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ship quality?

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#1 Marcus Galva

Marcus Galva


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Posted 16 October 2009 - 01:52 PM

i have just received my book and now looking on creation rules,,, in one of side text p274 you can read  `` Example  lord captain brevarn ...upgrading macrocannons from common to good quality..........

but i dont see anywhere the effet of quality for ship part or just for ship ......i miss them or just not on the book?

and plz dont answer table 9-37 that give nothing in term of effect only in term of popularity and purchasser profile


what i want to know is a good quality engine give more power or take less place and so on for other ship and ship part

but i find nothing like that on the book

#2 cetiken



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Posted 16 October 2009 - 02:29 PM

Since they're increasing the quality of weapons modules I'd assume they're using the same rules as handguns and stuff.... though I don't think that weapons batteries have a habit of jamming...

#3 dvang



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Posted 16 October 2009 - 06:33 PM

Per an email I got from Sam Stewart of FFG when I asked about starship component quality a few days ago.

That's a very good question! Currently there are no rules for
purchasing Starship Components at different Craftsmanship levels
(although I would suggest keeping an eye on future supplements).
However, there is no reason why you could not introduce that concept
into your own game. If you do so, I would suggest that the benefits
and drawbacks be left up to the GM's discretion. For example, Best
Craftsmanship Armour Plating would be covered in murals and fearsome
images of death, perhaps providing the ship's crew with a benefit on
Intimidation Tests, or allowing them to more easily build up a
reputation in the Expanse. Poor Craftsmanship Armour Plating, on the
other hand, might look like someone attached a bunch of sheet metal to
the side of the ship with a rivet gun, and make it harder for the
Rogue Trader to be taken seriously.


Sam Stewart
Associate RPG Developer

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