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All heroes die

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Posted 07 September 2009 - 05:01 AM

 Not anything to do with inquisitors i'm afraid but if you could tell me what you think it would be apreciated.


He saw it happen, almost in slow motion. The flash of bright red light. The flash he had learnt to fear. The laser blast struck him full in the chest and it was pain like he had never experianced. There was a loud cracking noise that he vaigly identified as his body armour breaking under the impact and then he was falling, falling, endlessly falling. With a painfull crash Sergeant Midas landed on the trench floor almost unknowtised, dased, injured but very much alive. The sun, almost at noon, was blinding him with light as he lay on his back on the hard earth and for amoment he though he had died, that he was ascending although he had never really believed that. Then the pain came back as his mind cleared and he sighed a breath of releaf as he realised he wasn't dead, a breath he regreted after the burning pain that filled his chest. He raised one trembling hand and pressed it to the tender skin under the jagged whole in his body armour. It wasn't bleading and the damage was superficial but it would hurt to breasth for a while. His armour had done its job, the laser blast that should have killed him was stoped and he was luckier that many men he had seen today.

He tried to climb to his feet but his body ached and protested from both being shot and its time lieing strangely on a trench floor. He felt a pair of hands grab him and he looked up into the helmeted face of bob. Bob wasn't his real name but seing as nobody in the squad could pronounce it thats what they all called him. Midas gave him a rare smile and acepted his help. Once he was on his feet he bent down and quickly retrieved his gun. Waisting no time he raised the barrel over the lip of the trench and began serching for targets.

"The men have gone" bob said simply besides him

"Gone?" Midas replied disbelievingly

"Well the ones that were shooting at us anyway"

"What happened?"

"They exploded when we shot them" he said with a shrug that made Midas burst out with laughter

Bob, as far as they knew, had never made a joke in his life but that didn't stop some of the things he said causing Midas to double over laughing. His myth was short lived however as a second laser bolt passed within a foot of his head, striking the rear wall of the trench with a dry fizzle. He looked out carfully, searching for an enemy. Then he saw them, men, over a hundred running, carging, at them. The ones at the frong screaming their was cries a gleaming standard visible in the sea of bodies running at them. Sunlight glinted of their weapon, their bayonettes. They were an impressive sight and awoke old memories in Midas, but they were missguided fools, and they would not listen so they had to die. Carfully sighting the lead man, a Captain by his uniform he gave the order to fire. Burst of blue now fired back at the hord of red being flung at them. In terms of numbers they couldn't win, but there armour was strong, their defenses well prepaired and their weapons powerfull. The captain exploded outwards hit by Midas's first shot. His second felled a Vox man, his thired a Sergeant. His men numbered only fifteen and in the space half an hour they halted the advance of an entire company of the enemy. Yet their defenses were by no means perfect. Though they killed maybe a hundred enemie men they lost three of their own. Though at first glance this seams a paltry sum to pay for such a victory Midas knew he could not aford any loses. Amo was running scarce and they couldn't aford such loses. He looked over at Rake, his comms man

"Rake get on the horn to HQ, tell them situations critical. Tell them we cant link up with the remains of the 3rd volentiers and we have no word from nearby forces. Heavy resistance, likely the main attack."

"y...yes sir" he said his eyes wide upon hearing the news "you...you really think this is the main attack sir" he said his voice going up in pitch as fear took him. Midas simply noded, he didn't know what to say

He never thought he would die like this, in a forgotten spit of trench with enemies closing on all sides. He was under no illutions that any of them would get out of this alive. Still he told himself this was a noble cause, defending what he believed.

He was brought sharply back to reality as the world disapeared in flame and earth. The ground shook and he was knocked, for a second time to the ground. The noise was imposibly loud. The ground was spliting apart as fire reighned from the sky. After what felt like hourse he realised it was over and he picked himself up. Deep creaters had been gorged from the ground all around them. The Imperial Artillary had found them and the sky had fallen. A direct hit mercifully had not been found but five more of his men were dead, there broken remains staining the ground a deep crimson.

Bob stood up next to him, his impassive helmet turning to him

"What was that" he said in a muted tone of horror and awe

"Earthshakers" Midas said more confidently than he felt "Never been on the recieving end before. Quite aptly named don't you think" Bob noded slightly so he continued " Get ready, infantry will follow an artillary barrage we need to be..." Before he could inish his sentence more laser fire assaulted their position and three struck bob solidly in the chest. The first simply bounced off the but the second and thired struck home, burst out of the rear of his torso, throwing him back against the rear wall of the trench were he fell to the floor leaving a stain of blue blood coating the wall. Midas ran to his friend and uncliped his helmet. He looked down into the dead Tau's face for a moment before turning back and firing on the advancing Guardsmen.

"For the greater good" he shouted into the face of the advancing horde, a cry echoed by his remaing soldiers. He fired till his weapon was empty then he droped his pulse riffle and drew his chainsword, a sovenier from his days as a guardsman, and a pulse pistol giften from an etherial. He shot the first man into the trench but he was replaced by two more. He paried a bayonette thrust and cut away the mans arm, shooting his comrade in the face, his head disapearing in a red mist. He cut down two more the he turned and saw the black outline of a commissar on the trench top

"Death to the trators" he shouted before firing his las pistol. Three shots slammed into Midas and he fell back next to Shas'ui Mont'uqr. The pain he had felt the first time was nothing compaired with dieing he reaslised and with a great laugh he liften his pistol and killed the commissar as his last breath left him. 



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