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Edmonton/Calgary Players would like a few second opinons pls have a read -,^

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#1 Eroecchi



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Posted 16 September 2009 - 09:43 AM

Hey so the Edmonton/Calgary players have been playing with set 4 religiously every Sunday since its release and have been playing and playing. We’ve run into a few things that we would like second opinions on and since Jaffer has given control to the players for now I thought I’d just post here instead of e-mailing him with our long-ish list. So if you don’t mind having a look and tell us what you think pls.

Scenario 1:
Player 1 has Mushu and Mulan in their friend area. Player 2 places a parasite cage on player 1’s world and takes up Mulan. Would this make Mushu disappear, or not?
Argument: Magic Friends are discarded on “Your” discard phase, so as long as player 1 freed Mulan before their next discard phase Mushu should be able to stay in play.

Scenario 2:
Selphie Lvl 1 and Kairi Lvl 0 are in player 1’s friend area, Player 1 chose to get rid of a dark card in player 2’s friend area. Selphie states you don’t have to discard a card meaning Kari Lvl 0 can stay out as you choose not to discard that card.
Argument: Selphie’s text totally implies Kairi Lvl 2’s ability but the card text just says Kairi – seems way to powerful as it could destroy a dark deck in one turn.

Creeper plant:
we’ve been using him to get rid of stealth sneak in our game play changing it his text to lose one pow instead of deal 1 damage.(tho as writing this I have just saw your Stealth sneak errata nice (^,^)b). But the question is, the card text only says “discard this card” so you can you discard this card from your hand (i.e. so orgXIII members can use him) or really is this a card only for dark decks as it should read from friend area.

The term “If you discard this card from your friend area” in set 4:
So with set 4 there are a few cards that are giving us headaches about. Since set 2 we’ve always had Beast switched to “You May” but now we have friends in set 4 that say “if you” that we think should be “You May”: Abu and Iago should be “you may” as their effects are so weak to have to waste a gravity or switch out with Monstro


Sally Lvl 1 and Jack Sparrow Lvl 3 are powerful (especially Sally OMG) and are stated correctly.
For these I’m simply asking for another opinion not trying to get you to errata them if I was I would have posted in your thread.

Thanks for the read, and I hope to hear back some interesting comment.

#2 Fairbanks



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Posted 16 September 2009 - 03:50 PM

Pretty sure these bits are in the rulebook, but on discarding:

if a card says "discard this card," it must be in play, and is then discarded from play.  If a card says "discard A card," it is referring ONLY to a card from your hand, and not from anywhere else.  This shoud cover both Kairi AND Creeper Plant.  I'd need to reread the rulebook on the Mushu question, as I thought you lost them every end phase.  If this is not true, then you are correct that if you freed her, you could keep Mushu.


And yes, I believe that EVERY card with "If you discard this card" should be read as "You may discard this card, if you do..."

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