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Scenario in GM Screen - Any Good?

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#1 Skywalker



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Posted 08 November 2009 - 08:40 AM

Has anyone read the scenario and want to comment?

#2 Ryuu3050



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Posted 21 November 2009 - 05:55 PM

The scenario Shadows Within Dreams is very detailed in its description of areas and the personalities of the NPCs that it includes within it.  Shadows Within Dreams would be a difficult first mission for the level of characters that it is made for.  So, that makes it an interesting starting mission with several different options for the party to follow through to the end, as well as the potential to link into many different types of scenarios post its completion.

I like the detail that is included in the scenario as well as the potential to continue a campaign with this as its start point.  While the scenario is not perfect it is a well written dark story that only really suffers from the typical typos that are in the English translations of Anima.

#3 MalVolentes



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Posted 28 February 2010 - 03:59 AM

I'm planning on using this scenario for the first adventure of my campaign, once the players finally stop changing their minds over their characters. I'd have to say that it seems to be quite an interesting dark adventure, that immediately sets out that this is a very different kind of game.

It has an interesting way of establishing a new group of characters... everyone is on the same journey for their own reasons. If you can get your players to detail their reasons then by the time they reach Archangel you can have some adventures worked out from the players' input. As the rest of the journey isn't detailed you can also put a few more adventures along the way.

The most useful aspect is that the adventure gives you an idea what level and type of adversaries the players should be facing at first level. There's not much detail along those lines in the main rulebook so even if you don't use the adventure, it can still be helpful in putting together your own material.

#4 ilovecheese1



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Posted 01 March 2010 - 06:27 PM

 Ive ran the scenerio twice now (one for practice with friends, once again as a starter for my current campaign) and i think it works well for introducing characters to the realm of the supernatural, as well as making them form a cohesive group. They work together or die, and it forces them to come to terms with some of the more common aspects of party disunity (i worked alone until now, how can i trust you, etc.). Those by itself make for a fine starting adventure, and the implicit rules used for making "swarms" like the crows in part 3 is very useful, as it is one of the only things missing from the core book.


Even though it may be tough for characters at first level, if you do it right they will be fine but challenged . To add to that, don't go crazy with Raptor at the end of part one, i recommend not attacking, or limiting his values, as he CAN kill a character within one to two hits.


for the second part, i recommend dropping clues very slowly, even through the rumors page, for as soon as both of my parties heard about "the ruins in the east" they checked em out first thing, and triggered the last part of the adventure a little too early for my taste : / . 


Actually the last time i ran this as my current starter i managed to get through with a pacifist mentalist, though i do remember psychic illusion to be slightly... strong for him. Anyway its a great adventure definitely run it if you get the chance (thumbs up!)

#5 Warpghostoftime



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Posted 05 March 2010 - 09:40 AM

I read it, and plan to use it to git the people that I play with to work togethe. Also I find it a grate way to get people to play. Compared to the mainy modules that Ive played in D&D this one holds me. My hope is that this will get people to play Anima with me. Grrrrr Hate and love living in small town.

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