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Anima is so flexible!

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#1 Asinus



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Posted 01 December 2008 - 10:12 AM

I picked this game up recently, and I just fell in love with the system. It fits so well with so many things, but even if you don't warp it a little bit their world is very rich ( though, a bit heavy with Christianity. Not that it's a bad thing. )

In order to get my friends into it I've been trying to trim and organize the character sheets a bit ( they're pretty darn intimidating, and not to mention clunky. ) I'll be happy to e-mail what I've got so far, and I'd like any input you guys can give me on that.

Also, as opposed to thrusting them into a beautiful new world I was going to be running several one shot sessions with things they're a bit more familiar with, just because it is such a flexible game. I've got a few house rules for the specific scenarios, and I thought you might like the ideas as well.


Of course, it's a must. We have a Ki System built in, so how could I avoid it? The only additional thing I would be adding to this is an "Improvised Ki Technique" system.

Attack Ability

ATK Bonus Primary Secondary MK Maint. Lvl

+10                  2                4           5         1

+25                  3                5           5         2                                          Simply enough, you don't need to have a Dominion Technique mastered to use it.

+40                  4                6           10      3                                           When you try to use it, though, the costs add up ( so it's only good for low level techs.)

+50                  5                8           15      4                                           For example, ATK +10 would cost 2, and 1 to maintain. However, Atk + 75 would cost

+75                  8                11         20      6                                           a whopping 22 (2+3+4+5+8) , and 16( 1+2+3+4+6 ) to maintain! This also works for

+90                  12              15        25       8                                           improving already known techniques. Add whatever you improve it by to the cost.

+100                14              18        30       10                                        I just thought it was appropriate for the Dragonball series, because they all of a sudden

+125                18              22        35       12   2                                   decide to improve or develop new techniques on the fly all the time.

+150               22               26        40       14   2

+175               26               32        45       16   3

+200               30               36        50       18   3



Another easy transition, mostly because the five elements are easy to work into it. Make "Affinity With One Branch of the Tree" a one dot Advantage where they pick one of the paths, and specify they need to pick Fire, Earth, or the like. Outside of that, let people use Intelligence, Willpower, or Power to use it.

Captain Planet-

This is Copy Pasta, except they have Artifacts that let them use the elements.

Power Puff Girls-

It's a little creepy, but it's good for a laugh more than that.


Once again, the Ki system is brilliant. Maybe give the classes ten to fifteen extra MK per level to diversify it.

Final Fantasy-

The Invocation system is just great for Final Fantasy summons. The only thing I would need to work on is a Blue Mage class...


I'm working on some other bits, just fleshing it out and getting it in the open.

#2 Elydis



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Posted 01 December 2008 - 12:57 PM

Yep, it is pretty adaptable.

Ki, in my opinion will only be truly fun when you are playing in a Fist of the North Star rpg game. But that is just me

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