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How to start a local community: let's talk =) !

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#1 Margalus



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Posted 22 October 2009 - 02:23 AM

Hi guys!
I'm an Italian player, and i knew this game from an article on an italian site.

Reading there i also found out what "LCG" is, and how cool and cheap this system is. I knew the guy who made the article and he said to me that there won't be an official community(and that's the reason why a lotta players are serachin' people to play with in their area on this board).

The point is: are you trying to create a "local" community? How?

The guys who wrote that article(which also created the "official" italian's community forum) already played FFG's LCGs, so he knows a lot about self-constructed communities..but i still want to discuss with you how you're going to manage YOUR local comminty.

Regarding us..well, we're waiting our first core sets and we'll try to organize a launch event somewhere(there a big games-expo/fair here during the last days of November). Moreover, he wants to organize a league/circuit for all Italian players, and had some nice ideas =) !

So, what are you doing for supporting the game in your area? Are you planning on running a league or series of events? How?

P.s. i'm gonna try to ask at my local game shop if they will support the game, but i(sadly) feel like they only care about Magic and some Yu-Gi-Oh for the kids. Too bad if they won't support this..plus, there are some "players" which hates Warhammer Lore..yes, we have WEIRD people in Italy >.<

#2 Guest_Not In Sample_*

Guest_Not In Sample_*
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Posted 22 October 2009 - 03:28 AM

Margalus said:

yes, we have WEIRD people in Italy >.<



His name starts with "B..." and ends up with "...ONI".

He's the weirdest of us all.



I'll give my contribute here too (we're so nerd that we find impossible not to "chat" both in italian and english at the same time ;-)), for everyone who have the same problem.

These are the hints:

1- Be patient

I played alone for somethign like a year (I had just a friend of mine, but not mind-blowed like me).


2- Find a good "Shop" that can be interested in some business

You can find funny shop owners as bad ones...The thing is that they want "business". That's they're work. To have a "base" to start, you have to go there and let him understand that he can take advantage from your ideas (monthly tournaments YOU organize and manage, while he gives you products and space). Try to find 5/6 people that can be intrested and DEMONSTRATE the game, maybe on saturdays (or in any other day you guess there are people in there).

Here I had some problems at the beginning...But after a couple of demonstrations, 5/6 people started playing.

Make people talk about the game.


3- If there are RolePlaying/BoardGame/Miniatures/Sexual Conventions in your area, be there with your cards and let the people see your game.

That's a great start. Try to find some playgroups of other games (not the "IplaymagicIdon'tlikenoncollectiblestuff" players) and let them see a couple of games.

In Meetings like that (I organize them so I'm talkin' about something I know) people are there to see something interesting.


4- Warhammer is a new Game. Everyone gets the same chance to be a good player with 30/40 bucks.

Point this out regularly. It may seem a paradox, but the limited card pool is a wonderful point to start. People know that all they have to do is to purchase a Core Set and start playing. The LCG model has a great boardgamers appeal, even for the stuff you find in the Core.


5- Threat their families and friends.

As the last chance, it still is a good measure, actually.

It worked for me. ;-)


Hope that made sense, my nerd, italian friend ;-)

Hope that made sense for everyone else, too.



#3 Margalus



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Posted 22 October 2009 - 08:31 AM

Ehi thanks man =) ! He's the Italian guy i'm helping who founded the Italian Community.

Well, you said important things you didn't mention in our last chat sessions..well, you did but you explained 'em better here =) !

The First Point is foundamental.

The Second Point will be hard to apply, at least at my local shop. The owner plays Magic with the usual customers so they won't change game that easy..i'll try to talk him 'bout the product, but as you said he has to make money out of cards. What if he has to sell Core Sets at like 40 bucks and then he doesn't earn other money from the game(since it's just starting)? He sells Magic cards for like..30 euros(the most rated ones), and sells a lot of them. With the LCG system(which isn't well known in my area) i don't think he'll make a lotta money when everyone'll have his Core Set..so what should i do to convince him?

Another thing, does someone know draft mechanichs already? It would be cool to start with some of them in the shop, even if i'd rather organize a tournament(with the LCG system Drafts doesn't have all the sense they have in CCGs, where you can collect a lotta cards with a bunch of money).

The Third Point ..Sexual Convention xD ?? Like what O.o ? Ahah jokin', anyway as we said that's a really good way to promote a game! I hope we'll have enough people to organize a nice launch party at Lucca =)

The Fourth Point is cool, they know they can have all the cards with just a bunch of money beign updated with every battlepack with just some euros/dollars. (Magic fanboys will suerly say "woah 220 cards?? Are you kiddin' me? In Magic we have THOUSANDS of cards!!" >.> )

The Fifth Point ..you mean you said their parents "BUY YOUR SON THE GAME WTF!!" xD ?

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