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Voidfarer's Tales (Plot hook generator)

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Posted 28 August 2009 - 08:51 AM

I've been working on a plot hook generator for my game based on the outrageous stories voidfarers tell in taverns and obscura dens while on shore leave, to evoke the Age of Sail mentality. Thought people might like to share in the results of my work. Its all based off Inquiry tests. The topic of the rumor/boast is normally random, but higher degrees of success can adjust that.

D10 roll/Topic
1 Reach of the Ruinous Powers
2 Pirates
3 Fell xenos of the Halo Stars
4 “Common” Xenos
5-6 Lost worlds and ancient treasures
7 Rogue Traders
8 Explorators and other Imperial expeditions
9 Ships and fleets
10 Omens, legends and prophecy

The story is true on a d10 roll under (4+degrees of success). Degrees of success also affect the Inquiry as follows:

Degrees of Success
Failure: The tale, regardless of source, is false. The more reliable seeming the source, the more likely that it was a deliberate lie or will otherwise lead to problems.

0: Random topic, teller is of dubious veracity
Example: A discharged marine, ship-less and drunk some three years, tells of a world from which his ship returned with a cargo hold packed with jewels the likes of which no one recognized.
Example: Crazed flagellants race through the corridors, bewailing the return of the Yu’vath.

1: Random topic, teller provides a secondary source
Example: The bosun of a Imperial Navy cruiser claims his ship is being hunted by pirates long dead, and mentions a petty officer who will back his story.
Example: One of the crew from a Rogue Trader vessel fearfully recounts the curse carved into the tombs of a dead world, and is surrounded by sagely nodding companions

2: Player makes topic roll at +/- 1/teller provides potential verification (Choose one, otherwise treat as above)
Example: A rating from an Explorator ship displays a hazy pict-log of a space hulk, as viewed from the portholes of his vessel.
Example: No less a source than a fellow Rogue Trader tells that Karrad Vall has aid from the Traitor Legions, and shows off a bolt shell far too large for a normal weapon.

3+: Player chooses topic/source is of great honor or possesses strong supporting evidence. (Choose one, otherwise treat as above)
Example: The master of Port Wander warns of threats made by a unsavory individuals claiming pirate affiliation. They will bomb the Imperial strongholds of Footfall and siege the Maw if not paid tribute.
Example: In the heap of a junk dealer, you found a navigational matrix plucked from the wreck of a starship. It could lead back to the derelict and its salvage.


Jordan Goldfarb, Freelance RPG Writer. Credits listed at https://gamesbygoldf...ss.com/my-work/

I am not a representative of FFG, and my comments should not be taken as originating from any source but me.

#2 Cat that Walked by Himself

Cat that Walked by Himself


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Posted 28 August 2009 - 12:12 PM

 Interesting. I was toying with the notion to create Book of Patrons in the vein of Traveller supplements providing quick plots and endeavors for my players. Of course, once I have the book in my grubby paws. 

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Posted 29 August 2009 - 04:58 PM

Very nice, I might use this if I get stuck.

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