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Situational modifiers n stuff

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#1 VarniusEisen



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Posted 03 December 2008 - 08:41 PM

Maybe it's just my group but it seems to me that people forget little things.
For example: The group is on the way to see someone very important but on the way they get into a fight (very likely with my group). In the middle of the fisticuffs some one pulls out a shotgun and removes some ones face with the business end (again very likely). The person is now covered in gore and bits of brain and the group carries on to meet the VIP like nothing is wrong.

In order to counter this I've thought about handing out cards as reminders. i.e "Covered in blood and guts (-10 Fel)" or "Bullet stuck in your leg (-5 AG)" etc.

I was just wondering if anyone else does a similar thing?

Also just thinking about combat.
If you hit, great. What happens if you don't hit? Is it just a miss or would your opponent be able to do something back as a response. What I was considering is giving a +10 bonus to the enemy for every level you miss by. e.g. I roll against WS 35 and get 65(3 levels) the enemy is now at +30 to hit me on his next attack. Obviously this would have to work both ways.

Another thing that bugs me is the fact that using a weapon is a Talent not a skill. In my mind a talent is something that is natural where as a skill is something you have to train in and all weapons need training
In my game I'm going to make weapons use a skill the can increased to +10 and +20 (for 100/200 exp), after all a sniper that has only ever used SP weapons is going to get used to the way it feels and works and would not be able to use a laser rifle with as much confidance compared to his favorite weapon of choice.

Any thoughts?

#2 Headhanger



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Posted 03 December 2008 - 09:01 PM

I like the idea of "covered in blood" and "foot stuck in a bucket". I'll have to utilise things like that in my own campaign. Also "smell like a sump-diver" would be a good one.

My tuppence on the shooting skill/talent thing;

I think weapon training proficiencies being Talents rather than Skills is intentional because, yes you can learn to use a weapon in a better manner than someone else, but with all the situational modifiers that play out in combat (range, full auto, sights, visibility, etc.) there are already enough ways to enhance your shootiness.

Also, Ballistic Skill is more your chance of hitting (or your "talent" at shooting things if you will). I think the weapon training Talent is purposefully not a skill so that characters cannot become insanely good at shooting by taking a skill again and again. I don't think that shooting is used in the same way as a skill. While you can learn the more detailed and complicated methods of scaling a wall, investigating a crime scene, piloting a landspeeder, or using a cogitator; when it comes to blowing someone's head off with a lasgun, you just put your eye down the sight and pull the trigger. Your hand/eye coordination decides whether you hit or not, rather than the amount of instruction and experience you have firing a weapon.

Yes I know people get better at shooting the more they do that - but that's a Ballistic Skill increase surely.

#3 Savage



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Posted 03 December 2008 - 11:15 PM

I think your basic assumption about the difference between Skills and Talents is a bit flawed.

What represents your natural ability in everything is your Characteristics.

Skills and Talents both represent your learning, training and experience, and allow you to use your natural abilities (characteristics) in certain ways.

Where Skills and Talents differ is that Skills allow a simple Test to be made against one of your Characteristics when you attempt to do something, and your Talents add enhancements, special abilities and improvements to what you can do with your Skills and Characteristics.

Ballistic Skill represents your basic natural ability at ranged combat. Getting the Talent for a specific weapon type means you are now trained and experienced at handling that type of weapon, so your natual ability get enhanced (i.e. you don't get a -20 anymore). BS can also be improved with characteristic advances.

There are plenty of other Talents that make you better - or more effective - at shooting, and in my opinion are both more realistic and better fun for gameplay than getting better at shooting by improving a skill. Examples of Talents that enhance your shooting ability and perfectly represent increasing experience and ability: Arms Master, Blind Fighting, Crack Shot, Deadeye Shot, Dual Shot, Gunslinger, Hip Shooting, Independent Targeting, Marskman, Mighty Shot, Sharpshooter, and Two Weapon Wielder.

#4 Hellebore



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Posted 03 December 2008 - 11:40 PM

Love the card idea!


I might also point out that your Ballistic SKILL is already a SKILL. An innate one, but a skill none the less. It however does not get the skill mastery options that normal skills get (nor does Weapon Skill for that matter).



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