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Skaven Magic

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Posted 27 November 2009 - 10:39 AM

Having played with the rats i know that some of there strengths is in there interesting magic with that in mind i couldnt just give my grey seer just any old spells so i decided to make my own the first of which is as follows:



Magic                                             Recharge

 <p>                                                       4

Special: 5 power, add [B] if engaged

*S* With an Audible 'Bamf!' the caster disappears and reappears at any point within long range and within line of sight.

*SS* Same as above, but can target anyone friendly unit within close range even if they are engaged.

*B* After Reappearing you may immediately preform a manoeuvre for free.

{B} Caster suffers 1 wound

{S} The capricious Winds of Magic whisk you away, at the end of your turn you Reappear somewhere within close range of destination( players choose where)


Now I know that this looks very similar to a spell already made which is true however i modified it a bit to fit the skaven theme a little bit.  As always i offer this up to the masses to tear to shreds and offer opinions upon.

#2 amrowe1999



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Posted 01 December 2009 - 11:23 AM

Here is the next in the line of skaven spells


Warp Lightning

Magic                                Recharge

<P>                                         6

Spellcraft(INT) vs Target defence

 7 power, target within long range

*S* The Grey Seer points a fleshy paw towards its victim and bolts of greenish black lightning arc outwards.  Striking the target for 4+INT damage, ignoring the soak value of its armour

*B* +1 Damage, +1 critical

*BB* +1 Critical and you may add or remove 1 recharge token from any skaven ability

{BB} you are reduced to 0 power and suffer 1 wound

{S} A terrible backlash happens as the lightning courses over your body. Suffer 2 wounds


The intention with the spells i have been making is to make a grey seer as a true NPC/main BAD GUY.  So as always i post this for the masses to rip to pieces and comment on.

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