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...but will I still be able to run a Gothic Horror story?

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#1 Necrozius



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Posted 07 September 2009 - 12:37 AM

I must admit, ever since the initial announcement about this new edition, I've been pretty .

I like the possibilities of this system, which appear to solve a lot of issues that my player groups have.

That being said, these new dice, all this cool art... it has a very "gee-whiz NEAT-O" feel of flashy new graphics and cool art.

... But will that get in the way of the typical mood of my campaigns?

As many have stated, the earlier versions of WFRP, especially the 1st edition, had such a gritty feel to them. It was quite easy to bring about a slightly pulp-y horror theme. You could be subtle if you wanted to be.

For example: the campaign that I was planning to run this winter (originally in WFRP v.2, but now in this new version) was more about the gothic horror atmosphere of dread rather than the glory of dungeon crawling.

I guess that my question is: should I be concerned at all?

What kinds of campaigns do other storytellers run out there, and are you going to attempt to transfer them to this new system?

#2 pumpkin



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Posted 07 September 2009 - 12:58 AM

I've got a feeling that the new system won't prevent you from running that kind of adventure but a lot of the new snazzy bits and pieces won't really "help" you run that kind of adventure.

A lot of the stuff i have seen in the new system (which for all intents and purposes I like) does have a very "gamey" feel to it. It will certainly remind me that i am playnig a game ( remembering to move my stance meter appropriately, having my skill cards etc).

If the session is a lot more role play based (currently our group is playing through the power behind the throne, which for those that know it is a lot about role playing and very little about abilities of the pcs.. even the fellowship roles for gossip and the like take secondary importance about how well the "players" (as their pcs) actually interact with the GM (as the NPCs), in this instance i see the bells and whistles being aded to 3rd edition as not really being that important/that much of a focus.

To put it another way, the stance meter only seems to make a difference when there is a roll required, not when there is a role to be played. which I guess you could say for any rules system per se, so this is accepted, I guess my worry is that because of all the new bells and whistles, adventures (both home brew and published) will go more down the route that allow these bells and whistles to be used (very loudly!)




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