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Pimp My Inquisitor!

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#1 Locque



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Posted 04 December 2008 - 05:11 PM

Since most of our adventures involve at very least one inquisitor, I think it'd just be interesting to show our inquisitors here, provide information, even stats, and see what different approaches we've taken thus far.

I'll go first.


Inquisitor Severus Nihilus

Ordo: Xenos

Faction: Not Specified (actually, where can I get info on the various factions within the inquisition?)


WS 35

BS 49

Str 28

To 41

Agi 30

Per 46

Int 50

Wp 56

Fel 42


Armour: Nihilus wears flak armour concealed under his grey robes at all times. He also carries a rosarius with forcefield.

Weapons: Force sword, Irontalon with silencer and red dot sight, chambered with manstopper ammo + 3 clips, Devil's kiss concealed in the lining of a sleeve.

Misc: Rosette (functions as multikey) Heretic's wake deck, 3 doses Torpor, carries vivisector but doesn't use it in combat unless absolutely necessary. Can also be used with a variety of toxins for stealth kills. dataslate, pict-recorder, hallucinogen grenade, black grimoire,

Skills & Talents: Dodge, Inquiry+20, Intimidate+20, Literacy, Charm +10, Forbidden lore(Inquisition)+20 Forbidden Lore (Warp)+20, Forbidden Lore (psykers)+20Scholastic Lore(Imperirum)+20 Common Lore(Legend)+10 Speak Language (high Gothic)+20 speak language (Low gothic +10) Drive (Ground Vehicle)All weapon training barring exotics and heavy weapons.  Forbidden Lore (Cults)+10 ,Peer (Inquisition), Ambidextrous,Tech-Use+20, Marksman, Arms master, Swift Attack, Deadeye shot, Resistance(poisons)  heightened senses (sight), Medicae, Navigation (stellar), Die Hard, Carouse, Deceive+20 Forbidden Lore(Mutants)+20, Forbidden Lore(xenos)+20, Forbidden Lore(Demons) Scholastic Lore (Beaurocracy), Quick Draw, Lip reading, Search, Jaded, Psybnicience, Psy rating 5,  Air Of Authority, mental Fortress, Strong Minded, Concealment, Unnatural Intelligence(phew!)

Psychic powers:

Call Item, wall walk, , Fearful Aura, Forget Me, Inflict Pain,Knack, Touch Of Madness

Biomancy:Regenerate, Shape Flesh

Telekinetics:Catch Projectiles

Telepathy:Compel, Dominate, Mind Scan, See Me Not, Telepathy


Though not quite paranoid, Nihilus is an inquisitor that suspects nothing is as it seems. Though technically an inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos, any and all suspicious activity, even that involving demons, mutants or other warp horrors, or seemingly mundane rebellions, will always draw the attentions of Nihilus. By the time he's confirmed whether or not there was any xeno involvedment, he'll have usually banished the demons, broken the uprising, solved the murder, etc. Nihilus values the lives of his acolytes and will never expend one unless it';s absolutely necessary. Innoecnts, however, can be sacrificed in any numbers so long as their deaths serve a greater cause. Nihilus prefers to capture xenos and heretics collaborating with xenos or using their technology. He is a skilled and merciless interrogator, and his black ship, the Ishmael, often echoes with the cacophanous shrieking of true agony - the noise deliberately allowed to diffuse into the holding cells to intimidate the other subjects. Somewhat Radical, Nihilus will utilise alien technologies to get the job done, but archives and stores the items afterwards, rather than keeping them on his person. Nihilus has known to tolerate the company of various sanctioned alien races and has even traded with and employed non-hostile aliens on a short term basis. Nihilus envisions rebuilding the imperium on the backs of other races wherever possible. restructuring a pyramid with humans at the top of the heap. When the time comes to strike at enemies, Nihilus likes to strike suddenly and decisively, the surprise and shock making it easier to ensure the maximum amount of live subjects.


#2 SlimeTheGreat



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Posted 04 December 2008 - 06:00 PM

Gotta love a nice radical Inquisitor

Mine is quite over the top since it's the first I've done.

Carne Angularic is a tall, muscular man in his 40s (looks like it at least) with a purple Mohawk and a monocle, he usualy has a large sized lho-stick (a cigar) and wears a power armor even when he's not working (my players suspect that he simply likes the look). He rejects affiliation to any specific order saying that: ''All ennemies of the imperium are ennemies of mine''. He's often inclined t use exessive violence, a trait wich is compensed by the presence and advice of his scribe: Brahmar Valgundis.

