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Custom Race: The Arctact Conclave (with graphics)

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Posted 03 December 2008 - 11:15 PM

I've created a couple of races, with the help of the templates by Grummore and Umpapa (and now me:p) I've been able to finish them for the tabletop. A first race I created are the Arctact Conclave, a race that was hidden in a pocket of the nexus that was unavailable for millenia: Lets hope the formatting works in this page, else I'll have to change things in a couple minutes.

Arctact Conclave
Background: There is no position for Mallice on any star chart, yet any traveller of wormholes will know how to reach the murky planet. It was a haven for idealists and rogues both. What neither of those knew was that the planet had been known before under a different name and for a different purpose.

Eons ago the planet was the home of a thriving civilisation that called themselves the Arctact Conclave. Due to shifts in the wormhole vortex’s the planet had to be abandoned and the Arctact fled to its sister planet while storms made Mallice an un-inhabitle planet. After a couple of centuries the storms became less intense and the alpha and beta entrances to the nexus became stable. A first return was attempted, but while the terraforming took place the storms regained their strength before any colonists could return.

While a first group of galactic pioneers from the Mahact colonised Mallice the Arctact remained unnoticed and hidden. For millennia galactic storms and turbulence caused chaos in the wormhole nexus, while the Arctact witnessed the passing of time with great patience. They constructed a new home on the planet they called Arcticus II and adapted their space ships so they could sail with the turbulence of the wormhole nexus. The last 200 years they have successfully been able to reach their home again, but to their horror they found it overrun with invaders.

They quickly sought to gain knowledge of their invaders’ purposes and a ways to rid them of their home planet. Gradually they became more knowledgeable in the government system and after a while they sought to declare themselves a sovereign race of the Known Galaxy. The opportunity arose when then storms finally calmed down and a large, civilian expedition was being able to return to Mallice.

Only months after the declaration the colonists enforced Mallice with a stronger garrison in an attempt to keep the secluded planet for themselves. A short but brutal battle was fought and, using their habitat of the wormhole nexus to their advantage, the Arctact destroyed all the oppressors. It seemed a stronger government was required to enforce law and regulation upon the galaxy. And the Arctact Conclave was willing to provide it.

Home System Planet: Malice 0/3, Arcact 3/1

Racial Abilities:
- Your ships gain 1 extra movement when moving through at least 1 wormhole.
- As long as you do not have XRD, Maneuvering Jets will only work when at least 1 of your ships moved through a wormhole.
- At any time you may discard 1 Command Counter from Strategy Allocation to ignore the effects of a single wormhole related law or agenda for the remainder of the game round.
- Optional Set up Rules.

Optional Set up Rules:
Replace the normal Wormhole Nexus with the Arctact Home System.
2 Options:
- Replace the normal seating position with an empty system.
- Rather then replacing the normal home system location with an empty system, set up a map as if for 1 player less. After galaxy creating the Arctact player may add 2 wormhole tokens, 1 of each kind, to any non-Home planet systems, he may not place a wormhole token on Mecatol Rex. Place an Arctact Conclave flag between 2 players' Home Systems and for all intents and purposes he is seated between those 2 players. During the first turn, the Arctact Conclave may only activate systems containing wormholes.

Racial Technology (3):
“Pre-emptive Salvaging" - Once per game round, as an action you may try to gain control of a single empty ship in a system with a wormhole. Roll 1 die, if you roll at least twice its resource cost, remove it from the system and replace it with a ship of the same type in your home system. You cannot use this ability if it would cause you to exceed your fleet supply, nor if there are any unfriendly ships in your home system.

Starting Technology:
Enviro compensator
Hylar V Assault Laser
Maneuvering Jets*

Starting Forces:
1 Space Dock
5 GF
1 Carrier
1 Cruiser
2 Fighters

Starting Leaders: Scientist, Admiral, Agent

Trade Agreements: 2/2

A preview of their race sheet: (low quality jpg, follow the link below to get the real deal)
Posted Image
Higher resolution HERE
You should find everything else you need to play this race here as well. (race techs, TA, home system, background, leaders, flag, planet card, alternate race sheet, ...)

Credits go to:
Grummore, Umpapa, Tawnos76 for help with the graphical stuff.
Sartavos, Orc_Conquest, Psyco, Retillion, Umpapa, Shadow for their input in balancing the race.
Everyone else that said they liked it. (its a very good incentive to continue)
Thanks everyone.

This race is best played in 5 or 7 player games (but not limited to), or with the use of the Star by Star option. It’s best to restrict the activation of another player’s home system during the first turn in general as well.

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Posted 03 December 2008 - 11:42 PM

Seems like linking isn't the same as previous forum:(
www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=f0b4420dc599a0d691b20cc0d07ba4d2393677640d9aa1d3 is the url where you can find the images.


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