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Patrick McEvoy art in Conspiracies of Chaos

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Posted 02 December 2008 - 10:23 PM

As part of the Moving Of Important Topics on the old forum, here are some comments Patrick_McEvoy made on his art in Conspiracies of Chaos.

Patrick_McEvoy wrote:As always I'm gratified that people think enough of my art to care - since the set is out, here's the original picture! Enjoy...

Patrick_McEvoy wrote:
Johan wrote:Verrrrry nice ! Thank you so much for the picture, Patrick.

The werewolf curving at the feet of the Hastur character is a nice touch. Too bad he didn't make it to the cards.

- J.
Thanks Johan. The werewolf was specifically asked for in the notes I received, so I was surprised it didn't make it into the Hastur card, at least. But he may have just been too far out of frame. There was a lot of stuff to get in there in the dimensions requested!
Patrick_McEvoy wrote:
Slim wrote:Wow,amazing.
I wish I could draw like that!I particularly enjoy the colors warm brown vs cold blue,all in harmony,is it all done by computer?
Very beautiful!
Thanks all! Yes Slim, that is a computer piece - I use Photoshop and Painter.
Patrick_McEvoy wrote:
Marius wrote:How much pointers did you get? There are some amazing details in there, like the Clover symbol of the O'Bannion gang, and some old characters and monsters that are revisited?
Marius, as I recall they told me some details such as the factions to be represented, the poker game, the bug creature in the cage, and the werewolf, and left some to me. I put in the Clover boxes (I'd come up with the clover logo way back in the first or second set) and the stuff on the shelves, and the black cat.

I put in some little story stuff, if you look closely, for instance the Hastur faction player has 4 aces to go with his 7. But the Agency guy is giving him the eye because he thinks there might be some cheating going on... The woman from Miskatonic has folded on this hand, but she's more interested in taking notes anyway. There's other little things like that here and there.
Patrick_McEvoy wrote:
Slim wrote:I have difficulties to imagine how computer painting works.Do you draw on paper and then scan or do you somehow draw with your mouse or an electronic pen?Total newb!!!!
edit:obviously I know it's not with a mouse...
Slim - I just do pencil drawings (not very tight) and then scan them in and start painting over them. In this case I did the character sketches separately and composited them together on the computer. And yes, I wouldn't even consider doing it without a Wacom tablet!

Here's a couple of the sketches...

Patrick_McEvoy wrote:Hey CoC fans. Well, I have done art for six cards in the upcoming Dunwitch set, and another three in the following set. And I'm afraid -- that's it for me on CoC for now.

As it turns out, I'm leaving the game art world for the time being in order to take an exclusive contract with Marvel comics, working in their licensing department. So you'll see my art on packaging and stuff from Marvel, but not in any games at all, at least until 2009. (And no Marvel comics either - just licensing-related art).

I do have one exclusion allowed in my contract - I will be finishing my comic book series "Starkweather: Immortal" from Archaia Studios Press. Available at fine comics stores everywhere.

Also, you'll still see my covers for the "Fall of Cthulhu" monthly comic for a few more months, as I did those quite a while in advance.

So, I just wanted to say that it's been a wonderful run on this game, and I've had a great time doing my own interpretations of the Lovecraft world. Ever since I started reading H.P. Lovecraft back in my High School days, I had always wondered how I would interpret his world visually -- and now I've had the chance to find out. I'm very glad that many of you enjoyed it.

Thanks to everyone at FFG and the fans for making my time on this game so fun! Oh, and at the moment I'm planning on having a spot in the art show at GenCon next summer, so if you're there stop by and say "hi".

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