Actualy, Brahmar Valgundis is the boss, Carne is nothing but a flashy decoy (but the players don't know that yet). The guy isn't a fighter or a psycher, he's just exceedingly sneaky and bright. A red-headed, unremarkanble man in his early 30s (that's what he looks like at least) who wears glasses and hardlyever says anything, I dont think the players even noticed his existence as an assisstant to Carne yet. I only say: ''The same red-headed Adept is at the usual spot in the back''  and they pay no attentio nto him.

Vrectar, a psycher is the REAL inquisitor, he gives Brahmar mental  instructions and only the red-headed adept knows of his existence (though he's never seen him in flesh before). Vrectar is paranoid to a point that isn't reasonable even for a man in his position. He trusts nobody and divides everyone into one of two categories: Open adversaries and Hidden ennemies. When things go as planned, he uses both as his pawns to further his goals and thoses of the imperium. Nobody know what he looks like or what his ideology might be.

#3 Locque



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Posted 04 December 2008 - 06:27 PM

Nihilus is my first attemt too. By the Throne, that's a complex triumvirate. Only a genius or a psyker could penetrate that deceit.

#4 Headhanger



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Posted 04 December 2008 - 09:32 PM

I really like Vrectar. That sort of multi-layered deceit is the sort of thing that the Inquisition is built on. I don't think it's over the top at all, and when (more like if) your players ever figure it all out, they'll remember that Inquisitor for the rest of their role-playing lives. Memorable characters like Vrectar are key to building interesting encounters for your players.

#5 Alasseo



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Posted 05 December 2008 - 08:13 AM

 This inquisitor has never seen play, being designed for my upcoming campaign. So Dan, Laura, Craig, Ricky, Jake, Dom and Matt, you have a sneak peak here- but I'll avoid any spoilers. I'll also apologise, because partway through typing this the 'enter' key on my laptop has stopped working.

Inquisitor Varath Domaan. No obvious Ordo affiliations, although he is clearly based at the Officio Inquisitorius Planetia on Bast IV. Physically, he is a stout and bluff fellow in his late 140s, the most striking thing about him is that both of his arms are mere stumps, as is his left leg. These injuries are the result of a plasma gun overheat which occurred during the Storming of House Telamon, and he has repeatedly refused both bionic and cloned replacements, claiming that it wouldn't be right to fix himself when he cannot fix the victims of Luwter Telamon.

Instead, he is surrounded by a servo armature which mimics the movements made by his stumps, and acts as his limbs by proxy.

Luwter Telamon is something of a nemesis of Inquisitor Domaan- early in his career, Domaan was called in to pronounce on a derelict transport ship, the Pilgrim's Progress, found on the edge of the Anter system's Jump Zone. It had obviously been attacked and boarded by someone, and while the crew had evidently put up a fierce resistance, the passengers had sought refuge in the ship's chapel. All four hundred and fifty seven had been killed and horrifically violated, with symbols of the Ruinous Powers carved into every single body and miscellaneous body part. It was later discovered that Telamon was the leader of the pirates who attacked the Pilgrim's Progress, and a number of other vessels reported as 'lost in transit', and that a previous investigation into his affairs had found nothing. Luwter himself escaped the later purging of his House, and his whereabouts remain unknown to this day. To remind himself of the price paid when the Inquisition failed in it's duty, Domaan had every single victim aboard Pilgrim's Progress buried with all due honour and ceremony as martyrs of the Imperium, but without their heads. Those were turned into a flock of servo skulls which act as his personal attendants, diarists, messengers and bodyguards.

He is never seen without at least three in attendance- a vox/pict skull, an auto-scriptor skull, and a minimum of one guardian skull, probably fitted with a powerful lasweapon of some kind. /paragraph/ He used to be a very hands-on leader, taking personal charge of any investigation which may have had a bearing on the crimes or current location of Luwter Telamon, but in the 60 years since the loss of his hands, he has gradually shifted into more of an administrator, co-ordinating the investigations of a number of different cells. He still gets some fieldwork, taking personal charge of the most serious crimes against the Imperium, and in particular those committed against defenceless victims. He is not above using kidnapping as a recruiting technique, particularly when he feels that a matter deserves the attention of the Emperor's Left Hand, but his existing cells are committed elsewhere... /paragraph/ His manner is generally genteel and avuncular, but there is evident steel in him, and anyone who he considers to have crossed the line of 'acceptable' behaviour (eg: decides to talk back to an inquisitor) will generally find a gunskull shoving the muzzle of an armed weapon in their face.









































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#6 DocIII



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Posted 11 December 2008 - 09:07 AM

Locque said:

Since most of our adventures involve at very least one inquisitor, I think it'd just be interesting to show our inquisitors here, provide information, even stats, and see what different approaches we've taken thus far.

Like the idea, but think it goes better stashed in the Gamemasters section.  Sure that won't stop your players from peeking if they want to, but greatly reduces the chance of accidentally letting the secrets out early if your players read the forums (as more than half of mine do).

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