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My hopes

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#1 Dirach



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Posted 24 August 2009 - 10:36 PM

Do we need another thread on this? No, but I make one anyway, as it seem to be how thing are done around here.

Before the announcement of wfrp3, my view was that we didn’t need a new edition.

When it was announced, I accepted the facts pretty quick, and I have accepted that the latest books for WFRP2 didn’t sell enough, and that a new direction was needed.

That didn’t mean that we need a dice pool, cards, cardboard miniatures and special dice. WFRP2 was a hit in the beginning, and a revised version could have worked.

But as we are getting a new version, and there is nothing to do about it, I have chosen to be positive about it until I’m proved wrong.

By the way I have played WFRP since WFRP1 and have all books from hogshead and all the books for WFRP2.

So here is my hopes and fears:

- WRFP2 had easy rules. I hope that the new mechanics are as simple and intuitive as those of wfrp2. I don’t care much if the rules are different.

- I hope combat still will be lethal. 10 Goblins should be a danger even to an advanced character. I don’t like the idea that “lower level creatures” disappear and stronger ones take over as the characters advance. 

- I hope the magic will function with the basic ideas of wfrp2. Meaning that you can cast as many spells as you like, but there is a risk involved. Tzeentch’s curse is a good idea.

- I hope there will be more freedom to customize the wizards when choosing spells.

- I hope the hedge wizards will get a better treatment than in WFRP2. It would be great if the old Elementarist and illusionists would be incorporated into the hedge wizard rules. But I don’t think I will get my hope fulfilled on this one.

- I hope the careers will be a good mix of civilians and warriors.

- I hope that there will be a stronger focus on other settings than the Empire. I want to be able to play an high elf in Ulthuan fighting dark elves. I want to be able playing a dwarf involved in clan politics in the dwarven kingdom, and I want to be able to join the magical world of the elves in Athel Loren. Don’t get me wrong. I love the Empire setting and want it as grim and gritty as today. But I don’t need another game that is only focusing on the same things as the previous ones. I want recognize the Empire and really hopes it will change as little as possible, but I also want settings that feel completely different. The elf setting could be more high fantasy while the human and Dwarf settings should be lower fantasy.

- I hope the game is supporting different playing styles. The WFRP world is big enough for both heroes and “Common” people.

- I hope the fimirs will return. But I know they will not do so.

I think the game will fulfill most of my hopes, but not all. I think the designers are on the right track, and I think the result will be good.

#2 PzVIE



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Posted 24 August 2009 - 11:23 PM

Yes to all, except the Fimir - never got warm with these guys

What I hope for is a total modular system. As Jay announced in his presentation, every career gets one sheet, every Skill, Talent, Spell is on one card, and I do not need 10 books lying around when I want something looked up in the rules. There are a few new things, like this party-o-meter, which may be useful, and the dicepool sounds good to me; although, I always liked the idea having a d10-system. But it seems that 100% is no longer a ceiling and this is a good thing.

Also, I hope that the sales exceed all their expectations - IMHO the only way to get as much stuff as possible, which means, I sincererly hope that WFRPv3 will become something like a "complete system" - you know, the whole world gets its treatment, and all the major races have their own little expansion set. I had these hopes for v2, but this train obviously left the station already.

I hope that this new system can satisfy both groups, the pure roleplayers who dislike minis and other gaming aids, and the tabletoppers, who like to push some small figurines around and move them through hexpaper dungeons; in fact, just what v2 already offered.

I hope that the price of $99 is not too high for the "core" or "beginner's set". But everyone should divide the cost of his v2 books by the hours of enjoyment he had with them, and then compare it to, erm, lets say a night at the movies, or dinner at a fancy restaurant, or whatever else one likes to do if not roleplaying. In fact, it's a cheap hobby (this statement may be contested ).

And what I fear? Well, not all our wishes will come true, but I'm sure it will be the damn best roleplaying system out there! The ultimate answer to the D&D-Juggernaut, the RPG that makes Hasborg tremble (this statement will very likely be contested )

So, these are my hopes! And not very much fears - I always was the optimistic guy!


#3 Darthvegeta800



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Posted 24 August 2009 - 11:29 PM

Well after watching the preview clips i must say... i love it!

As long as there is a human 'tin can' to play (warrior/knight) i'll be pleased.
The cards will make it easy on people like me with a bad memory. And already there is talk of using it to pull in people who have never rp'd before. I like it so far. And given what's inside the box, it seems well worth it.
Also expansions should be relatively easy.

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