respectively). They don't affect energy (unless stated otherwise). They aren't necessarily "energy attacks"

"energy affecting" means that it can be used to Block "energy attacks" and hit immaterial creatures.



I hope I didn't made any mistake and explained it clearly enough


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