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LCG Format Reprints (please sticky).

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#1 bloodycelt



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Posted 04 December 2008 - 03:18 AM

LCG Reprints (To my knowledge).

Arya Stark (ITE )
Catelyn Stark (ITE )
Direwolf Pup (ACoS, VEDPS)
Godswood (Wes, PS)
Great Keep (Wes, PS)
Hodor (ASoN)
Kennel Master (AToB)
Knight of the Tumblestone (ITE )
Lord Eddard's Chambers (ITE )
Northern Fiefdoms (VED, VEDPS, WED)
Nymeria (AToB)
Ser Rodrik Cassel (AFoD, ITELP)
Shaggydog (WED)
Summer (AToB)
Trident Reinforcements (ASoT)
Winterfell Kennels (AToB)*

Cersei's Attendant (ARoK)
Enemy Informer (WED)
Grand Maester Pycelle (ASoN)
Gutter Rat's Cunning (WED)
Hall of Heroes (Wes)
Lannisport Brothel (ASoS,VEDPS) *
Lannisport Steward (ITE)
Lannisport Weaponsmith (5KE)
Queen Cercei's Chambers (ITE)
Qyburn's Informers (ITE)
Ser Illyn Payne (Wes) *
Ser Jacelyn Bywater (ASoT)
The Goldroad (Wes)
Western Fiefdoms (VED, VEDPS, WED)

Aegon's Garden (Wes)
Army of the Faithful (VED R54)
Bastard of Robert (IAF C69, VEDPS SB24)
Brienne of Tarth (VED U47)
Devan Seaworth (ASoT R25)
Great Hall (Wes)
Host of Storm's End (Wes U80, PS B12)
King Robert's Chambers (ITE)
Knight of the Rainwood (ITE)
Maester Cressen (VEDPS SB31, Wes U40, PS B11) *
Melisandre (ITE)
Old Red Priest (VED C55, VEDPS SB28 )
Renly Baratheon (VED)
Renly's Courtier (ITE)
Ser Axel Florent (ASoS R41)
Selyse Baratheon (AHoTh)
Shadows Blessing (AcoS U25)
Stannis's Northern Cavalry (ASoN U39)
Stinking Drunk (5KE)
Stormlands Fiefdoms (VED, VEDPS, WED)

Aegon's Blade (VED R85)
Bones of a Child (ITE)
Brown Ben Plumm (ASoT R52)
Dany's Handmaiden (ARoK)
Eastern Fiefdoms (VED, WED, WEDPS)
Flame-Kissed (5KE)
Great Pyramid (Wes)
Captain Groleo (AHoTa)
Illyrio's Man (ITE)
Jhogo (VED U93, WEDPS T16)
Khal Drogo (ITE)
Khal Drogo's Tent (ITE)
Lady Daenerys' Chambers (IAF R136)
Poisoned Wine (VED C87, WEDPS T23)
Qartheen Fanatic (ACoS C56)
Quaithe of the Shadow (ATioB R77)
Temple of the Graces (Wes)
The Titan's Bastard (ASoN R64)
Viserys Targaryen (FoD R72, ITELP)
Warlock Servitors (WED C98, WEDPS T9)
Xaro Xhoan Daxos (AcOS R52)
Xaro's Home (WED U105)

Bodyguard (ASoS C84, IAF C142)
Crossroads (VED, VEDPS, WED, WEDPS)
Knight of Flowers (ASoS U86, IAFPS T17)*
Maester Aemon (AToB R96)
Milk of the Poppy (Wes C55, WesPS C25, ITELP)
Shae (Promo P8 )

Narrow Sea (ITE)
Summer Sea (ITE)
Sunset Sea (ITE)

A Lannister Pays His Debts (Wes C128, WesPS L7, ITE)
Distinct Mastery (ITE )
Distraction (Wes C108, PS L29, IAF C193, VEDPS SB39)
Guilty! (ITE )
I'm You Writ Small (ASoN C121)
Insidious Ways (WED C188 )
Kings in the North (ASoS U117)
Lethal Counterattack (ACoS R119(
Muster (ASoS U122, IAFPST45)
Retreat (AFoD U125)
Seductive Promise (ITE )
Westeros Bleeds (WED R212, WEDPS T40)
Winter is Coming (Wes R169, PS S31)
You Killed the Wrong Dwarf (ITE )

Blockade (ASoS R136, VED U215)
Fleeing to the Wall (ASoN U142)
Good for the Gander (VED R227)
Hear Me Roar ( WED U227, ITE )
Herding the Masses (IAF R231)
Holding the Trident (ASoS R139)
Mad King's Legacy (IAF U234, IAFPS T5)
Noose and Swordpoint (ASoS U141, IAFPS T6)
Power of Arms (ITE)
Power of Blood (ITE)
Power and Wealth (SoS R143, ITELP)
Rule By Decree (ToB U142, VEPS LMP7, ITELP)
Snowed Under (VED R233)
Valar Morghulis (IAF R238, ASoS R145)
Wildfire Assault (Wes U204, WesPS L6, IAF U250, IFPS G8, VEPS LMP5, 5KE)

For the most part I only included core set reprints that had no text box change, or the word changed does not change how the card works. Those should be marked with an asterisk. This is based off current reprint rules, and I may have made a mistake and missed something or another. So please consult your TO on anything reprinted in the core set first. Also Please consult your doctor, not recommened for pregnant women, children under the age of 12, people with a spleen condition.

#2 HuckmanT



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Posted 11 December 2008 - 05:27 AM

 Thanks a bunch, this is a great resource for going back and trying out old decks in the database.  Cheers!

#3 bloodycelt



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Posted 01 July 2009 - 02:28 AM


any chance someone can verify this list. It would be useful in preventing confusion and problems for some folks at upcomming tourneys.

#4 eloooooooi



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Posted 01 July 2009 - 04:34 AM

Nice one! Thank you!

#5 Arma virumque

Arma virumque


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Posted 12 July 2009 - 01:03 PM

You know, one ironic disadvantage of the LCG format is that it can be hard for a new player to get enough copies of all-purpose utility cards, particularly the ones that work within any House, if he's trying to keep four decks going at once.  I'm thinking here of cards like Bodyguard, Milk of the Poppy, Distinct Mastery, etc.

This could be an opportunity for someone with boxes full of old cards to get rid of unnecessary commons or uncommons, and do the new members of the community a favor at the same time.  I would be likely to bid on a set of LCG-legal reprints on eBay, and I imagine there might be other new players who would do the same.

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