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... tile observations ...

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Posted 27 November 2009 - 06:20 AM

Not sure if anyone has posted any details about the tiles so far, so I figured I just put up some observations here.

This is an interesting picture to work with


As you can see, hexes have a number icon, one or more resource icons and a silhoutte Icon with a numeral to their right printed on them.


The resource icons have been previewed already and are pretty evident. We know they can increase your respective dial when a certain order card is played.


The number Icon will probably be used together with the Fate Cards ( which also have a number on them )  to create a random map for every new game as evidenced by these hints :

"Building the map is only one part of beginning Runewars,"

"Fate Cards serve as a sort of all-purpose randomizer, and are used in battle, hero duels, diplomacy, and even setup! "

My guess is you'll have to draw a Fate Card ( one of those numbered from 1 - 13 ) and use that tile to start building the board.

Then draw  a second fate Card and attach the corresponding tile to the first one ( in a way that the area's make sense ) and so on until you have a certain amount of tiles/hexes in play - depending on how many players will play the game. ( You may want a smaller board for two players than for four players. )

Interesting to know there are 30 Fate Cards, and only 13 tiles so far, so we can have up to 17 more tiles in the expansions ... :)



The Silhoutte Icon and the numeral besides it indicates which neutral units control this area at the start of the game.

Take a look at the silhoutte in hex 4B


and then compare to the gray figure in this picture


As, you can see, they look identical. There are apparently 3 of those figures in this area at the start of the game.

Which is further indicated by these preview comments

"After positioning the tiles and forming the map, players will distribute the neutral monsters (who roam the untamed lands between the starting areas) and set up their home cities. "


So get ready to crush the neutrals, or enlist them in your army ( diplomacy ) and create a path towards the runes.

You may even leave a few neutrals in place as a buffer between you and your opponent.

... starting to look very good ... :)

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Posted 27 November 2009 - 07:09 AM

Another thing that is interesting, from the description page: "[I]n the winter, armies may cross the frozen rivers of Terrinoth."  Meaning, of course, that any side of a hex that is covered in water will be impassible like mountains three seasons out of the year, but wide open for the other.  Also interesting is that the "Latari Elves" is the only race that has a unit with the "flying" descriptor on its race sheet (for reference: latari, daqan, uthuk, waiqar) making them the only race that can bypass those boundaries by default.

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