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World of Warcraft RPG

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#1 Gnutten



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Posted 25 September 2009 - 09:04 PM

In the thread concerning Jay latest sales pitch about WFRP Character Creation Process Mr Darkkami came up with the suggestion that this system would work nicely for a World of Warcraft RPG.

That's actually one of the better ideas Ive seen here in a really long time.

This system is really perfect for a World of Warcraft RPG!

Flashy dice and glossy boardgame components and rules adapted to a action packed slaughter fest.

I am actually one of those who still enjoy the WOW boardgame despite its immense downtime, and everything we seen in these 3:ed previews is really related to that boardgame anyway.

The HUGE problem Ive got with this new edition is that it rhymes extremely bad to the previous installments of Warhammer roleplay.

Warhammer is a dark and gritty tale of betrayal, religious fanaticism, cults and paranoia. Its misunderstandings, devious plots and hidden agendas. Its about unwilling heroes running away from the inquisition, corrupted officials and mislead commoners. All this baked together with a great measure cynical dark humor.

My aggression toward the new edition isn't that I believe that the mechanics and glossy gadgets we get necessarily stinks... but they are DEFINITELY NOT Warhammer.

For a fast phase action packed Word of Warcraft RPG is could actually be rather well adapted and good.

I found this idea actually deserved its own thread in the forums. =)

#2 Armrek



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Posted 25 September 2009 - 10:50 PM

You might be rigth, WFRP 3rd ed is a different cup of tea compared to the 2 first versions. But we need to know before we judge, but I understand your mindset on this...

And after all I think Jay owes us a session demo video

#3 Poe



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Posted 26 September 2009 - 01:03 AM

Gnutten... my fellow Swede. I really don't see why you couldn't play a 3rd ed. adventure full of "dark and gritty tales of betrayal, religious fanaticism, cults and paranoia, misunderstandings, devious plots and hidden agendas. Its about unwilling heroes running away from the inquisition, corrupted officials and mislead commoners."

What in this preview would prevent old style WHFRP adventuring? I really don't see it!  Actually I feel the other way around. At first I was worried as well, but the more I read the more this system seems to work just fine with the Warhammer world. Would it be better if the dice were less colourful? If the book was printed in black and white?

#4 Theoderek



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Posted 26 September 2009 - 06:54 AM

Although I do have some doubts about the new system I have yet to see anything that alters it to being focused solely on combat (maybe I've misunderstood what Gnutten meant by one of his statements), most of the tools they have included in this edition are to help keep track of a multitude of things. For the most part it sounds to me that a lot of the "gadgets" are optional in use and can even be adapted for a myriad of uses ranging from combat to social interactions between NPCs as well as group members.

I shall wait until it is actually released before I draw any conclusions as I believe that its better to have an informed opinion than to form opinion when I'm not in possession of all the facts (this is a statement more on myself than an attack on anyone in particular as there is not enough info out there to my liking).


#5 ffgfan



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Posted 26 September 2009 - 08:57 AM

Gnutten - if it would be World of Warcraft I woudn't buy it, I even woudn't be interested in it - I don't like WoW! It's not my kind of game and world. WoW is only about combat and Warhammer was from the start something more (and still is). 

WFRP 3ed is really something different from 2ed but it still is Warhammer for me. This edition is even better then the 1 & 2 ed. I like this what I'm seeing now in this new edition. I had doubts but now I'm sure that this is the game I want to play.

#6 Liam Kelly

Liam Kelly


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Posted 27 September 2009 - 06:42 AM

I think the campaign world of WOW is decent (I refer to the RPG line by White Wolf). It has an interesting take on the different races, good and bad in all of them. There is an uneasy truce between Alliance and Horde. Good roleplay opportunities. If someone converts it to Warhammer 3rd edition - good luck to them

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