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Epic Adventure Games Store Championship, California

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#1 Smazzurco



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Posted 08 November 2009 - 07:42 AM

I ran a slightly tweaked version of the Chaos Omar build i have in the deckbuilding forums.


Round1 vs Fire Astrid played by Josh, who is fairly new to the game.

Usually try to go a little easy on newcomers, but the deck had been adjusted and this was round1 with the store championship on the line and everyone knows astrid can easily OSK on reversal so i didnt want to get too sloppy game 1.  I took game 1 fairly easily.

Game 2 i got stupid hand...and well...stupid hand is stupid.  He went first and got down 2 foundations and Reavers Axe.  I go 2nd and drew a stupid hand of 1st rite, 2nd rite, 1st rite, 2nd rite, For the money, some random foundation. I go first rite, stun2, he blocks with a +2L but checks a 4 and gets hit for 3.  I drop a 2nd rite at a 4 and hit him for another 3.  Then i drop for the money and another foundation.  He plays a few more foundations his turn 2 and i drew into a 3rd rite.  First rite, 2nd rite, 3rd rite, multiple 2, GG.

Round 2 vs Hilde

Hilde was being played buy a player who used to play but hasn't for some time.  The deck was built to go attack > midnight launcher > dual wielding and i kept blocking the first attack into a gut drill, giving it an extra stun off of Maniacal laughter, which also gave me a 2nd momentum to hit him with a multiplied 3rd rite.  Low vitality is tough in this format right now...2-0.

Round 3 vs Vapergecko Lu-chen

Game 1 i ate a few too many reversals too many.  Eventually ended up overcommitted and ate a wrath of heaven to the face.  Game 2 i sided in my Devil Within's and Demon Slayers.  Game 2 was closer but he took me.  Lu chen went 3-0 as swiss champ, but no one on here saw that coming!



We only had 8 so we cut to top 4.  

Round 1 vs Siegfried

Siegfried was played by a pretty casual player but he did really well.  Base hold + Rising hilt + siegfried = face smash.  Unfortunately i had all the blocks when i needed them and his deck didn't drop enough foundations to be able to stand up to my aggro after his was unsuccessful.  Took him 2-0.

Finals vs Lu Chen

Ok everyone knew this was coming.  He had already beat me once, but now i was a little more versed in what to stop in his deck.  I got a controller of souls down early game 1 and it allowed me to slow down his speed pumps enough to let me block + gut drill when he attacked.  I held him out until i could fuel enough momentum with maniacal laughters and did a few multipled spinning demons to eventually take a grueling game 1.  

I felt in pretty good shape since game 1 was a lot more difficult for me without my Devil's Withins.  Also demon slayer could stop a speed pump or the lu chen e on robes if needed.  This time though i sided differently and removed my 2nd rites and zaibatsu leaders.  This left me with more damaging attacks, as with all the card pool shennanigans going on i usually could only throw 1 attack a turn, unless it was a kill turn...in which case if i fell short i was dead.  I built up Need to Destroys and Maniacal Laughters and built up a little momentum.  Got him to ~20 early and finally went for it with a multiple 1 spinning demon into a multiple 2 spinning demon.   Omars dmg pump was able to allow me to squeeze thru JUST enough damage and knock the old man on his ass.

We also had a fire cassie that did 12-lethal dmg turn 1 lol, but i guess just fell short.  Rockstar also ran a Jin and all day he had a hand full of foundations and a discard pile full of attacks...Happens.


Lu chen was really difficult to work around.  Lots of cards going from my staging area to my cardpool (then coming down commited to boot) and lots of fast speed reversals. And 10speed wrath of heavens are no joke.  

#2 Bloodrunstrue



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Posted 08 November 2009 - 08:51 AM

Thanks for taking the time to write this report.

Before I found out the astrid was relatively new I was shocked that she didnt top 4 :P Also, congrats on winning!!

What prizes did you get?



#3 RockStar



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Posted 08 November 2009 - 01:29 PM

Great report, man! Congrats on winning the tourny, you certainly deserved it, and VaporGecko's Lu Chen deck is no joke.

#4 iceman01



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Posted 08 November 2009 - 03:50 PM

Good job on winning your Store Championship. How was your Omar built I've been running Omar since US Nationals. Also how was the LuChen deck built I have a player that is trying to make him work.  

#5 Smazzurco



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Posted 08 November 2009 - 06:34 PM

My omar was chaos, a really similar build is posted in the deckbuilding forums "my shot at chaos omar".  Feel free to post any specific questions on the deck in that thread.


Lu chen had lots of stuff coming up into my card pool.  You really could only play 1 attack a turn and you ended up with 3-5 cards in your cardpool and possibly a reversal coming at your face (really fast too with Eisenne drossel + robes).  Know when to talk + Robes' lu chen E + lu chens abilities makes babies cry.  You really had to make your attacks count, and Need to Destroy was vital in increasing my multiple rating so i could get enough damage through.  Also controller of souls helped out a ton, and i had no problem with multiple of them on my field to stop Robe's Lu Chen E and Eisenne drossel when it really mattered, namely when i had a shot at a reversal gut drill.  The usual good staples like Torn Hero, Hope for ones people, Man Behind the Mask, as well as Enemies now friends for reduction (as well as pumping reversals after a partial block) were in there.  

The sideboard was almost as important as the deck in this tourney.  Demon slayers help a ton against launcher hilde and the devil within completely shuts down reversals/multiples.  I feared a fire stun deck but luckily never went up against one.  One player ran a extreme aggro cassie but we never got to play.  


Got zi mei sleeves and paperwork to fill out to get the engraving for the plaque or whatever you wanna call it.  Also the store owner kicked down i believe 3 packs of 4point to each participant and each participant got a kilik (we had 8 show).  Not too shabby considering this event (and all UFS constructed AFAIK) didnt cost a dime.   

#6 dutpotd



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Posted 19 November 2009 - 12:08 PM

Grats on this Sal!

I tried something like your Omar and it is pretty strong. Chaos is a really tricky symbol at the moment, but obviously extremely agressive when paired with Omar's damage pumps across multiple attacks.

Will be interesting to see what happens with Omar as more and more sets continue to be released.

- dut

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