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Warhammer 3rd RPG Looking for Players in Waco, TX

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Posted 24 September 2009 - 03:38 AM

Hi everyone!


I'm looking to set up a 3rd Edition Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay game in Waco, TX. I've got a few players, but I'd like a few more. Here's what you need to know before you decide if you're interested:

We are a serious roleplaying group that focuses on character development and the crafting of interesting stories. If a rule doesn't help our story, we ignore it or revise it as necessary. We do not run hack-and-slash games, though it's Warhammer, so there won't be any lack of fighting. Our stories may have mature themes (we check with players to make sure everyone's okay with that). Regardless, we need like-minded roleplayers interested in a serious (in terms of gamer etiquette, staying mostly in character, etc.) but extremely fun game (if we're not having fun, what's the point?) We are particularly interested in exploring philosophical and moral quandries in our game (I hesitate to say we're highbrow since we are all a bit goofy at times, but we do aim high, I suppose).

To give a view of the current players: I am a first year law student at Baylor; I've just moved here after finishing a Master's in Renaissance Literature (I can't say I got that degree solely for running interesting Warhammer games, but it was probably a factor!) My wife is a teacher. My good friend another intellectual. We're all in our mid-twenties.

Yes, yes, I know that 3rd Edition Warhammer is not out yet. We're getting started now to build a very rich local setting for our characters to survive in and to build deep characters. We prefer to run games with revolving GMs so that everybody gets a character, everyone has a chance to influence the overall story, etc. That said, if you've played but never run games before, we're more than happy to help you ease into the new role.

And now what you've all been waiting for, a bit about the setting: The year is 2522; Count Krieglitz has just returned to his demesne in Eastern Stirland following his service fighting the Storm of Chaos. His campaign experience has introduced him to a number of odd companions; his new court abounds with curiosities and exotic people. The Empire itself is still reeling in the aftermath of the Storm, and nothing is certain. Nobles battle one another to consolidate or expand power, bandits groups grow in number each day, and the working population that supports the Empire has drastically dwindled. It is a dangerous time.

Into this background come our characters - not grand wizards and noble warriors (at least not at first) - but children. We'll be starting the game with our characters as a group of 10 year-olds born to various members of Krieglitz's family, court, or staff. Our first few games will play with Grimm-like themes in the Warhammer setting, and starting as children gives those unfamiliar a chance to learn about the setting. We'll have a few games in the minority of our characters, fill in the gaps of time glossed over, and join them in adulthood to continue their adventures.

We would like to meet on Sunday afternoons or evenings; once we have a group of players established, we'll pick a place to game (my house is quite comfortable for such events) and a firm time.

I will provide the necessary materials - no need to buy anything!

If you have questions or are interested, please contact me at: JustinMF1@aol.com. My name is Justin.

Thanks for bearing with a long post!

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