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Use of Card "Stubborn Refusal"

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#1 Xanatopia



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Posted 08 October 2009 - 03:12 PM

The dwarven card "Stubborn Refusal" has some strange wording that has caused confusion amongst my group of players.  The card states the following -


     Action: Move all damage from one target unit to another target unit in any player's corresponding zone.

So to confirm, we believe that this card is stating that any unit with damage can be selected as a target (thus defining the initial "zone" by which zone the target unit is located in) and that this damage can then be moved to any unit located in another player's "corresponding zone" (i.e. - Quest to Quest, Kingdom to Kingdom and Battlefield to Battlefield).  Specifically, this card CANNOT be used to move damage between two units within a single player's target zone (the wording seems to imply that the initial zone and the target zone MUST span players).

How have other people interpreted this card?  I haven't actually queried FFG at this point, but would love to see an official response clarifying how this card should be used.

Thank you.

-- Xanatopia


#2 Ruvion



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Posted 08 October 2009 - 03:31 PM

But the wording of the card does not assume that the initial target unit (from whom damage tokens are taken) cannot be under the control of the same player against whom the tactic is used. It is true that the destination is fixed, but the origin can be a unit from your zone or the corresponding zone. Usually it makes sense to move damage tokens from your unit to your opponent's; the card does not have such a restriction as written however.

#3 Buhallin



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Posted 08 October 2009 - 06:06 PM

Rulebook, p17:

If a card refers to each player's corresponding zone, it is referring to the zone in which the card is located as well as each opponent's zone of the same name."

#4 Ruvion



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Posted 08 October 2009 - 06:16 PM

The card in question according to the quoted rule is the Stubborn Refusal tactic card itself and not the target card first mentioned in its description. Therefore, the target first mentioned in this tactic card does not have to be located in your zone (the zone in question); it can be located in the corresponding zone.

#5 mathulus



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Posted 09 October 2009 - 02:11 AM

To awnser Xanatopia

The card says another target unit. It doesn't say another players. It says any players. It says correspnding zone whitch means both players zones with the same name (se Buhallin quote). There is no "from one to the other" unless its specially stated in the text that its the other players corresponding zone.

So you can use it to move damage betwene two units in the same zone.

#6 dormouse


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Posted 09 October 2009 - 02:55 AM

Absolutely correct. As the rules are and the card is written, Stubborn refusal targets one damaged unit, sets the zone by which the damage can be moved to another unit. It makes no reference that would exclude moving the damage to another unit in the same zone.

It is one way of knocking off a dangerous unit by removing damage from a less threatening unit... that said the number of times you are likely to want to do that rather than removing your own damage is probably going to be relatively low, but it is certainly legal.

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